Scribes Needed

Scribes Needed

Throughout the year a number of our boys need help to complete Assessments or sit Exams.

Exams are stressful at the best of times, imagine how much more stressful it becomes if you can’t read or write due to a medical condition or accidental broken limb. Knowing that there is a helping hand can relieve some of that stress.

The Educational Services Department is currently looking for volunteers to scribe for Years 7-12. Assessments generally last 40 mins whilst exams can vary between 40 to 80 mins in Years 7-9, 1-2 hours in Years 10-12 and may be up to 3 hours in the HSC.

From time to time we are also in need of volunteers to scribe for Mathematics 2 Unit and 3 Unit. Volunteers for scribing in Mathematics should have at least completed Mathematics 2 Unit at the HSC.

Please consider becoming a scribe. It is an invaluable role in the school and one that is extremely rewarding. You may be able to help with several exams or just one. Any amount of time given is greatly appreciated by the boys.

No experience is necessary and instructions are given before you start. 

For further information contact Marg Sproule in Educational Services ph. 9956 1105 or email