2021 Term 3, Week 6/7 - 30 August 2021


It was wonderful to welcome 166 young women to our College for the #STEMLIKEAPATSGIRL Conference as part of our National Science Week activity program. I spoke briefly at the conference about the critical importance of events such as this to inspire young women in STEM. We are surrounded by the wonder of science and mathematics in our everyday lives, and when using various types of emerging technologies. We heard from Dr Alex Trollope who spoke from the heart about her own life journey, and how her experiences and doors of opportunity have led her to where she is today, in her dream job living in paradise.

The energy throughout the day was incredible. STEM was brought to life through the interactive workshops developed by our expert facilitators. We are so grateful to the Australian Defence Force, Queensland Police Force, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Townsville Hospital and Health Service, James Cook University, Reef Ecologic and It’s Rocket Science Adventures for sharing their knowledge, skills and time with all of the participants. The inquiry-based learning approach taken by these presenters provided invaluable insight to STEM careers in a fun and meaningful way. Feedback has been phenomenal, and as a learning community we are excited for the future. Our young people are passionate and curious about their world. We must provide opportunities for our girls to investigate the roots and implications of problems so that they can work towards solving them. So many of our staff and students supported the day, and I am grateful for their hard work and enthusiasm. I would particularly like to acknowledge Mrs Shari Finlay, Head of Faculty – Science and Mr Grant McGregor, Head of Faculty – Mathematics & Digital Technologies, for their excitement and engagement in planning #STEMLIKEAPATSGIRL.

Six years ago, all Australian education ministers came together and agreed on a National STEM School Education Strategy taking us through to 2026. This strategy focuses on the responsibility for schools, in particular, to develop mathematical, scientific and digital literacy in our young people to promote much needed problem solving, critical analysis and creative thinking skills. Our College unashamedly makes a bold statement about our passion and strategic focus on inspiring young women through STEM. We have been recognised in national education awards year after year for our bespoke and engaging programs and incredible teachers. We remain committed to ensuring the visibility of positive female role models from both industry and in our staff to inspire our students to see STEM as a viable and attractive career option.

We are incredibly grateful to our generous sponsors, without whom we could not have staged #STEMLIKEAPATSGIRL 2021. We thank Higgins Coatings, Mater Private Hospital Townsville, Waltlec Industries, Keir Steele Waldon Lawyers, Hutchinson Builders and The Marketing Factory for their support.  

The College will be hosting a Principal’s Welcome on Wednesday, 15 September. This is a wonderful opportunity for prospective parents to visit the College and meet key staff. More details will be posted on our website and social media channels.

Amber Hauff





The College has received numerous complaints regarding dangerous parking outside our College that is endangering pedestrians trying to cross at the designated crossing on The Strand. There have also been reports of people double parking on Oxley Street just before the pedestrian crossing. The College would like to remind all parents/guardians that parking or stopping on a pedestrian crossing or within 20m before, or 10m after is not only dangerous, but it is also a traffic offence. The area around the College can become quite congested and the College recommends that parents/guardians, where possible, wait until 3.25pm or 3.30pm when picking up their daughters to ensure a smooth pick up process. Parents/guardians could also arrange to meet their daughters further up the Strand away from the College to avoid bottlenecks. 


St Patrick’s College Townsville is committed to ensure the safety, welfare and wellbeing of all in our community including protecting young people from harm. There are a number of avenues through which we respond to young people who are at risk.

Please take the time to read our Child Protection Policy, Guidelines and Processes, which are always available on our College website at https://www.stpatscollege.qld.edu.au/our-college/college-policies/

Please note that the Student Protection Officers at the College are:

  • Ms Hauff – Principal
  • Mr Triffett – Deputy Principal
  • Ms Zagami – College Psychologist
  • Ms Capponi – College Psychologist

Cameran Triffett





We are now past the half-way point in Term 3. The Year 10, 11 and 12 Exam Block are looming as well as assessment items for all year levels. It is important that students are planning their time and regularly referring to the assessment calendars to ensure they meet all deadlines. 

During this time, it is important that students find a balance, while still aiming to improve their academic results. This includes maintaining a healthy diet, partaking in regular exercise and getting adequate sleep. The best strategy is to have a study planner to manage upcoming deadlines. 

Our College Diary contains some useful resources to help during this time including:

  • Study/Time Management Planner – page 20
  • Hints on How to Study – page 113
  • Homework Assistance – page 114

Students are also encouraged to attend tutoring. Teachers at the College provide a range of tutoring opportunities for students, including before and after school and during lunch breaks. The tutoring schedule for Semester 2, 2021 has been distributed. Students are also encouraged to speak to their teachers about what they can to in order to achieve success.


Last week, the Queensland Government announced that the Ekka public holiday for the Brisbane, Moreton Bay and Scenic Rim local government areas has been moved to Friday, 29 October. This necessitated a change of date for the Year 12 External Exam period. Subjects currently scheduled for 29 October have been moved to Friday 22 October. At St Patrick’s College Townsville, this specifically impacts on students in Music and Economics. The updated Year 12 External Exam Block can be found on the Learning Hub and the QCAA Website. Information has also been emailed to Year 12 students, parents and guardians.

Year 12 students received a copy of their Unit 3 and 4 Provisional Results Report this week. This report is the final school-issued report that Year 12 students will receive and included the following data:

General Subjects

  • Confirmed Results from the first internal assessment task from Unit 3 and 4.
  • Unconfirmed Results from the second and third internal assessment tasks from Unit 3 and 4.

Applied Subjects

  • Results for all internal assessment completed from Unit 3 and 4 up to the end of Term 3.

Year 12 students will encounter their first taste of Mock Exams in the coming weeks. This is a valuable experience as it provides an opportunity for students to the replicate study habits and conditions required for External Exams in Term 4. 


At the end of Term Three, Year 11 students will receive a report card based on their Unit 2 results. If your contact details have changed, please contact the College Office to ensure that you receive your daughter’s Year 11 Unit 2 Report Card over the September holidays.


At the conclusion of Term 3, Speech Night Academic Awards will be calculated. Information regarding award eligibility can be found on the College Website. Students receiving an academic award will be advised at the Speech Night Announcement Assembly on Wednesday, 6 October 2021 and parents/guardians will be notified via email on the same day. If your daughter believes she is eligible for an academic award and is not announced as a recipient, she is encouraged to see the Deputy Principal – Academic following this assembly.


St Patrick’s College Townsville is currently trialling the move to conduct NAPLAN 2022 in an online environment. As part of the transition process Year 8 students will be involved in a School Readiness Test (SRT) on Tuesday, 14 September 2021 in Periods 1 and 2, and will return to regular classes following this. Year 8 students, parents and guardians were emailed further details regarding the SRT this week and students are reminded to ensure their laptops are fully charged for the SRT.

St Patrick’s College Townsville will continue to provide parents/guardians with as much information as possible as we transition towards NAPLAN Online. Parents can access the NAPLAN Public Demonstration Site and read details about NAPLAN online.

Amy Byrnes







At our College, our Pastoral Care Team is committed to taking a proactive approach in developing skills that build resilience, promoting a school culture that emphasises respect, teamwork and participation – and reactive elements like providing comfort in response to hurt, or encouragement in the face of disappointment. We all seek to support your daughter in developing a strong skill set to draw upon as she navigates her life.

The purpose of Pastoral Care at our College is to:

  • Create a sense of belonging through team building activities, such as working together on community service projects,
  • Develop skills and knowledge through personal development and targeted workshops in order to prevent or address specific problems such as bullying,
  • Track and monitor individual student progress enabling early intervention in identifying and dealing with specific needs,
  • celebrating student achievements and contributions,
  • provide guidance regarding study patterns, peer relations, post-school pathways and opportunities, and
  • Provide access to passionate and dedicated teachers who are good role models.

Pastoral care is most effective when there is a strong partnership between home and school. Clear two-way communication, reminders and reinforcement (at home and at school) of strategies to support progress, and early intervention in identifying and addressing problems are vital to the effective exercise of pastoral care.

Maria Franettovich






On Friday night, students and staff sacrificed comfort and a good night’s sleep to experience a little of what it would be like to be homeless. Led by the College Chaplain, Ms Veukiso, and Community Service Prefect, Madyson Wass, they were informed about the realities faced by members of the community with no place to call home. Through social justice games and guest speakers, the girls were given a glimpse into the hardships and complex issues faced by thousands of Australians every day. The girls were challenged to make choices between necessities and comfort. I was impressed with their insights and compassion to help each other.

Thank you to Ms Harriett Veukiso for organising and facilitating the sleepout and Ms Mary McAuliffe, Vinnies Youth Engagement and Development Officer for talking to the girls about Vinnies programs. Thank also to Ms Belinda Semola and Ms Claire Verepen for participating in and supervising the Sleepout. Thanks to Ms Sarah Philp and Ms Karen Hyne for helping me with supper and breakfast. The dedication and generosity of staff members allows our girls to participate in such important experiences.

Participating in the Vinnies Sleepout helped put our own challenges into perspective. While it was difficult to give up some of the comforts we are used to, it was extremely rewarding. We realised that many people in our community do not have their basic needs met, and often go unnoticed. I would absolutely recommend the Vinnies sleepout to others, as the personal growth you experience, and the insights you gain, prepares you to be able to act on the issue of homelessness and create positive change. Jamie Mohr, Year 11.

I learnt that I am very lucky for my security and comfort, and that not everyone has this. It was challenging to pick between sleeping comfortably and warmly, and eating. This would be a decision that many people without homes have to choose every night. I gained a new perspective on the issue of homelessness. I realised how privileged I am, and I will continue to volunteer and fundraise so that people facing homelessness can be safe and comfortable as well. I would recommend that others try this experience to put themselves in other people’s shoes for the night and learn more about this prominent issue, especially because youth make up a large portion of those who are homeless in Australia. Harper Weekers, Yr 12.

You can continue to support the Vinnies Winter Appeal by bringing in new socks to the Mission office in A13.

Together We Pray

Christ has no body now on earth but yours,

No hands but yours,

no feet but yours.

Yours are the eyes through which Christ’s compassion looks out on the world,

Yours are the feet with which He is to go about doing good,

And yours are the hands with which he is to bless us now.

– Teresa of Avila


Athena Costopoulos




What a rich few weeks’ we’ve had! The photos below tell our story, however, we’ve had some amazing joy filled weeks exploring Jourama Falls, cooling off at Riverway, enjoying BBQs on the strand, being part of the action at the local Rodeo, preparing for NAIDOC, playing touch footy with other local schools and cooking delicious treats in house. Our focus is always on building community and balanced, happy living. The girls are also benefitting from the team of tutors we have available in the afternoons to support academic work and development. I am very thankful to the volunteer tutors we have attending (past-pupils) and the high-quality tutors from A Team Tuition. We are coming now to the final weeks of term and this extra guidance and support as the girls’ complete assessment and prepare for exams is invaluable.

Please remember that we are always available to speak with you at any time regarding the welfare of your daughter. The first point of call should be our wonderful House Mothers. They are:

If you wish to speak to a member of the boarding team by phone, please use the boarding landline – 4753 0307.

Ms Katie de Carteret










Year 11 students will finish Unit 2 at the end of Term 3, 2021. Unit 3 content will then begin on Wednesday, 6 October (Week 1, Term 4). Students wishing to change subjects for Unit 3 and 4 can book a meeting with myself. Subject changes for Unit 3 and 4 must be finalised by Friday, 15 October (Week 2, Term 4). Any student that wishes to change subjects, must do so at the beginning of Unit 3, as any student that changes throughout either Unit 3 or Unit 4 will not receive credit for these paired units.

To assist in these subject changes, Year 11 students will be issued with a summary of their Unit 2 Results in the September school holidays via email.


This week, Year 12 students were emailed a copy of the Year 12 Mock and Applied Subject Exam Block. It is important that students are prepared for this exam block by ensuring they have the correct equipment and understand the conditions of these exams. By following these guidelines, students will experience the same conditions that they will during the External Assessment Exams in Term 4.


Year 10 and 11 students have an Exam Block at the end of Term 3. This exam timetable was distributed to students this week. A reminder that students must attend all exams in their full Academic College uniform. Only Year 11 students are permitted to complete individual study at home or in the Boarding School during Exam Block. If a Year 11 student does not have exams during Exam Block or only one exam on a particular day, they are permitted to complete individual study at home, however, the parent must advise the College by 9am on the day of these arrangements. Year 11 boarding students will be permitted to return to the Boarding School for individual study,

Year 10 students must complete study in the assigned classrooms. If students are absent for any exams, they are reminded that they must request special provisions and if it is for medical purposes, provide a medical certificate.

Mr Chris Pacey






Get a sneak peek of what it’s really like to be in a healthcare career at Heroes in HealthThis two-day program is a collaboration between JCU and the Mater Hospital that offers a unique opportunity to explore Medical, Nursing and Allied Health careers. Heroes in Health Program Applications NOW open for 12/13 October program.

Apply online: https://study.jcu.edu.au/HEROProgram


James Cook University are offering a Year 12 Student Success Package. Please follow this link to all things JCU for Year 12s. (https://www.jcu.edu.au/year-12?elqTrackId=97869370f1fa4523832ecf8770794f8c&elqaid=433&elqat=2 )

  • Math Methods School holiday tutoring program
  • Early Offers
  • Scholarship Information
  • Guaranteed Admission
  • Adjustment Factors
  • Tips for parents when your daughter goes to university


University Applications are NOW open throughout Australia. QTAC offer an Educational Assistance Scheme for a variety of circumstances. Please follow this link for all the information: https://www.qtac.edu.au/

If assistance is required, please send me an email.


Bright and early on Monday morning, 25 St Patrick’s College Townsville students attended a Rio Tinto presentation and had some hands-on activities. There were a few familiar faces in the presenters, all of whom shared how much care they have for this beautiful country.

The students learnt about Rio Tinto Weipa Operations, bauxite mining, relationships with the country elders and employment opportunities with Rio Tinto. Activities included: a fitting and turning work-station, water quality and turtle classification and a virtual tour of the mind site.

Ms Catherine Rentoule

HEAD OF FACULTY – CAREERS & VOCATIONAL TRAINING. E: crentoule@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au




On Friday, Grade 9 Japanese students visited GYO Japanese restaurant. It was a fantastic experience! They were able to practise Japanese phrases and sample a wide variety of Japanese cuisine, including, karaage, nigiri sushi and gyoza (which was a crowd favourite). The students very much enjoyed the experience, and it was wonderful hearing them trying out different phrases with the waiters during the lunch and with each other. We are very grateful to the staff at GYO for sharing their delicious Japanese cuisine with us and interacting with our students in Japanese.

Arigatoo gozaimashita!

Anna Kendall

JAPANESE TEACHER. E: akendall@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au



The Hospitality Kitchen has been buzzing this term with girls creating some delectable dishes! 

Year 11 students have been immersing themselves in a “Casual Dining Unit”, which focuses on building their knowledge and skills in kitchen production and service. During the course, they have investigated cafes and foods in and around Townsville. For the assessment, they will create a blog promoting local food venues for tourists visiting the area. They have trailed Squeeze Me and had the opportunity to trial entrees from Touch of Salt including baked Harvey Bay Scallops, Japanese braised Pork Belly, Duck & Ginger Spring Rolls & Goats Cheese & Ricotta Gnocchi.

Year 12 students are continuing the module “Celebrations” which develops their knowledge, understanding and skills to plan, implement and critique catering and functions. For the assessment the students trialed entrees, mains and desserts for a simulated Graduation Dinner. They can now professionally set a table and accurate use table etiquette for a formal dinner. To finish the unit, the students will be busy baking cakes and professionally decorating them for a celebration.

Junior Hospitality Classes are all busy designing foods for upcoming assessments. Year 8 are studying “Multicultural Foods” and researching a chosen culture and creating a dish from that culture. Year 9 have been learning about “Street Food” and will create a pastry dish that is easy to eat and can be served from a potential Food Truck. Year 10 have learnt about the history of a “High Tea” and have been given the task of creating a sweet and savory dish that would be served at High Tea Event. They will be designing an invitation and theme for their event. 

Ms Camille Flores

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT – HOSPITALITY & FUNCTIONS.  E: cflores@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au




National Science Week is an annual festival of science which occurs in August each year. St Patrick’s College Townsville spent last week celebrating the wonders of Science by participating in a number of activities and events. To get Science Week off to a great start, all PC groups participated in the much anticipated and hotly contested PC Quiz. Every morning, PC groups came together to answer 5 questions about the different strands of Science – Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Marine and Physics. Congratulations to Princes 5 (Ms O’Shea) and Doms 2 (Ms Mete) for a nail-biting tie finish. 

On Tuesday, we welcomed 30 students from St Joseph’s Kindergarten North Ward to the College. With the assistance of Year 11 students, the Kindergarten class participated in two experiments – Tie Dye Milk and Lava Lamps. They were also lucky enough to visit the fish tanks and observe the Marine ecosystem. A big thank you for St Joseph’s North Ward for sharing in our Science Week celebrations with us.

Wednesday saw the whole College gather for our Science Week assembly. During this assembly we watched an inspiration video from the Queensland Women of STEM finalists, who spoke passionately about their journey to their chosen career. We also participated The Big Watermelon Challenge – a nation wide experiment that explores how many rubber bands it takes to explode a watermelon. We needed a whopping 166 rubber bands to explode our watermelon.

On Friday, our Year 11 Marine Science students participated in the Great Barrier Reef Citizen Science Challenge. The class was registered as a team competing on behalf of the College, in order to win some valuable marine resources that can be used to support classroom learning. The activity involved students analysing on a ‘Virtual Reef Diver’ platform using various images taken from coral reef surveys from Cooktown to Bundaberg. Students identified soft corals, hard corals, sponges, sand elements and algae in each of these images which ultimately helps our reef scientists and managers towards improved coral reef cover modelling and predictions for reef health.

Next year’s Science Week theme has been announced and we are already planning an assortment of activities which will engage other faculties.

Mrs Shari Finlay

HEAD OF FACULTY – SCIENCE. E: sfinlay@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au



Engineers work throughout a product lifecycle, from designing, developing, installation and testing. But who knew that Engineers could solve any problem in the world? Who knew that Chemical Engineers designed the ink that goes into pens? Or who knew that there were sushi bars, supermarkets and an aquarium at James Cook University?

On Tuesday, the 10 Engineering students were fortunate enough to visit James Cook University, in search for all their Engineering questions to be answered; what engineering fields can be studied? what is a thesis? can I study and live on campus? The students were met by the Dr Elsa Antunes and Dr Liyuan Tan who presented engineering opportunities followed by a tour of the campus. They also had the chance to engage with current university students.

Gayle Walkom

TEACHER. E: gwalkom@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au



It has been a busy time in the Music department. We have had multiple students and staff participating in the Townsville Choral Society’S production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Lara Stewart, Amelia Betcher, and Bridget Baxter have joined Mr Goulter, Ms Cairns, and Ms Kelly in preparing a choc-tasticly delicious production!

Year 12 students, Chloe Dickinson, Harper Weekers, Oliva Newbould, Sarah Mosch, and Summer Donnelly joined the 2021 Book Week Assembly and performance of Aladdin. All the students practiced some difficult musical cues to welcome in the various characters, as well as showcasing the College’s very first Hip-Hop cover! 

All of the music ensembles are busy preparing for Eisteddfod. We have the largest number of students eve in the choir and all other ensembles are polishing difficult repertoire. My thanks go out to our tireless music tutors; Georgia Martel, Paul Neilson, Rike Wolf, James Jellyman, and Rachel Cairns who are preparing these groups. We will keep families well informed of any Eisteddfod updates and look forward to sharing our results with you soon.

Curriculum classes have been busy with Year 7s exploring the world of Lah Pentatony, year 8s writing parody songs, Year 9s exploring chords and harmony, Year 10s mastering Bebop and Baroque music while the senior students have been covering all types of music from Super Mario to Hamilton to The Beatles.

I would like to that you all for your continued support of your daughter music education and journey. We look forward to sharing more music performances with our College Community in the near future.

Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable. – Leonard Bernstein

Mr John Goulter

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT – MUSIC & PERFORMANCE. E: jgoulter@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au



The College celebrated Book Week in spectacular fashion last week with an assembly performance and a Book Week parade on Friday. It was wonderful to see the College embrace the joy of characters, stories and creativity.

As the Head of English and Languages, I can tell you that Book Week has a special place in my heart. This year, we celebrated the theme, “Old worlds, new worlds, other worlds”.

Our world is inundated with news stories of political mishaps, COVID, and Code red for humanity. Our social media feeds are full of ads for things you don’t need. Research on the digital lives of Aussie teens claims they spend an average of 14.4 hours a week online. That’s approximately the same amount of time it takes to read 1.5 novels, or 80,000 words.

My goal, believe it or not, is not to make anyone feel guilty for the time they spend online, but to help the students in our College see that there is space in their life for other things too. I’d challenge each student to take a couple of those hours each week, and set them aside to read a book that piques their interest.

I’m not suggesting that students should work their way through Charlotte Bronte or Jane Austen’s classics, or read Shakespeare’s Macbeth (unless in Year 12). I’m asking all students to consider indulging in a book they are likely to love once or twice a week. All of these stories have the same benefits for us as readers. They help us to expand our vocabulary, improve our ability to focus, foster creativity, critical thinking, and most importantly- help us to develop empathy.

At our Book Week assembly, we shared a story from the old world. Chinese in origin, it was added to a collection of Middle-Eastern stories which were published by a French man in 1704. Found in a collection called, One Thousand and One Nights, or The Arabian Nights Tales, but we know it as Aladdin

Needless to say, the performance was a success! 

Mrs Amy Plumridge

HEAD OF ENGLISH & LANGUAGES. E: aplumridge@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au







On Wednesday 4th August, QATSIF (Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation) held their annual graduation ceremony at James Cook University. This ceremony recognises the hard work and commitment that our Year 12 QATSIF scholarship students have put in to graduate high school, as well as the positive role modelling they have demonstrated to younger students. Year 12 student, Brianna Stanley, was recognised at the event; however, she could not attend due to Brisbane lockdown restrictions. Brianna’s certificate of recognition will be presented to her at a later date.


Thank you to those students and their families who have applied for a Round 13 (2022-2013) QATSIF Scholarship. These applications have now been lodged with QATSIF.

From here, QATSIF check all of the applications from the thousands submitted from all over Queensland, before they are forwarded to DATSIP (Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships) for the final approval process. This process can take up to the end of the school year. As soon as I am made aware of the outcome, of these applications, students and their families will be informed.

If you are one of the students that has applied for this scholarship, I recommend that in the meantime you do the following:

  • Familiarise yourself with the strict QATSIF Scholarship eligibility criteria: https://www.qatsif.org.au/student-eligibility-criteria
  • Familiarise yourself with the QATSIF funding categories: https://www.qatsif.org.au/qatsif-funding-categories
  • Research where the funds for your scholarship come from: https://www.qatsif.org.au/about
  • Explore the frequently asked questions page on the QATSIF website: https://www.qatsif.org.au/faq
  • Start thinking about a project that you might like to initiate/be involved in. As a part of your scholarship you will be required to be involved in at least one school-based activity. This will form a part of the strict eligibility criteria for the scholarship and will be evidence to demonstrate:
    • Participation in school activities which enhance her Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Cultural identity, and
    • Demonstrate a willingness to fully participate in the life of the College and be a worthy role model for other students

If you ever have any questions regarding QATSIF please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mrs Lauren Newman

CULTURAL SUPPORT PROGRAM LEADER. E: lnewman@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au



Year 9 student, Georgia Schwarz has been selected for the Townsville Brolga’s Rugby Team. They will travel to Mackay in the holidays to compete against a wide selection of Rep teams. Congratulations, Georgia!



On Wednesday 11th August, the College came together to recognise NAIDOC Week 2021. It was a joyous occasion, and a wonderful celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history. Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance Groups performed for us all, and we all joined in Taba Naba with our Torres Strait Islander sisters. Our guest speaker, Amy Guilbinas, a proud Kamilaroi woman, shared her thoughts and words of wisdom with us with an interactive speech about this year’s NAIDOC Week theme, ‘Heal Country!’. We are so thankful to Amy for taking the time out of her busy schedule as an Academic Coordinator with CSIRO’s Young Indigenous Women’s STEM Academy to join us for this special day.

I would like to thank the following staff who worked tirelessly alongside me over the past few months in preparation for this event: Ms Costopoulos, Ms Kelly, Mr Goulter, Ms Semola, Ms Kulbicki and Ms de Cartaret.

Mrs Lauren Newman

CULTURAL SUPPORT PROGRAM LEADER. E: lnewman@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au



In an extraordinary showing of teamwork, tenacity and talent, all of our Debating teams this season have progressed to the Finals. Unfortunately, our Senior and Junior teams were narrowly defeated in their final debates, but our Year 7 and 8 teams are hoping to bring home glory. Congratulations to all the students involved – they have been outstanding ambassadors for the College. Thanks, too, to all of the staff who have assisted with coaching, hosting and adjudicating duties over the season. 



The competition was fierce, but there could only be one winner of the 2021 Interhouse Athletics Carnival…THRONES HOUSE!

Dominations House took out the House Spirit Award.

Congratulations to all of our fantastic Age Champions: Olivia Koloi, Meg Burbidge, Tara Marlborough, Sarah Bourke, Grace Burbidge, Bailey Wilson and Katrice Forster.

A number of records were also broken on the day. Congratulations to: Olivia Koloi, Charli Russell, Amelia Phelan, Osaelma Tabaui, Sarah Bourke, Grace Burbidge, Lalita Kris and Ruby Mitchell. 



Do you want to be an invigilator?

Invigilator duties and eligibility requirements are detailed in the External Assessment invigilator: Position description located at https://www.qcaa.qld.edu.au/senior/assessment/externalassessment/external-assessment-invigilators.

In brief, invigilators are required to attend allocated assessment sessions at assessment venues to observe the administration of assessments. Invigilators report their observations to the QCAA after each assessment session by completing an online Invigilator report. Invigilators do not move or distribute materials, participate in or assist with any aspect of the administration of assessments, supervise or have any contact with students, or provide advice or feedback to staff at assessment venues about any aspect of the administration of the assessment.


The Queensland Government is seeking the support of the school community for the annual survey of Year 10, 11 and 12 students who left school in 2020, before completing Year 12. This short, confidential survey collects information about what young people are doing the year after leaving school. The results of the survey help provide valuable information to improve services available to school leavers in the future.

Between August and September, these school leavers can expect to receive instructions to complete a web-based survey or a telephone call from the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office.

For more information, visit www.qld.gov.au/nextstep/ or telephone toll free on 1800 068 587.


Each year, more students and staff celebrate the end of Book Week by dressing up as their favourite book character. This year was our best yet!

Role-reversal! When the students dress up as staff…(From Top to bottom and L-R: Ms Torrisi, Mrs Plumridge, Mr Triffett, Mr Santarossa, Mr Parks, Ms Tomerini, Ms Maguire, Ms Hyne, Ms Andrews, Mr Pope, Ms Costopoulos and Mrs Langford)



On sale Thursday 2 September

These yummy treats are available for students and staff to purchase for only $2 each. 

With Father’s Day on 5 September, these would be a lovely treat for a a much loved dad, uncle, brother, grandfather or special male role model in your life. 

Monies raised will go to Mercy Works charities.