Term Three, Week Ten - 24 September 2020
Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

Friday is the 20th anniversary of Cathy Freeman’s gold in the 400m Sydney Olympics in 2000. She won gold as the first Indigenous person to win an individual medal at the Olympics, and carried with her the hope of her people. This week we have had our Gold (Awards) Assembly, we have farewelled Year 12 and we have announced our new student leadership team for 2021, so it is fitting to look at “gold” and what it means.

What was so extraordinary about Cathy Freeman was that she didn’t win gold for herself. She ran for her people and for all Australians. When we think of Olympic Gold medals, individuals may run for their country but in reality they win it for themselves. Not for Cathy Freeman. In the recent documentary she spoke of feeling the lift her ancestors gave her – she knew no one else could possibly beat her. Equally, she felt the power and strength gained from the crowds in the stands.

And whilst it was an incredible ground-breaking moment, she captures something true for all medal-winners – individual medals are a myth. She won it because of her hard work and perseverance, but it was made possible by the love and support of family, the coaches who trained her, the training partners who helped hone her skills, the competitors who beat her and made her strive harder. “Talent” not enough.

And the same is true for our Year 12’s, for everyone who has won a gold award, or gained a leadership position. Yes, they have worked hard and have shown individual persistence, but they haven’t done it alone – and they couldn’t. Like Cathy Freeman who felt lifted by those cheering her on, each person has been cheered on, lifted up and supported. In the words of John Donne, we are not islands, rather a part of a continent, we rise and fall together. Our strength lies in our community that supports each other with courage, compassion and hope.

Our blessings and prayers go with our Year 12 for their final HSC preparations! We are cheering you on!

Mrs Megan Hastie 
Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School

This week in assembly we will be celebrating a number of achievements from the term. Athletics age champions, the winner of the Heininger Literary Award, Gold Award recipients and the ICAS Science competition Credit and Distinction certificates will all be awarded. Our Student leaders are running assembly and our College Principal will be speaking to the students.

These moments are just a taste of the learning, achievements and challenges we have faced in the Junior School during Term Three. In chapel our story has been about Joseph, found in the book of Genesis. Joseph found himself many times on the receiving end of bad deals and trouble, but it was not random. All the way through his life there was a clear theme, summed up best in his own words to his brothers “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. So then, don’t be afraid.” I would suggest the same could be for any of us – that there is a purpose even in the toughest of times if we see God’s purpose for good in our lives.

I look forward to seeing students return on Monday 12 October in summer uniform, ready to grow their knowledge, skills and attitudes to learning and life. I trust the two week break is a valuable time for you and your family.

Mr Andrew McPhail
Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School

Finishing Well

For those of us who are old enough, do you remember the 1988 Seoul Olympics and Debbie Flintoff-Kings’ 400m hurdles gold medal effort? I was 13 and was staying at a friend’s dairy farm outside of Moruya.  We rose early to help with the milking and returned to the house for a big breakfast. We turned on the TV and watched Debbie Flintoff-King run that famous race. She was well out of medal contention with 30 metres remaining in the race but finished strongly, pipping the German athlete on the line. 

Often it’s not how we start but how we finish that counts. I spoke about this at last week’s Senior School Assembly as I encouraged students to finish the term strongly. It has been a tiring term on the back of the challenges of this year. However, I reminded everyone of the  importance of finishing well and lifting our effort and focus as necessary. This can be hard, particularly when the holidays are so close. It can be easy to fall into the trap of coasting through to the break.

Farewell Class of 2020

It has been the final week for our Year 12 students and one of varying emotions. Each day has been a day of ‘lasts.’ We look forward to the Year 12 Breakfast and Graduation Assembly on Friday morning. It will be a special occasion although different due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Thank you to our Year 12 students for your contributions to the College. Some have been with us since Kindergarten and we have seen them grow into young men and women. It has been a privilege to be a part of your journey. Thank you to the Prefects and the House Captains for your leadership and dedication. We wish Year 12 well as they continue with their preparation for the HSC Examinations.

Mr Peter Gibson


I have a strange attitude towards forgiveness, if I’m honest. On the one hand, I really love being forgiven. When I make mistakes – at home with my family, or at work among colleagues – I am deeply relieved when I’m forgiven. On the other hand, when I’m the one who has been wronged, I find it hard to let go. 

This week we finished our Chapel series on the story of Joseph. It ends with a powerful story of forgiveness. Joseph finally meets his brothers who had done him such evil years before. And with all the opportunity and means to take revenge… he doesn’t! Instead, he forgives. How? He says to them that even though they intended to do him great harm, God was using the circumstances for good. Joseph’s faith in God’s control of earthly events helped him to find a path to forgiveness. 

Earlier this year I heard Leila Abdallah – after tragically losing four of her children who were hit by a drunk driver – speak essentially the same words. She said that as a Christian, she believed God was still in control. She said “I don’t hate him… I have in my heart to forgive him”. Just, wow. She didn’t say the driver’s actions were acceptable. Or that she wasn’t hurting. Just that as someone who had been forgiven by God, she strives to forgive others. Many would wonder how. How could Joseph? How could Leila? How can I?  

We all have wrongs that are hard to forgive. Perhaps you feel you’ve committed even more. The gospel of Jesus is this: God chose to offer forgiveness to us through the death of his own son on the cross. There is nothing beyond God’s forgiveness. Nor is there anything beyond his control. Knowing these two things, and holding them in faith, empowers us to forgive.

Mr Dan Odell
Prep News

Prep News

Arrgghh Me Hearties! 

Prep celebrated ‘Prep Pirate Day’ with all kinds of fun pirate books and activities. The children enjoyed a Library Treasure Hunt that had them searching throughout the Library for clues about a hidden treasure. Together they quickly solved all the clues to find a big red ‘X’ marking the spot and a treasure box filled with golden chocolate coins. So yummy! Later we decorated newspaper pirate hats and wore them to search for interesting books to borrow for holiday reading. Arrggghh…we love a good pirate day!

Mrs Alison Lidbetter – Junior School Teacher 
Junior School News

Junior School News

Kindergarten celebrates International Dot Day

Kindergarten had fun celebrating International Dot Day. This is a day to read the beautiful The Dot picture book by Peter Reynolds and celebrate the themes of kindness, caring and continuing to develop a growth mindset. KS made a collaborative art piece and enjoyed making spotty dotty cookies with KR. 

Mrs Rebecca Scarratt – Kindergarten Teacher


Tour de France 

Stage Three French students have completed a short unit on the Tour de France which saw Richie Porte become the second Australian to ever make a podium finish in the world famous race. Students enjoyed writing newspaper articles, learning about the different ‘MAILLOTS’ before designing their own and watching highlights of various stages of the Tour.

Ms Liliane Heininger – Languages Teacher 


Senior School News

Senior School News

Mullets for Mental Health
The Mullets for Mental Health Team has raised over $2800! You can donate to the cause here! Support our students who are advocating for such an important cause!
Year 8 Problems, Patterns, Pictures, Puzzles Workshop

Our Senior School Mathematics Faculty are working hard this year to help improve Stage 4 problem solving skills.

As a part of this focus, all of Year 8 were involved in a Mathematics problem solving day on 18 September 2020. A company called Inquisitive Minds came to our school and ran a Problems, Patterns, Pictures, Puzzles Workshop. The day involved learning a variety of problem solving strategies via hands on puzzles, quizzes and games. After lunch the students participated in tower building and bridge building challenges.

Some student feedback:

‘I thought it would be a boring day but it was surprisingly fun! I didn’t want to start but by the end I didn’t want to stop!’’

‘I liked racing the other teams to solve maths problems quickly (and the chocolate prizes too!)’

‘I used to try and solve maths problems by trial and error but I learned some new strategies to try.’

‘I felt like I could finally do maths!’

‘I was challenged to try to solve questions using a different perspective.’

We all had a wonderful day – Mrs Harris, Mr Brown, Mr Lindeback and Mrs Williamson all learned lots too!

Mrs Karen Williamson – Mathematics Teacher

This year the Senior School held a number of events for RUOK Day. On Thursday 10 September students and staff dressed up with yellow accessories. On Friday 11 September there was a lunchtime table tennis competition in the MPH. Students also completed some RUOK day activities in their tutor group. These were designed to help students understand when and how to ask RUOK? 

Ms Jodie Liddiard -Coordinator of Pastoral Care
TAS Students treat Year 12!
Years 9 and 10 students prepared salted caramel fudge to say Farewell and Congratulations to Year 12! They have been studying food product development and decided to prepare something special for Year 12. 
Mrs Cassie Garrett – TAS Teacher
Former Hawks Captain visits!
The final week of Term Three was an exciting one for our Girls and Boys Basketball teams, coached by Ms Yawan and Mr Lindeback respectively. Former Illawarra Hawks Captain Oscar Forman ran training sessions for the teams. Both teams worked at improving their skills and control on the ball, shooting and the importance of defending in zones. We hope they can apply these skills in the upcoming SASSA championships in Term Four!
Mr Jarrod Williams – Senior School Sports Administration
Silver Duke of Ed Trip

Silver Duke of Ed students embarked on a three day trip from Werri Beach to Shoalhaven Heads, filled with activities that refined their hiking skills and developed new ones involving mountain bike riding and dragon boating.

Mr Andrew Brown – TIC of Silver Duke of Edinburgh
Library News

Library News

Stage One Cicada Exploration

Stage One have continued their exploration of living things with a lesson all about cicadas. We have discovered so many interesting facts about these amazing creatures. Did you know that they live underground as baby wingless nymphs for up to 17 years? When they hatch as adults with wings, they burrow out of the ground in the night, shed their skin and begin their life above ground that only last 2-4 weeks! We also spent time creating beautiful cicada artworks using bark and leaf rubbing, watercolour paints and finished off with collage cicadas. 

Mrs Alison Lidbetter – Junior School Teacher 
P & F News

P & F News

Time to think about Summer Uniforms! Book in your appointment! https://10to8.com/book/ywfpeojvgkammztvak/



Pre-Loved Uniform Shop
The Pre-Loved uniform shop will be open every week on Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings from 8:30am to 9:30am. Please book your appointment via https://10to8.com/book/ywfpeojvgkammztvak/ Due to social distancing and convenience appointments are necessary. Appointments are available every 15 minutes or you can book a 30 minute appointment. Please note that all sales are CASH only.
Accepting Pre-Loved uniforms! 
If you have good quality uniform items that you no longer need you may choose to donate them to the P&F for sale. Alternatively you may choose to consign your clothes. When sold, you receive 80% of the proceeds with the remaining 20% going to the P&F. All monies raised by the Preloved Uniform Shop are donated to the school for the benefit of the students. We would appreciate uniforms to be brought to the shop directly. 8.30am – 9.30am Monday, Tuesday and Friday. If this isn’t possible then please bring them to the office.
If you choose to donate, pop in a message to let us know or please fill in a Consignment Note:
Helpful hints: 
  • Clean
  • Ironed
  • Buttons on Blazers, and
  • Small tears are repaired

 We can not sell items with the following. They just don’t sell: 

  • Sweat stains
  • Pen or paint marks on front, collar and sleeves
  • Large tears:  Inside blazers, sport jacket armpits, sport shorts split, any really
  • Broken zippers on Bomber Jackets and sport jackets
  • Midford pale grey shorts and trousers
Next Meeting – Monday 23 November in the Administration building.

Everyone is welcome to join us in the meetings. We chat about raising funds and friends within the College Community.

The College executive also share about upcoming events and how the P&F can support the College vision. 

Community Business Directory

Community Business Directory

We want to support the businesses of our College Community. If you would like to be included in our Business Directory, please fill out this form.

7 Eleven Shellharbour – Petrol Station

Anna Interpreting – Interpreting and translating services, 0416137143

Betschwar & Co – A contemporary real estate agency focused on relationships and influenced by a love of community and a passion to connect.

Buena Vista Farm – Goat dairy farm and cheesemakers, offering cooking classes and farm tours.

Clogbusters Plumbing Services – Plumbing, 0401651457

Dance Sensations – Dance, Cheer and Acro Classes in Shellharbour Village.

Dog Gone Mad – The Canine Behavioural Specialists, dealing with all types of doggy dilemmas!

Illawarra Industrial Supplies P/L – Sale of Coatings, Construction, Landscaping and Waterproofing Products

Independent beauty guide at LimeLife by Alcone – A makeup artist and skincare Consultant. Sell professional make up and skincare and offer various services related to the beauty industry.

Rowcliff Consulting – BookKeepeing and BAS agent services for small to medium companies who need help with keeping up to date with their accounts. 0417230478

Shellharbour Accounting and Business Advisers – Chartered Accountants who specialise in helping businesses to become more profitable in a very competitive marketplace. We off full suite of services to businesses from startup, growth of the business, compliance activities (preparation of financial statements and all ATO/ASIC lodgements), business advise and guidance during the business’ lifecycle, exit strategies and pre insolvency advice – when things don’t go so well. 

South Coast Academy – SCA is a private Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering training in the Business, Beauty and Hair industries. We offer Statement of attainment, Cert II,III,IV & Diploma courses as well SBATS.

Stirling Accounting & Financial Solutions – Accounting & Financial Services providers specialising in Retirement Planning, Accounting & Taxation, SME’s, Self Managed Superannuation, Financial Strategies, Entity Construction, Wealth Creation and Building. 0432901083

Wards Metal Recyclers – Metal recycling. For example, copper brass electric cable all no ferrous metals. 0419494644