Term Three, Week Six - 27 August 2020
Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

Who are we, and where are we going?

As teachers, we regularly provide students with feedback – identifying where they have succeeded, areas that require more attention, and issues to address. You may remember that at the beginning of the year you completed a survey that asked about your experiences at the College, what you appreciate and what you think needs further work. The purpose of the survey was as part of a review of the College run every five years or so by The Anglican Schools Corporation.

Like almost everything else this year, the review was postponed because of COVID-19. Now, we are going ahead with the second part of the process – the site visit – COVID-safe, of course! We will have eight senior members of other schools, each an expert in at least one area of schooling, who will come in from Wednesday 9th – Friday 11th September to conduct further investigations, guided by the results of the survey. They will conduct a range of focus groups and interviews across our staff, students and families, observe classes and attend events as they seek to understand what makes us distinctive, and to highlight any areas that need further development. They will then write a report that summarises their key findings and make some recommendations.

I am so excited to finally be having the opportunity for some “constructive criticism” to help us strengthen our educational offerings, our community, facilities and communications. These findings will then be explored and form an important part in the development of the College’s next Strategic Plan.

If we want to grow and improve, then the feedback process is vital, and taking on advice that may be hard to hear is essential. It’s a little like pruning a favourite rose – we have to cut it back hard, fertilise and water it in order for it to produce beautiful blooms. Bring on the shears!

Mrs Megan Hastie
Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School

Late last week a giant in educational thinking passed away at the age of 70. Sir Ken Robinson challenged the status quo of standard education across the globe and promoted three great ideas: Diversity through individualisation of the curriculum, curiosity through high quality teaching, and creativity as the key to meaningful learning.

His TED talks, books and seminars were deep, witty and optimistic. His first TED talk was “Do schools kill creativity?” and it has been viewed over 65 million times. He was all about human flourishing.

What a legacy for our world. What a challenge for our College. This is a question our staff grapple with every day – how to make learning relevant for each child in a group of 24 or 30 others, how to foster creativity and avoid standardisation, and how to promote curiosity and do away with passive compliance.

I have almost finished interviewing children and their parents for Prep in 2021, and the amount of creativity, curiosity and individual wonder just bubbles out of these three and half year olds. What an insight into human potential.

The overwhelming encouragement we have for students and families is that our College is seeking to improve in all it does, always with the end goal of creative opportunities for and fostering character in our graduates…holding up faith, wisdom, compassion and respect as worthy values to aspire to.

Sir Ken Robinson championed the cause of great education. May his legacy not be forgotten.

Mr Andrew McPhail
Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School

Student Leadership

We highly value student agency and willingness to make a difference to our College environment and beyond. This term is the time of the year when we work through the process of appointing our student leaders for the following year. It is a detailed process involving student and staff elections, interviews and meetings. 35 Year 11 students have nominated themselves to be considered for school office and we welcome each of their applications as well as their willingness to serve in an official capacity. Prefects and House Captain’s will be appointed at the Gold Assembly at the end of this term.

Recently, our Year 10 students participated in a leadership seminar called ‘Unleashing Personal Potential’. I asked Rachel Ristevski, a current student in Year 10 to make a comment on the seminar. 

“The seminar began with an introduction into leadership and the qualities that are required to create a confident leader. We established some key factors being confidence, teamwork, empathy, respect and integrity and how these factors contribute to making an excellent leader. A clear point which was echoed throughout the seminar by presenters was that a leader doesn’t need to wear a badge. This really spoke to our year group as next year we will be deciding on running for Prefect or House Captain. 

Through participation in a variety of engaging activities, we also learnt that communication, teamwork and positivity are key to the effectiveness of leaders. A major lesson I learned was to slow down and speak one at a time because if everyone confers at once the team collapses and goes nowhere. I believe this is applicable to a team in the workplace. If they are going to succeed they must hear everyone’s points of view, organise themselves and then plan a way forward.

Lots of our year group came to understand that a leader can be anyone. You don’t have to be popular and you don’t have to be the most sporty or educated. Leadership qualities are demonstrated through who you are as an individual and your confidence to serve others.”

Mr Peter Gibson


A friend of mine just bought a face mask (COVID-kind) that makes him look like Mr. Bean. It’s a wonder the entrepreneurs didn’t think of this sooner! So whose face would you want to wear? As much as we might begrudge wearing masks, I wonder if we’re more used to ‘masking up’  than we might often admit.

We often put barriers between us and the world – maybe not three layers of cloth, with pictures of raccoons, as I have recently worn – but other kinds. We give an appearance and impression to the world which is different to what is ‘behind the mask’. We present serenity and control when we feel anxious and scared. We present confidence and power when we feel uncertain and weak. We put on masks. And they can be pretty convincing. 

They don’t really help of course. The healthiest thing is for us to be known by those close to us; to establish trusting relationships in which we can be honest, where love can thrive. Right at the heart of the Christian message is the fact that we can not only know God, but that we can be known by God. In 1 Corinthians 8:3 Paul writes that “if anyone loves God, they are known by God”. The good news is that we can have a relationship with God through Jesus in which God knows us – completely! To have the creator of the universe see and know the things I normally mask from others might seem horrifying. And it would be, unless He was a loving and gracious God, willing to forgive those who come to Him, and to change them for the better. 

The Bible’s answer to our fear and anxiety is to throw away our masks (not the cloth ones. Keep that for now…) and come to God –  sin, blemishes and all – and be known by Him. And once we’ve found that we’re known by God, we’ll find it easier to lower our masks in our relationships with each other too.

Mr Dan Odell 
Prep News

Prep News

The new Prep Outdoor Amphitheatre is COMPLETE and looking AMAZING! Prep students are enjoying their new outdoor space!

Mrs Belinda Hardie – Prep Teacher

During our library time this term we have been learning all about birds. One of our favourite books had been ‘Hooray for Bird’ by Lucy Cousins. We love the rhymes, action and colourful pictures. With help from Mrs Luke, Prep Blue and Prep Gold have made a movie of their retelling of the story. With the help of some great bird props made by our wonderful Year 10 Duke of Ed library helpers and some amazing bird hats made by the preps the production went really well. We are looking forward to sharing our movie with parents very soon.

Mrs Helen Luke – Teacher Librarian
Junior School News

Junior School News


Kindergarten enjoyed listening to the wonderful old favourite “Magic Beach” picture book by Alison Lester. Children designed a beach scene by mixing white with yellow and gold for the sand and created different shades of blue for the ocean. Everyone had the bottom of their feet painted in gold and this made footprints on the sand… it was cold and tickly!

Mrs Rebecca Scarratt – Kindergarten Teacher
Senior School News

Senior School News

Year 9 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh students completed an 18km expedition on Friday, travelling from Helensburgh Station to Otford Lookout (return). We were blessed with a beautiful (albeit windy) day on the track, with students visiting sights such as the Hacking River, Garrawarra Farm, Burning Palms Beach and the Palm Jungle. Students had the opportunity to consolidate their map reading skills in preparation for their Qualifying journey in Term Four.

Mr Nathan Alterator – Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator


Science is an empirical subject. That means our learning is based on observations and measurements. Earth and Environmental Science is best taught and learned by getting out into the field and directly examining the Earth and the Environment, so that’s what we did last Saturday, visiting several local sites of geological interest during a field trip that’s become known as Rock Safari. Sites visited included Carrington Falls, Minnamurra River and Bombo Quarry.
Our final stop was a spectacular frozen lava tube near East’s Beach, where the students took great pride in spotting the feature without needing (much) direction! Our only regret was our inability to stop at the Robertson Pie shop due to COVID precautions!
Mr Sven Barter – Coordinator of Science
Years 11 and 12 Design and Technology students enjoyed an incursion. Patrick Peardon (alumni 2011) winner of the iAccelerate Business and Innovation Design Award in 2019 for ‘BATLOC’ a fully patented mobile safe which ensures maximum security for the tradie’s battery and charger. His journey from student to entrepreneur and designer had the students’ captivated.
Lauren Smee (sister of Mitchell in Year 11) shared her story of becoming a Materials Engineer with BlueScope Steel. From a young graduate to project manager and having experienced being part of the engineering team to select Australia’s new submarines, her passion for learning and taking every opportunity was inspiring.
Mr Gregory Thornton – TAS Coordinator


The Senior School Chess Team represented the College in the fourth round of the Country Secondary Schools Chess Competition v Nowra High School. This round took place online again and all students played well with determination to challenge our opponents. Unfortunately, Nowra High School were triumphant on the day. Congratulations to the following students for representing the College well – Jamie Smith, Oscar McAdam, Samuel McLennan as well as Andrew Schumacher.
Mrs Cassie Garrett – Teacher in Charge Chess
Library News

Library News

Stage One have been enjoying reading the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) nominated books. In week five we read ‘Bat vs Poss.’ This was a great Australian rhyming story with an underlying message of sharing with others. The story had some wonderful Australian animals including Meek the possum, a very naughty fruit bat and some beautiful Australian birds. Stage One were inspired to create their own artworks of the characters which we will be making into bunting to decorate the library for Book Week.


Stage Two have been exploring Australia and how we use land in class and in library. We have been exploring how the D’hawaral people used the land. We were surprised to find out that they had special areas where they protected the land and the animals that lived there. We then went on to learn about Australia’s first national park and that it was the second national park in the world. Together students worked to see how national parks can be used for recreation and how they work to protect our natural environments for future generations.


At the weekly library at lunch we try a new craft. This week we learnt how to draw a pokeball that opened up to surprise us with a very cute Pikachu. Students had to listen very carefully to the steps to ensure they got a great finished product. Mrs Luke and Mrs Middleton were very impressed with the finished products created by our artistic students.

Mrs Helen Luke – Teacher Librarian
P & F News

P & F News



Pre-Loved Uniform Shop
The Pre-Loved uniform shop will be open every week on Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings from 8:30am to 9:30am. Please book your appointment via https://10to8.com/book/ywfpeojvgkammztvak/ Due to social distancing and convenience appointments are necessary. Appointments are available every 15 minutes or you can book a 30 minute appointment. Please note that all sales are CASH only.
Accepting Pre-Loved uniforms! 
If you have good quality uniform items that you no longer need you may choose to donate them to the P&F for sale. Alternatively you may choose to consign your clothes. When sold, you receive 80% of the proceeds with the remaining 20% going to the P&F. All monies raised by the Preloved Uniform Shop are donated to the school for the benefit of the students. We would appreciate uniforms to be brought to the shop directly. 8.30am – 9.30am Monday, Tuesday and Friday. If this isn’t possible then please bring them to the office.
If you choose to donate, pop in a message to let us know or please fill in a Consignment Note:
Helpful hints: 
  • Clean
  • Ironed
  • Buttons on Blazers, and
  • Small tears are repaired

 We can not sell items with the following. They just don’t sell: 

  • Sweat stains
  • Pen or paint marks on front, collar and sleeves
  • Large tears:  Inside blazers, sport jacket armpits, sport shorts split, any really
  • Broken zippers on Bomber Jackets and sport jackets
  • Midford pale grey shorts and trousers
Next Meeting – Monday 23 November in the Administration building.

Everyone is welcome to join us in the meetings. We chat about raising funds and friends within the College Community.

The College executive also share about upcoming events and how the P&F can support the College vision. 

Community Business Directory

Community Business Directory

We want to support the businesses of our College Community. If you would like to be included in our Business Directory, please fill out this form.

7 Eleven Shellharbour – Petrol Station

Anna Interpreting – Interpreting and translating services, 0416137143

Betschwar & Co – A contemporary real estate agency focused on relationships and influenced by a love of community and a passion to connect.

Buena Vista Farm – Goat dairy farm and cheesemakers, offering cooking classes and farm tours.

Clogbusters Plumbing Services – Plumbing, 0401651457

Dance Sensations – Dance, Cheer and Acro Classes in Shellharbour Village.

Dog Gone Mad – The Canine Behavioural Specialists, dealing with all types of doggy dilemmas!

Illawarra Industrial Supplies P/L – Sale of Coatings, Construction, Landscaping and Waterproofing Products

Independent beauty guide at LimeLife by Alcone – A makeup artist and skincare Consultant. Sell professional make up and skincare and offer various services related to the beauty industry.

Rowcliff Consulting – BookKeepeing and BAS agent services for small to medium companies who need help with keeping up to date with their accounts. 0417230478

Shellharbour Accounting and Business Advisers – Chartered Accountants who specialise in helping businesses to become more profitable in a very competitive marketplace. We off full suite of services to businesses from startup, growth of the business, compliance activities (preparation of financial statements and all ATO/ASIC lodgements), business advise and guidance during the business’ lifecycle, exit strategies and pre insolvency advice – when things don’t go so well. 

South Coast Academy – SCA is a private Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering training in the Business, Beauty and Hair industries. We offer Statement of attainment, Cert II,III,IV & Diploma courses as well SBATS.

Stirling Accounting & Financial Solutions – Accounting & Financial Services providers specialising in Retirement Planning, Accounting & Taxation, SME’s, Self Managed Superannuation, Financial Strategies, Entity Construction, Wealth Creation and Building. 0432901083

Wards Metal Recyclers – Metal recycling. For example, copper brass electric cable all no ferrous metals. 0419494644