Term Two, Week Six - 5 June 2020
Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

In this together

There could not be a more apt phrase than Reconciliation Week 2020’s – in this together. Throughout the COVID-19 isolation the similar line from Ben Lee’s song “we’re all in this together” has been a uniting catchcry. As we slowly emerged from isolation, we’ve hit Reconciliation Week, commencing May 27th, the anniversary of the 1967 Referendum. Sadly, we are also watching the riots resulting from George Floyd’s death in America and the re-emergence of the #blacklivesmatter movement. It is easy for us to look on from Australia and wonder at the violence, but we too have significant issues around the treatment and living conditions of indigenous Australians today – not just in the past. Since the 1991 Royal Commission into Black Deaths in Custody, 429 indigenous Australians have died in custody. A glance at Indigenous health and education statistics highlights their ongoing disadvantage.

These issues are confronting. Motivational speaker Paul Scanlon posted a Facebook video asking “Am I a racist? I don’t feel like one” and sensitively opened up the question of white privilege. He recognised that many people are not directly racist –they don’t hate others. However, many do not understand “white privilege” – the unknowing way white people are advantaged simply because of their skin colour. He spoke of the importance of understanding, of “stepping into the shoes of another”, of listening to the experiences of others, recognising privilege, and speaking out and helping others.

One thing is certain – reconciliation needs to be about more than a week, it needs to be a way of life. Our lives have been turned upside this year, we are looking around and asking many questions about our society. In our increasingly polarised world, pursuing understanding of each other’s lives is so important. Ultimately it is Jesus who broke down the dividing walls of hostility between us and God and other people. (Ephesians 2:14-22). We are in this together and through His strength we need to seek healing and unity. May our College be an agent of reconciliation, hope and change.

Mrs Megan Hastie
Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School

There’s something about ‘hi vis’ clothing that changes the moment. For the last two weeks all the Junior School staff have been wearing a bright fluoro orange vest while leading lines of children to the car park. I’ve been wearing one while greeting families each morning at Kiss and Drop. It makes us stand out, and gives a sense of responsibility and perhaps authority. I often feel like a traffic supervisor!

There is of course a more important reason. That’s to keep children safe, and to ensure a smooth following routine for students arriving and departing in these strange COVID-19 times. I am very grateful to our parent community for the sensible and cooperative way our routines have been supported. The buses have also been well used.

One real benefit I have noticed is the sense of independence our students have gained through this all. Who ever thought a Kindergarten girl or boy could carry their own bag all the way from the car park to the school and do it with a big smile on their face! Remember this time, mums and dads, and bank on it for the future.

Our plan is that when 100 people are allowed to gather in a space we will look at opening up the amphitheatre and courtyard between A and B block for afternoon collection. Until then, appreciate our ‘in campus’ car park and enjoy the moment at the end of the school day when you meet your child at the car. When else do our children with a backpack on run into our arms!

Mr Andrew McPhail 
Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School

National Reconciliation Week

Over the past two weeks the media’s attention has been consumed by the riots which have been occurring in America in response to the death of George Floyd while being restrained by Minneapolis police. Such scenes show the deep hurt that exists in America as a result of historical racial tensions and inhumane treatment of black Americans. Unfortunately, these violent and unfortunate events and the COVID-19 situation have overshadowed an important week for Australians. A week when we recognise the hurt of our First Australians and remind ourselves of our collective commitment to reconciliation .

It has been 20 years since the first National Sorry Day, that acknowledges and recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children known as the Stolen Generation. These children were forcibly removed from their families, communities and cultural identities. Yet, even though the Prime Minister publicly apologised in 2008, the hurt amongst Australia’s indigenous people continues to this day.

National Reconciliation Week spans both last week and this week. It marks 20 years of Australia’s journey towards a more just, equitable and reconciled nation, and the twentieth anniversary of the Reconciliation Walks of 2000. Each year some of our students are involved in the Reconciliation Flag Walk along with other local schools. The event is organised by the Shellharbour City Council to promote and celebrate the shared journeys of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and the non-Indigenous communities of Australia. It’s an occasion where our students represent their cultural heritage as well as our College Community. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. We hope it continues next year.

The National Reconciliation Week also commemorates two significant milestones for the First Australian’s, the successful 1967 referendum and the High Court Mabo decision. This year’s theme ‘In this together’, reminds us that whether in a crisis or in reconciliation, we are in this together, a particularly relevant theme. This week also reminds us that the only way to truly achieve reconciliation is through seeking forgiveness as Jesus has taught us. In 2 Corinthians 5:19 it says “God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. He has committed to us the message of reconciliation.” 

Mr Peter Gibson


We’ve watched with sadness and dismay this week as protests have turned violent in the United States in the wake of the tragic death in custody of George Floyd. We’re distant – and most of us know nothing of racial oppression – but in some small way, most of us feel the same desperate hunger for justice – our hearts offer the same cry for a world in which people aren’t preferenced or marginalised because of their skin colour. 

In 1963 Martin Luther King Jnr. shared his dream of a world in which “justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream”. Those words came from Amos 5:24, echoing God’s desire that his people would seek to embody his love in the way they treated each other. And yet – since Amos recorded those words, and since MLK Jnr. quoted them – the human condition remains dark. Our tendency towards fear, violence, injustice and hatred is as real as ever. The cry for justice and peace is as desperate as ever.

The Bible gives words to those cries. 

Lord, you know the hopes of the helpless,
Surely you will hear their cries and comfort them.
You will bring justice to the orphans and the oppressed – Psalm 10:17-18

But when? Eventually, when Jesus returns and makes all things right. The Bible ends with an image of people from every tribe and language, unified, with one voice worshipping God. The citizens of that Kingdom will live without fear, hatred or racism. But until then? Well, Jesus himself experienced injustice. Though innocent, He was nailed to a cross. His blood ran down its timber beams as the angry taunts of a violent mob filled the air. But He met madness with mercy. And to know and follow Jesus is to recognise our own need for that mercy, and thank God that by grace He does not deal with us as we deserve. Now, by God’s  grace, we strive to embody that same justice and mercy. May God enable us to do so.

Mr Dan Odell 
Prep News

Prep News

Prep enjoy playground upgrade

Prep have really enjoyed being back together on our regular Prep days. We have loved playing outside in the sunshine and investigating the changes that happened in our playground while we were learning at home. Our sandpit is much bigger and is very popular while there is always an assortment of ‘goodies’ being made in the mud kitchen.

Mrs Sara Lundburg – Prep Teacher
Prep Gold explore Dinosaurs!

Prep Gold enjoyed listening to ‘Happy Hatchday’ written by Rob Biddulph. This story was all about Greg who was a little late to hatch from his egg but when he does his dino friends throw him a surprise party. We all really liked finding our favourite dinosaur in the story. Prep then worked on their scissor skills and made a dinosaur puppet craft.

Mrs Helen Luke – Teacher Librarian 
Junior School News

Junior School News

Kindergarten investigate Digital Technologies
Kindergarten have been investigating Digital Technologies in Science. We have looked at the differences between hardware and software. Mrs Scarratt brought in some old computers. Children were able to pull them apart as they investigated the components inside each computer. Each day more and more bits and pieces, wires and parts were pulled off and popped back in!
Mrs Rebecca Scarratt – Primary Teacher 
Junior School participates in National Simultaneous Storytime!
1/2B along with the rest of P-2 have enjoyed participating in National Simultaneous Storytime this week. They enjoyed listening to ‘Whitney and Brittney Chicken Divas’ by Lucinda Gifford, creating Chicken Hats and dancing to The Chicken Dance. Thank you Mrs Luke, Mrs Eagelton, Mrs Middleton, Mrs Williamson and Mrs Isbister for all your amazing work!
Mr Mark Brown – Primary Teacher 
Senior School News

Senior School News

So Long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, Adieu  

The 2020 Senior School Production of The Sound of Music has sadly been cancelled. Last week we acknowledged the disappointment these students faced, honoured the hard work they had completed and celebrated all they had learned in the process. I am proud of the exceptional character these young men and women have displayed.

I would like to thank our Production Staff; Gemma Bartlett, David Rienits, Rebecca Turnbull, Jon Seccombe, Phillip Coulthart and Jodie Liddiard for the time they invested into these students and this production.

I would also like to thank each of the students who auditioned, as well as those who have been rehearsing in the ensemble.

I would particularly like to honour the following students’ whose hard work and talent will not be demonstrated publicly at this time, but who have been part of something special at SAC. I pray God’s blessing over what they have learned, and over the resilience they have gained from this disappointing, but character building opportunity.

Captain von Trapp and Maria Rainer – Mitchell Smee and Holly Hudson

The von Trapp children – Liliane Johannesen, Sarah Stacey, Chantelle Young, Reuben Whitford, Jemma Belsito, Cooper Veitch, Isabella Sciacchitano

The Mother Abbess and the lead Sisters of Nonnberg – Amelia Eid, Kaitlyn Langridge, Grace Wakeford, Caitlin Sharp, Mia Clifford

Elsa Schrader, Max Detweiler and Rolf Gruber – Eve Thomas, Noah Hardie, Mark Laird

Mrs Lyndall Coulthart – Director The Sound of Music 2020
In this Together! 

Year 7 Textiles have been investigating Indigenous Artists and Traditional methods of fabric decoration. “In This Together” is this year’s theme for reconciliation week. Students used reconciliation week and animals native to Australia as inspiration for their Batik designs which they will make into a Boomerang Bag which is also part of their investigations into Sustainable use of materials to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Mrs Meegan Knight – TAS Teacher


Mrs Hastie Portrait

Students have been enjoying the weekly House challenges this term. These challenges, posed by a specified house, have encouraged students to work together and share their talents. One of these challenges required students to choose a staff member and construct a portrait of them using whatever materials they could find. Chapman 4 tutor group chose to work together to construct a portrait of Mrs Hastie. They used materials found in the art room supply cupboard and chose colours that they felt were representative of her joyful and vibrant presence in the SAC. Mrs Hastie visited Chapman 4, where she was presented with the portrait to welcome her and thank her for her hard word during the Remote Learning period.

Mrs Kimberley McClean – Science Teacher
Locked out but not pinned down!

The Coronavirus lockdown has been difficult for all affected. There have been a range of restrictions imposed on all sport activities. These restrictions however have provided opportunities for new initiatives. 

Virtual Cross Country Carnival

The Cross Country Carnival was scheduled for Week 10, Term 1. As an alternative to this event many Senior School students participated in an online, virtual, Cross Country. Those involved joined a College Strava account (we now have approximately 60 members!) and were challenged to log their times online. From this event virtual age champions were awarded and even a champion house.

In-School Sport

A number of our regular providers are still unable to open their doors. This in conjunction with government regulations has limited our sport options. As a result we’ve needed to come up with creative options so students are still engaged and can enjoy their sport time. Service learning in the Junior School, beach walking, Park Run at Killalea and fishing are just a few of the new sports on offer. Our hope is that these initiatives engage students and provide them with a new experience.

Senior School PDHPE and Sport Department (Ms Close, Mr Duffy, Mr Irvine and Mr Williams)
Library News

Library News

Stage 2 Sorry Day and Australian Commemorations

This term Stage 2 have been exploring commemorations and celebrations in our library lessons. This week we read ‘Sorry Day’ by Coral Vass and Dub Leffler as it was the week of this important Australian commemoration. Stage 2 students then researched other important celebrations. Mrs Luke was very impressed with what wonderful researchers Stage 2 are becoming and their thoughtful and empathetic comments about these special days on the Australian calendar.

National Simultaneous Storytime

In Week 5, Prep to Stage 1 enjoyed taking part in National Simultaneous Storytime. This year the story was ‘Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas’ written by Lucinda Gifford and yes it was all about two chicken’s who love to sing. Each class took part across the week first celebrating with an introduction from Funky Chicken and Mrs Luke who showed students how to make crazy chicken hats. Students wearing their chicken hats enjoyed hearing the story read by Emma from the Wiggles on Storybox Library. Finally we finished off the celebration with a whole class chicken dance. Our students really know how to have fun!

Mrs Helen Luke – Teacher Librarian 

P & F News

P & F News

Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

Support the College P&F. Order via Facebook!

Pre-Loved Uniform Shop
The Pre-Loved uniform shop will be open every week on:
Monday – 8:30am to 9:30am
Tuesday – 8:30am to 9:30am
Friday – 8:30am to 9:30am
Due to social distancing and convenience appointments are necessary. Appointments are every 15 minutes or you can book a 30 minute appointment. Please note that all sales are CASH only.
Appointments, please use this link:  https://ywfpeojvgkammztvak.10to8.com
Accepting Pre-Loved uniforms! 
We would appreciate uniforms to be brought to the shop directly. 8.30am – 9.30am Monday, Tuesday and Friday.  If this isn’t possible then please bring them to the office.
If you choose to donate, pop in a message to let us know or please fill in a Consignment Note:
Helpful hints: 
  • Clean
  • Ironed
  • Buttons on Blazers, and
  • Small tears are repaired

 We can not sell items with the following. They just don’t sell: 

  • Sweat stains
  • Pen or paint marks on front, collar and sleeves
  • Large tears:  Inside blazers, sport jacket armpits, sport shorts split, any really
  • Broken zippers on Bomber Jackets and sport jackets
  • Pale grey shorts and trousers

    We would like, if in good condition,
    Sports Tracksuit pants – small sizes.
Next Meetings – Monday 27 July and Monday 23 November in the Administration building.

Everyone is welcome to join us in the meetings. We chat about raising funds and friends within the College Community.

The College executive also share about upcoming events and how the P&F can support the College vision. 

College Notices

College Notices