Week 3, Term 2, 2020 - 8 May 2020

Message From the Principal

Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new centre of gravity. Don’t fight them…just find a new way to stand.

– Oprah Winfrey


The COVID-19 pandemic and response of the community as a whole has provided both challenges and opportunities for learning, forcing everyone to find new ways to live, work and connect with others. Future generations will reflect on and study what has happened and how the world responded to this unprecedented pandemic. This has sparked me to instigate a special project recognising the importance of documenting this time in our own College’s history. Launched through our social media platforms this week, this history in action project calls on our community to send in photos, videos, drawings, paintings, poems and stories to help us create an expansive collection to record this time from our College perspective. I thank everyone in advance for their contributions and I look forward to sharing examples with our community.

Whilst this period of time has been completely unexpected and has brought significant challenges for our community, one could argue that the facing of challenges is an important part of personal development and growth. Challenges can help us become stronger and more resilient and without them, life can seem a little less meaningful, because we have nothing to compare the good times to. I have never felt so proud to serve such a compassionate and strong community than over these past months. I have witnessed families reaching out to one another, students being kind and supporting one another and the wider community by volunteering, donating and raising awareness through College led and personal endeavours. Only last weekend, Year 10 student Brooke Davis-Goodall was recognised by a local business for her selfless and generous act of kindness towards others. We are so proud of Brooke and all of our staff and students for going above and beyond to make a difference to the lives of others. Challenges come in many forms, and as we all find our new way to ‘stand’ in this world, can I please remind everyone in our community to please reach out to the College should you need our support through this time.

Above: Brooke Davis-Goodall and the Townsville Hospital staff who received her donated meals. 

This week during our virtual Diligence Awards Assembly, we acknowledged those students who have demonstrated their commitment and diligence to their academic program, by displaying persistence, self-discipline, focussed concentration and perseverance. Ms Byrnes delivered an engaging address where she reminded all of our students that intelligence can be fostered and developed through regular training in diligent habits and behaviours. I continue to be proud of our students and their recognition that investing in their education is the key to a bright future.

The College is thrilled to announce that our very own Ms Jordan Stewart will be leading Dominations House from Week 8 in Term 3, while Ms Towers takes maternity leave.







We are pleased to announce that Ms Meg Henderson will take up the position as Head of Year 7 while Ms Wood takes maternity leave.  Ms Henderson brings 14 years of experience to this role, working with this particular age group across curriculum development, learning enrichment and pastoral care. 






We also warmly welcomed back Mr Thomas Collett to the College this term in the Maths and Science departments. Thomas was with us in Term 4, 2019 and is very excited to be back in the classroom, virtual as it may be at the time.






After the very sad departure of Ms Kirsten Anderson at the end of last term, we have been incredibly blessed to have Ms Jill Turner join the College Pastoral Team to lead Powers House. Jill is a very experienced Drama and English teacher with many years’ experience across both curriculum and pastoral leadership roles. I know you all join me in warmly welcoming them both to our community.  




With the Premier’s announcement on Monday, regarding the Term 2 staggered return to school plan for Queensland students, I am once again reminded that this pandemic requires us all to continue demonstrating patience, agility and flexibility as we navigate the remainder of the term in a positive and supportive way. For updates regarding our College plan to support the return of students to our College over the coming month, I have used email to communicate directly with our families in this regard.

May God bless you all.

Amber Hauff

College Principal



Board Chair’s Message

Board Chair’s Message

Board Chair

Sr Helen Mary Peters

Life takes some astonishing turns when we least expect it, and our usual routinely travelled path becomes somewhat bumpy.  2020 has certainly provided us, in full measure, with one of those astonishing turns. Much has been taken from us in these past weeks –our freedom of movement, our interaction with family and friends, our peace of mind, our security of income, for some, health and well-being and so much more.  Our students and staff  have missed many of those special moments that mark the commencement of a new  academic year.  So what are we to do in such a circumstance?  Despite the stress, the anxiety and the disruption to our lives that COVID-19 has brought, I believe that it also does provide us with the opportunity to slow down, take a deep breath and take stock of the patterns of our lives, the purpose of our endeavours and the challenges for change with which  it confronts us if we are open to its voice.  It also gives life to the possibility of a new creativity to bud forth in the way we approach our life, our work and our leisure.


The life of our College Community has been severely impacted, as has every educational community, and the immediate future is unfolding day by day.  But we can be assured that the College is in safe hands with  our very competent, committed and caring Leadership Team and staff.  I want to acknowledge the love and care that our staff bring to the College community and I particularly  commend the efforts of the Leadership Team to ensure that communication to our families is comprehensive, timely and clear.  The Board of Governance and the College Leadership Team have been working closely together throughout the past weeks and will continue to do so.  In that way we are able to be well prepared for any eventuality that impacts the ongoing development of the College.  We are confident that our College will continue to flourish despite the challenges the situation presents, and perhaps because of those very challenges. 


We are blessed in that technology enables us to continue to fulfil our Board responsibilities and the enforced “respite” provides the opportunity to give some time to review our policies, processes and committee structures and  to look at processes for recruitment for future Board members.  Be assured that the Board will continue to work towards the flourishing of our beautiful College and endeavour to mitigate any negative impact that flows from COVID-19.  Let us hold each other and our families in our hearts and prayers and invite our loving  and compassionate God to journey with us through this complex and difficult time.

Deputy Principal

Deputy Principal

Deputy Principal

Cameran Triffett



Year 11 and 12 students return to school

With the return of Year 11 and 12 students to the College on Monday 11 May, we would like to draw your attention to the following operational changes.

Visitors to the College

According to the Queensland Government, schools must still observe physical distancing measures for adults. With this in mind, we would like to make the following request of parents.

  • Please only visit Student Reception if you need to sign your daughter out.
  • Where possible, please call the College on 4753 0300 for any enquiries you may have.
  • Please refrain from congregating in areas inside or around the school, including by the College gates.


Please be advised that the Tuckshop will not reopen at this time.  

College Bus Service

The College bus service will resume the regular timetable from Monday 11 May 2020 for Year 11 and 12 students and students of essential workers.

Deputy Principal – Academic

Deputy Principal – Academic

Deputy Principal – Academic

Amy Byrnes


This week we held our Diligence Assembly based on the Term 1 Interim Reports.  This was the first time we have held a virtual Diligence Assembly and I was incredibly proud to acknowledge our students who had demonstrated their commitment and diligence to their learning journey.  Students were recognised for their persistence, self-discipline, concentration and perseverance. 

During my speech I discussed the concept of diligence and that it is not an innate trait that we are born with.  Instead, we are influenced by strong role models, life experiences and challenges, as well as what we are exposed to in our learning journey.  We all have the ability to continue to strengthen our learning habits and behaviours.  One such way is through the study of the brain.  The brain, like any muscle, can become stronger with regular exercise and training.  The body of brain research, known as ‘Neuroplasticity’ has proven that we all have the ability to increase our brain’s power and output through effort, practice and persistence. 

Carol Dweck notes that “We like to think of our champions and idols as superheroes who were born different from us. We don’t like to think of them as relatively ordinary people who made themselves extraordinary”.  All of our students can all be superheroes, or extraordinary learner athletes but it takes a change of mindset and diligence to achieve your goals by exercising and training your brains more effectively. 

The Virtual Diligence Assembly will remain available for viewing via the Staying Connected tile until Tuesday 12 May 2020.  We congratulate all our students who received Diligence Awards.

Learning from Week 4

With students in Year 11 and 12 resuming on-site learning from Monday 11 May, the College will return to the regular timetable from this date.  This will begin with the Week B timetable as shown in the Learning Hub.  Please find below the learning modes for the various year levels during this period:

  • Students in Years 7 to 10 will still continue to participate in Zoom Check-In Sessions, however, the previously published schedule will conclude on Friday 8 May 2020. Students will now need to check their Learning Hub timetable on their individual home page, if the ‘ZOO’ code is shown, students will have a Zoom Meeting at this time.  Students will still receive Zoom Meeting requests via their Learning Hub pages.  If a student has ‘LF_’ on their Learning Hub timetable this means students are completing Self Paced Learning @ Home during this time.
  • Students in Year 11 and 12 will no longer participate in Zoom Check-In Sessions with the previous published schedule concluding on Friday 8 May 2020. For students who are unable to return to school, subject resources will still be available via their Learning Hub class pages. 

Assessment Calendar

Year 11 and 12 amended Assessment Calendars for Term 2, 2020 have been distributed.  These can be found on the College website.  

As previously communicated, all assessment in Term 2 for students in Years 7 to 10 will be formative.  This will remain unchanged even if a decision is made by the Queensland Premier about a return date to school for students in Years 7 to 10.  Students are still expected to complete activities to the best of their ability, and submit work at varying times, these will be used to identify student strengths and areas for improvement.

Year 11 – Unit 1 Subject Changes

Unit 1 will finish on Tuesday 26 May, with Unit 2 beginning on Wednesday 27 May.  If any Year 11 students would like to change subjects in preparation for Unit 2, please email me (abyrnes@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au) so that a time can be made to discuss these changes.


Due to no summative assessment occurring in Term 2, students in Years 7 to 10 will not be issued with a Semester 1 Report Card.  The next Report Card will be issued at the conclusion of Term 3, 2020 and will include summative evidence that each subject has to date. 

Year 11 and 12 students will be issued the following reports:

  • Year 11 students will be issued with a Unit 1 Report Card following the conclusion of the unit. This will be distributed at the end of Term 2.
  • Year 12 students will be issued with a Unit 3 Report Card which will include the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) Confirmed result for Internal Assessment 1 (IA1). This will be distributed at the end of Term 2.



Director of Mission

Director of Mission

Director of Mission

Athena Costopoulos

A Connected Community

During this time of isolation, it is easy to feel disconnected from family, friends and community. With the support of our College Chaplain, Ms Harriett Veukiso and the Faith and Identity and Community Service Prefects, students can connect in different locations on the Learning Hub. Each week, the MGIA girls catch up at ZOOM meetings for prayer, challenges and discussion.


Mercy Girls In Action

This week the Mercy Girls In Action were challenged to learn a new skill that could help them serve someone in need. We encourage our College Community to learn sign language with us. 

McAuley Ministry

The McAuley Mission Learning Hub page is also a great place to find resources on the spiritual life of the College. Each week Ms Veukiso and the Faith and Identity Prefect, Ali Thomas, reflect on a quote from Catherine McAuley. You can also find prayers, links to masses at the Sacred Heart Cathedral and information about our Mercy traditions and values.


ANZAC Day Liturgy

On Wednesday 22 April, the College paused for a minute silence during our online ANZAC Day Liturgy. Lieutenant Sarah Kleinman our guest speaker, addressed the College on the nature of the 2020 commemoration of ANZAC Day as an  ‘extraordinary service, during extraordinary times’. Lieutenant Kleinman reminded us that just as the ANZACs made sacrifices for the good of their nation, we too must come together to do what is right in the light of COVID-19. She implored us to pause on the 25th of April to remember those who gave their lives, and the “extraordinary actions, by ordinary individuals in the face of events and circumstances that seem insurmountable”. The ANZAC Day Liturgy can be viewed via the #StayingConnected tile on The Learning Hub. 

Our students stood in solidarity during ‘Light up the Dawn on Anzac Day’ in Australia to remember all those who have served and sacrificed for our country. Year 8 student, Elizabeth Carroll, proudly played the last post, as did Year 7 student Charlotte Edwards on violin with her mum on flute. Lest we forget.


Finding Our Sacred Spaces

This year, the College prayer focus has been on whole school Christian Meditation or the Prayer of the Heart. While our Meditation Mondays are now via ZOOM, students and families are encouraged to take time for silent contemplation. Letting go of thoughts, plans and distractions, we pray silently and interiorly a single word – MA-RA-NA-THA (come Lord).

  • Meditation reduces stress and increases our sense of well-being and harmony.
  • Meditation leads to increased self-knowledge and self-acceptance.
  • Meditation deepens our personal relationship with our God
  • Meditation helps us to know and follow Christ
  • Meditation increases our desire to build community with others

-Ernie Christie


Awaken Me

Risen One,
come to meet me
in the garden of my life.
Lure me into elation.
Revive my silent hope.
Coax my dormant dreams.
Raise up my neglected gratitude.
Entice my tired enthusiasm.
Give life to my faltering relationships.
Roll back the stone of my indifference.
Unwrap the deadness of my spiritual life
Impart heartiness in my work.
Risen One,
send me forth as a disciple of your unwavering love,
a messenger of your unlimited joy.
Resurrected One,
may I become ever more convinced
that your presence lives on,
and on, and on,
and on.
Awaken me!
Awaken me!

Joyce Rupp, Out of the Ordinary, 2002.

Director of Boarding

Director of Boarding

Director of Boarding

Megan Christie


I trust that everyone is doing well back in their home communities. I have returned to a vastly different boarding house in Term Two. On a regular day (prior to COVID-19) the boarding house is a hive of activity and positive energy. Now, there is only silence. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am missing the noise and action so much!

I am not the only one who can’t wait for the girls to return. Miss Amos misses telling stories with the Years 11 and 12 girls and hearing their music. Miss Susan misses the afternoon chats in the Cath Mac dorm with the Year 10s. She said she can’t wait to watch Aquaman with Verona and Masterchef and Survivor at the same time when Flora and Jermia return.  Surprisingly, she even said she is missing Xenia’s trumpeting practice! Miss Erin misses the crowded Year 9 common room on a Friday sleepover night, and how the girls try to laugh quietly because they know it’s past their bed time. Every time Miss Hayley talks about the girls, tears well up in her eyes. She misses the yarning times the most. Miss Alex misses the music and laughter and Ethel’s big hug every afternoon when she gets home from school. She also misses the relaxing Sunday morning breakfast with everyone. Finally, Miss Amanda is not coping without her St Theresa babies. She is missing their stories, their laughter, their smiling faces and their constant questions of “what are we doing today?” or “when is it time to hand our phones in?”.


We are now into our third week of ‘Learning @ Home’.  As I mentioned in my last communication, our boarding supervisors have taken on a new role and have become Learning@Home mentors for our boarding students. In their mentor role, supervisors will provide pastoral and academic support. The boarding mentors have enjoyed their weekly chats with the boarding students and their parents.   

Above – Boarding student, Rechqual Sibley, learning at home

This week, paper-based learning packs for Weeks 3–5 were mailed out for boarders who cannot access the Learning Hub, so keep an eye on the post or check in regularly at your post office. Remote communities have opened community facilities to assist boarding students and families with Learning@Home.  Many of these facilities offer teacher support and computer and internet access.  I strongly encourage all boarding students to utilise this community support as often as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact your boarding mentor if you require any assistance during the Learning@Home period.  The boarding mentors are available for live tutoring during school hours.

Please find below the year levels assigned to the boarding supervisors.   

Year 12: Alex O’Neil – aoneil@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au

Year 11: Sarah Amos –  samos@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au

Year 10: Susan Portelli – sportelli@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au

Year 9: Erin Moore – emoore@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au

Year 8: Amanda Sinclair –  asinclair@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au

Year 7: Hayley Mazzoni – hmazzoni@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au

I would like to acknowledge the large number of boarding students who received Diligence Awards on our recent Diligence Assembly.  I am immensely proud of these girls as they worked incredibly hard throughout Term One.  Congratulations.

Stay healthy and safe.  I look forward to welcoming your girls back to Boarding soon.




Director of Students

Director of Students

Director of Students

Maria Franettovich


The importance of staying connected has been the focus for each of the Heads of House during this time of Learning@Home.  They have created a variety of online challenges to engage the students in their House to maintain connections.  This week I have asked each Head of House to share what they have been doing in their House to foster “Staying Connected”. 


Dominations House

Dominations House filled their first weeks of Term 2 with an array of green of every shade and tone. Students from the House were invited to photograph anything green in their surroundings to submit into the Doms Mosaic Project – an idea designed to keep us connected, work together and to create something beautiful.

The response was incredible – over 400 entries were submitted via the Learning Hub, all of which will be put together to create a huge green mosaic artwork than we can keep as a reminder of this unique time in our lives.

The project was run as a PC competition, each photo submitted by a student (or enthusiastic PC teacher) earned a point for their PC class, and the results are as follows:

  • 6th place with 4 entries – Doms 6
  • 5th place with 17 entries – Doms 5
  • 4th place with 67 entries – Doms 2
  • 3rd place with 71 entries – Doms 4
  • 2nd place with a huge contribution of 119 entries – Doms 3
  • 1st place with a staggering 140 entries – Doms 1

Congratulations to Ms Martens and all members of Doms 1, especially those who were actively engaged in the project. Miss Towers will now spend some time creating the final artwork which will be made into a banner to be proudly displayed in our House area. See if you can spot your photo entries somewhere in there!


Powers House

Powers House is staying connected with various online activities which link to our House words of Challenge, ‘Persevere and ‘Inspire.

“SUN’S OUT; GUNS OUT!” is our Persevere activity. In a literal show of strength through these uncertain times, we’ve asked the Powers Girls to send in a picture of their bicep decorated with either a yellow rose or the word, “POWERS”. As young women, we are strong, powerful and resilient; together, we can do this! We’ve had some great entries – here’s a colourful entry from Laura Fraser in Year 8 (Mr Wallace’s PC Group).

Thanks, Laura! Even the Powers PC teachers will be adding their own pictures to the forum! We’ll use all the images to create poster for Term 2. The “SUN’S OUT; GUNS OUT!” photo activity ends on Friday, Week 3.

Our next online activity – “THE POWER OF LOVE” celebrates the quality of Inspire. PC teachers will explain how this works in the Friday Feedback session next week and we can’t wait to see what the students submit.


Princes House

Princes have been keeping engaged by Zooming in with check-ins with their PC teachers and PC sisters.  Princes 1 had a pet party with Ms Pollard during Feedback Friday last week – it was great to meet all of our beloved furry friends.  The rest of the house are encouraged to submit a picture of their pets this week, as we are creating a Pet’s Mosaic on the Learning Hub. 


Thrones House

Thrones have been engaging online through the weekly challenges and Thrones Specialist Groups. The Fitness Group has been a hit with many students challenging themselves in the 3km run it challenge. Clara Deer and Grace Burbidge hold the top times for week 1 and 2. Our first fortnightly challenge saw students submit Artistic Representations which centred on our focus word of Mercy. It was beautiful to see a number of submissions for Anzac Day. A stand out was the beautiful Poppy Artworks created by Ella Hall and Grace Burbidge.

Moving into Week 3 and 4 our new focus word is ‘Joy’ and we are encouraging students to submit pictures of their pets to add to our already started Pet Pics Mosaic. What better way to spark joy then our furry friends. Keep up the Thrones spirit ladies and #stayconnected

College Chaplain News

College Chaplain News

College Chaplain

Harriett Veukiso


The start to Term Two allowed the McAuley Ministry team to reflect on the past challenges the college has faced. Weekly, the liturgy group focuses on one Catherine McAuley quote and motives the College to live by. This week students and staff reflected on the quote “We should be shining lamps, giving light to all around us.” ~ Catherine McAuley. Ali Thomas shared that “we can promote positivity and do little acts of kindness to make a person’s day brighter”. This led to reflection on past struggles the college faced and supported each other through small actions of kindness.

St Patrick’s College has experienced difficult times in the past. We recognise and reflect on the community who has walked before us. We pause to relate to those who have given light to all people in rough times. To overcome these tough situations, the community stood together and became shining lights bringing brightness into dark situations. Being there for each other by doing simple things gets us through.

The 1892 tropical storm caused St Joseph’s Church to sink after nineteen and a quarter inches of rain fell in 24hrs. This left the Church to sink into an 8 foot (deep) by 40 foot (wide) foot hole. Throughout this period the college building doubled as a place of worship until the new St Joseph church was built in 1919.

The Image below shows St Joseph’s church, after the storm of 1892. The Bell Tower and the Cross presented by the Passionist Fathers remain in the empty space, with only the Presbytery and the Convent now fronting the Strand.

In 1939 War intervened. The College community and city as a whole was significantly impacted. The Battle of the Coral Sea brought its way to Townsville in December 1941. The Premier declared all coastal schools closed and home studies was the norm. This we can relate to today.

The 2019 floods impacted our college and wider community. However, throughout all this the College community stood strong together bringing light into dark times. In 2020, as we experience a worldwide health pandemic of COVID-19, may we ask God to remind us of those who walked before us and spark fire in our actions to walk in the footsteps of Catherine McAuley to bring brightness to the lives of others.


History In Action

History In Action

St Patrick’s College Townsville has had a long and rich history since its establishment in 1878.

In 2020 we find ourselves once again making history as we respond to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

We invite you to join our History in Action Project, documenting the historically significant times we are living through. 

The College will be collecting and compiling the personal experiences of students, staff, parents and friends in relation to this global health crisis that has changed the way we live, work and learn.

You can contribute by electronically submitting:

  • Journals
  • Blog posts
  • Personal stories
  • Poems
  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Interviews
  • Paintings and other artworks


As Intelligent, Confident and Active women of the future we must honour the past as custodians of our College history. Together, we can help to write the next chapter!

Please email all submissions to history@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au

For further information, contact our Communications and Marketing Manager, Jane Perkins on (07) 4753 0300 or via the above email address. 

HPE & Sport

HPE & Sport

Head of Faculty – Health & Physical Education & Sport

Ben Williams 


Running Club

Congratulations to all of the students who have been taking part in the Online Running Club. It has been fantastic to see so many of you remaining active, keeping up with your running and walking and getting fresh air. The Running Club can be accessed via The Learning Hub from the ‘My Groups’ tab in the left hand column. Please contact Ms Perkins if you would like further information about submissions. 

Above: Chloe Dickinson; views from Emma Burling and Grace Burbidge’s regular afternoon walks/runs; and Ms Semola and Ms Jane competed Mt Stuart


HPE @Home Workout

Join our HPE Department in their @ Home Workout to help you stay active and connected while learning at home. 


Careers & VET News

Careers & VET News

Head of Faculty – Careers & VET

Catherine Rentoule

“It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together” Anonymous


The concept of “a job for life” is fading as our workplaces grow ever more responsive to the accelerated pace of technological change and shifts in the global economy. A “career” is now seen as the process of managing life, learning and work across the lifespan. This means that lifelong learning is no longer an abstract concept but a vital necessity for navigating an increasingly fluid and complex economic landscape” (Miles Morgan Australia, 2003)

I would always encourage your daughter to visit our College Careers Website to investigate future pathways ideas. This is an excellent resource for students, as it contains a vast amount of up-to-date and relevant careers information.  There is also some great tips and advice for parents/guardians about how to best support your daughter on their individual career journey.

Now may be a good time to encourage your Year 10, 11 or 12 daughter to login to the Student Secure Area to update their Career Planner if they haven’t already done so.

Under the Activities tab on the left hand side there are a number of topics to choose from. Select the area where you think you are at on your career journey and start from there. The activities are either online or in PDF documents.

  • Learning About Myself
  • Career Exploration
  • Enterprise/21st Century/Employability/Transferable Skills
  • Preparing For Work
  • The Workplace
  • Future of Work
  • Self-Employment/Entrepreneurship
  • Volunteering/Community Service
  • Money and Finance
  • Learning and Study Skills

If you would like some assistance please contact Ms Rentoule: crentoule@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au


The Arts

The Arts

Head of Department – Dramatic Arts & Performance

Alyssa Kelly



Drama staff have been very busy creating interesting practical tasks for students in Years 7-9. This week, Ms Maguire and Ms Hudson put together a Zoom tutorial for Year 7 students to create their own shield and sword props, showcasing a family crest. Tutorials will be uploaded in preparation for lessons in weeks 4 and 5. This activity will support Year 7 research into ‘The Sword in the Stone’ and Medieval lifestyles. 


Photography Club 

Photography Club students have been keeping very busy submitting to a number of exciting challenges. The girls have been working with the ‘Rule of Thirds’ and various compositions and subject matter including using ‘found’ frames within a photograph. The two most popular challenges this week have been ‘Pets and Family’ and ‘What do you see from your window #StayAtHome’ challenge. The girls have been very creative in their home surroundings and have submitted some truly engaging and thoughtful photographs. 



Head of Department – Visual Arts & Exhibitions 

Harriet Geater-Johnson

The weekly art challenge is having one last hurrah. This time the challenge will run through until May 25, so everyone has time to enter! Ideas and information can be found via the NEWS Section of the Learning Hub.

For this last challenge we would like you to produce an appropriation of a famous artwork (this means that you recreate the work). Everyone can get involved – such as parents, guardians, siblings and your pets.

Submissions should be photos and you may use props, people, animals – be creative and above all have fun!!

Here are some great sites to ‘borrow’ your artwork from – You can look up the collections of MOMA, TATE, Met Museum and the Louvre or follow the suggested link on the HUB for the most celebrated paintings.



Head of Department – Music & Performance

Johnathon Goulter


Virtual Classrooms

All of our Year 7 to 10 classes have been taking part in musicianship exercises via video and learning new pieces on virtual instruments at home. The Year 9 students have been investigating dance music and in particular polyrhythmic dance rhythms of some African Cultures. This has resulted in some students recording themselves juggling egg shakers with their parents/guardians to show their understanding of rhythms. It’s great stuff! The Year 11 students and Mr Goulter have been pushing Zoom meetings to their limit with some three part chord singing as part of their compositional studies.


Virtual Bands

It is safe to say that we miss making music and to alleviate this we have started working hard on virtual bands. Our Year 9 and 11 classes have both decided to make  virtual bands showing the repertoire that they are learning. Year 9 students will be recording Daft Punk’s – Around the World and Year 11 students recording The Beatles – I Want To Hold Your Hand. The School Concert Band is also preparing a virtual performance of Eine Kleine Rock Music – A rocked up Mozart version. We will have the videos out in the near future so stay tuned for more information.

Virtual Choir

We have also started mixing and arranging the whole school choir entries for Jesus Lover of My Soul. We have had a phenomenal response from staff members being involved so look out for who is doing what in the video at upcoming assemblies.




Head of Faculty – Humanities

Kelli Chapman


Year 9 Geography

Year 9 Geography students are looking at food security and traditional agriculture. It is important for students to understand that while developed countries have easy access to food and supermarkets, developing nations are still tied to subsistence agriculture and growing one’s food and buying from local markets is essential.

Students have undertaken the challenge to grow their own vegetables, fruit or herb garden and we have been excited to see their progress.

Above: Estella Johnston’s herb garden

Above: Some of the herbs students have begun to plant


Library News

Library News

Library Assistant

Marie Jerome


The countdown is on! A beautiful new library space awaits and I am making sure we take only the most wonderful books with us. The library has been a fury of culling and critiquing to ensure this happens.

We have a wonderful new collection that has arrived this week and I am excited to hear the reviews. My eye is on “When it drops” by Alex Dyson a former Tripe J Radio host who has used his experience along with a Creative Writing degree to pen his first novel. The novel tells of the journey of a High School musician. When Caleb’s brother releases a song without Caleb’s knowledge, it sets off a chain of events that turns Caleb’s life upside down. One Minute he is the weird social outcast and the next he is a local celebrity with music all over the radio. Having his innermost feelings (accompanied by a funky bass line) go viral is not Caleb’s idea of a good time. But is this the end of everything or the start? Visit the library to find out how the story evolves!

At assignment times don’t forget we have access to the fabulous resource Gale In Context: High School Database, where you can find reference material, audio titles, academic journals and even images all for your use – this can be accessed using the Library Page on the Learning Hub. 

If you find yourself finishing up your latest novel and looking for a new read, have you thought of our Ebook platform Wheelers? Here you can find titles not found in our physical library and perhaps your new favourite read is waiting for you there – access can on the Learning Hub Library Page

You will also find on the Library Page a Library Bingo to challenge you.  This will last for the rest of the year and we are eager to see how many boxes can be crossed off. A great way to read outside your comfort zone.  


Book of the week – When it Drops

Sixteen-year-old songwriter and aspiring social outcast Caleb Clifford fills his world with music, but – like most things – keeps his songs to himself. That is until his little brother leaks Caleb’s most personal track online; a track that’s quite obviously about his secret crush. A hilarious and touching coming-of-age debut novel from ARIA award-winning Triple J host Alex Dyson about family, friends, fame, and the importance of never leaving your computer unattended.

College Notices

College Notices

The Spark Room

Kirsten Anderson is an experienced teacher and educator having previously worked for St Patrick’s College Townsville. She has recently launched ‘The Spark Room’, an innovative online resource platform offering tutoring, proofreading, essay feedback, editing and creative writing courses. For more information please visit her website . You can also contact her directly via kirsten@sparkroom.com.au


Elevate Education

Elevate’s Parent Webinar on Wednedsay evening had over 1600 parents and caregivers tune in!

For any who missed us, our Motivation Cheat Sheet containing the proven techniques Kane discussed is available for you to circulate to your community.

Due to unprecedented demand, we will be running another webinar next Tuesday, May 12th which will focus on time management, organisation and beating procrastination.

Event Title: Elevate Education – Time Management and Organisational Secrets
Date: Tuesday 12th May

Time: 6pm AEST

Sign-Up Link: https://www.elevatecoaching.info/parent-webinar-aus-time-management

Cost: Free


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