“We’re going on an egg hunt”

“We’re going on an egg hunt”

Our students haven’t let the challenges of social distancing rob them of Easter joy, as they report below:

“Today, during Period 2 Pastoral Care class, those students who are still attending the College campus gathered (with social distancing in mind) to create festive Easter baskets.

We used textas, pipe cleaners and little chickens to decorate our baskets.

We then proceeded to the Year 12 garden for an Easter egg hunt! 

Scavenging through the garden, we found many chocolate eggs in the bush and on top of boxes and gates. We then shared them among ourselves.

The teachers also brought out some appetising hot cross buns. There were two flavours: traditional cinnamon apple and chocolate. The hot cross buns were delicious and we all had a load of fun!

We are missing you all. Stay safe!”

Margaret Oszywa, Gianna Leifi & Alanah Quarta