Term Three, Week Six - 8 September 2022
Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

One thing I’ve learned this year – don’t build a road on a hill!

Second thing I’ve learned this year – don’t build a road in the rain!

No matter how prepared we think we are for a big project like this, our readiness for the disruptions and the delays, there are always surprises that come our way! We set out in December 2021 with a great team of workers and a really solid design that incorporated infrastructure to take us through into the future and that allowed for the complications of building on a rocky hillside. Little did we know what was really ahead!

And really, isn’t life like that! Whether it’s having your first (or second child), buying a house or changing jobs, you can imagine the impact of changes as you move forward, but reality is never quite the same! You are surprised by some wonderful unexpected things and some not-so -pleasant!

But when we need to change and grow, then we have to be prepared to take those risks. If we want to move forward, rather than stagnate, then we need to keep adapting, changing and flexing, in ways that we plan for, and also in the ways we weren’t expecting!

As we plan for the future of our school and prepare our vision and strategic plan, a central aspect is preparing for change and managing it so that our community stays strong, keeps growing and provides a great learning environment and an inclusive community. We want to stay faithful to our faith and the hope we have in Jesus!

To help us in this I invite you to the A Vision for the Future 2022 that explore the big ideas of our directions ahead and ask you to give your input on what you imagine the school to be growing towards over the next few years. We’ve tried to provide a range of times for the sessions so that as many people as possible can make it – those who are working every day, those home with children, or those working shift-work can also make it along.

Our vision for the future is that we will be a warm inclusive and challenging community that provides wonderful opportunities for our young people to grow and to prepare them for life. We want our young people to be courageous, curious, creative and compassionate, to be willing to face life’s joys and challenges with a sense of hope and purpose and a heart to serve others, walking in the footsteps of Jesus. Let’s work together to make this vision a reality!

Mrs Megan Hastie
Deputy Principal – People and Culture

Deputy Principal – People and Culture

An “I can…” culture

One of the many strengths of our College culture is the positive self-belief that empowers so many students to challenge themselves through adventure or performance. As I attended both Senior and Junior School Assemblies this week, I had the pleasure of hearing a Year 12 Music student perform the piece he will play in his major exam and later I watched as Kindergarten students MC their Assembly. I also enjoyed being a “Shark” in the “Shark Tank” for a Year 11 Business Studies project. It seems that every day there are new opportunities being taken up by students to perform for real audiences and this develops the skills and confidence that will equip them to thrive. How wonderful it is to be part of a College that encourages young people to step into the spotlight and show how they are growing and using the gifts that God has given them.

R U OK? Day

Thursday 8 September is R U OK? Day. We have participated in this important opportunity in our nations calendar to encourage peer-to-peer care and support. This year, our activities are being deferred a week (until Thursday 15 September) but we have organised a Box Car Rally, which will be a fun way to build connections across the School. The intention is that such connections are supported as the seeds of supportive friendships, and will develop into meaningful social relationships, forming the fabric of a health community. We encourage students (except for any Year 11 students who have exams that day) to wear mufti clothing on this day, including something yellow, which is the RUOK? Day colour. We look forward to reporting back about what a great day we will undoubtedly have.

Mr Adam Lear
Deputy Principal – Strategy and Innovation

Deputy Principal – Strategy and Innovation

Deep Learning – Critical Thinking

Last time I wrote about one of the 6 Global Competencies of Deep Learning – Collaboration. This week I will focus on Critical Thinking. This can be defined as “critically evaluating information and arguments, seeing patterns and connections, constructing meaningful knowledge, and applying and assessing it in the real world.” This is one learning competency that most of us would be able to remember from when we were at school. I am sure that we would all hope that students would be able to evaluate information and arguments. We need to realise, though, that students learn how to do this as they grow. I am sure that you might know an adult that is still learning how to do this.

The table below shows where students might be found at different points on the learning journey. With effective learning experiences, students can improve over time and move from demonstrating limited evidence through to emerging, developing, accelerating and finally become proficient at critical thinking. Different students could also start the journey at different points on this continuum. Deep learning seeks to help student understand how to learn with this competency.

At Shellharbour we are seeking to help our learners understand where they might be at the moment on this continuum and then develop their critical thinking skills further. A great way to do this would be to get students to self reflect on where they might be at the start of a learning experience, and then again at the end to see how they have developed.

Were do you think you fit on this continuum? Are you able to adapt, extend, or customize your new knowledge for new, specific situations/contexts, and apply what you have learned to real-world challenges or situations? If so, you are developing in this area. I can’t wait until our students understand this language of learning and can see where they currently fit, and then how they can move forward in this dimension of critical thinking.

See you out the back.

Mr Liam Bailey
Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School

The Junior School Open Day was a glorious day. Families enjoyed music performances in the amphitheatre, class visits and a fabulous Book Fair to enhance our wonderful library.

Our classrooms are spaces where quality work is displayed and learning is still in process. You will find both when you step in to your child’s home room. Quality work may have undergone many drafts and taken many weeks to complete. To have a visit by someone who cares about the learning journey and is able to encourage and commend makes a big difference in the lives of young children.

Likewise if the learning is still in process then celebrate this with your child. The attitudes of persistence, curiosity, engagement and responding to feedback all help in the learning journey and you can be a positive part of this.

Mr Andrew McPhail
Acting Head of Senior School

Acting Head of Senior School

What makes for a great school? 

This year I have had the privilege of acting as the of Head of Senior School. Conducting enrolment interviews has been one part of this role which has been a great pleasure. In these meetings we often discuss what it means to be a member of the Shellharbour Anglican College community. From my own experience, and from that of others, two main things come to mind in thinking about this. These are both grounded by our Christian beliefs and values. 

Shellharbour Anglican College students involve themselves in the life of the College

This is evident if you ever attend one of our Senior School assemblies. We often run overtime because there is just so much going on that’s worth celebrating. In recent Senior School leadership interviews one student recently commented that they love that involvement is something that’s seen as the norm for students and that our culture supports this (as opposed to a tall poppy culture). 

It’s the second point however, regarding what it means to be part of the community, that I think is most important. 

Shellharbour Anglican College students are respectful, inclusive and supportive

Our students have traditionally celebrated the involvement and success of whoever enters our gates. Last week we had the renowned illustrator of children’s books Philip Lesnie present to our Senior School students for Book Week. The illustrations presented were breath-taking. At the conclusion of the day, Philip reflected to our Librarian Mrs. Hand that he was overwhelmed by the warmth of our community and the interest students and staff showed in his work. Hearing feedback like this makes me feel proud of the community we have here at the College. 

In the famous ‘Sermon on the Mount’, Jesus gave some radical and countercultural teachings that serve as the foundation for the way Christians should live. In what has become known as the ‘Golden Rule’, Jesus encourages us to “do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets’. In other words, as you think about how to treat others, begin by thinking about the ways in which you would want to be treated by others. Those words lead us to exactly the kind of respectful, supportive and inclusive community that we desire to be.  

Mr Stephen Irvine 


During the holiday break, I read a biography of the life of Francis Birtles – the little-known but truly incredible Australian adventurer. It was recommended to me. Birtles lived an extraordinary life of adventure. By 1912, he had ridden a bike around Australia twice and across it seven times. He set a speed record in a car between Darwin and Melbourne and was the first man to drive a car between London and Sydney. Despite his many harrowing near-death experiences, the story stirred in me a spirit of adventure. Stories like this tend to inspire us to – in some small, 2022-style, modern-comfort-assisted way – take risks; to attempt daring and difficult things. 

I hope my own children develop that same spirit (if they can avoid the cannibalistic tribes that Birtles encountered in Burma I will be thankful) of embracing challenges and adventure. I hope all the students of our college do. But our fears often hold us back. If you’re wondering what any of this has to do with Jesus, I’m getting there. Trust me. 

It’s fear that often holds us back from taking risks. What if I get it wrong? What if I fail? What if others laugh? We want our students to know that the good news about Jesus changes the way we view every circumstance of life. And that includes how we view failure, and challenge. In Romans 8:31-39 (one of the most amazing chapters in the whole Bible, in my view) Christians are reminded that if they have the confidence that God loves them, then there is nothing to fear. Literally, if God is for us, then who or what should we fear? Whether we succeed or fail, nothing can ever separate us from the love of God. That’s what is on offer through a relationship with Jesus – the confident assurance that because God now calls us his children, the fears that once held us back begin to dissolve.   

I don’t want my children’s lives to be marked by fear, and yet in the world today it’s very easy to be fearful. I do want them to understand that when they have the promise of God’s love, and ultimate victory over all evil then they can approach all life’s challenges without unnecessary fear, and with great hope. The good news about Jesus changes everything*. 

Mr Dan Odell

 *Disclaimer: This article is in no way designed to encourage the vocation of continental crossings by bicycle and the writer accepts no responsibility for the risks associated with such activities.  


Prep News

Prep News

Prep have been looking at Fairy Tales during Literacy group times this term. They have been enjoying engaging with both traditional and modern fairy tales and have been sharing their own from home. We’ve made beanstalks, houses of bricks and sticks, Gingerbread man crafts and so much more. Our children have used different materials, puppets and dress ups to re-tell these stories together. Home Corner has been the house of the three bears and also a construction zone for three little pigs! We are having so much fun learning together. 

Mrs Belinda Hardie and Mrs Sara Lundberg – Prep Teachers 
Junior School News

Junior School News

On Wednesday 10 August the SASSA Athletics carnival was held at Beaton Park in Wollongong. It has been a number of years since we have been able to hold the carnival due to Covid and it was a pleasure to finally be able to compete against other schools. We had 50 students representing our school in a variety of events. Their behaviour and effort was exemplary and it was wonderful to hear members of the public comment on how well enthusiastic, respectful and encouraging of one another they were. A huge congratulations to Lincoln, Jackson, Imogen, Ruby, Thomas, Lani and Samuel who broke records on the day. It was certainly an amazing achievement to see so many new records. Twelve students will be heading off to compete at CIS athletics on September 20 at Sydeny Olympic Park. We wish them all the best of luck.

Mrs Shannon Peters – Junior School Representative Sport
Senior School News

Senior School News

Shellharbour Anglican College invites you to a SHOWCASE evening on Monday 12 September to view the HSC Design and Technology Major Works, Stage 5 History and Geography. It is a great opportunity to see the work of our Senior School students. We look forward to seeing you there!

Year 11 Business Studies participated in a Shark Tank competition. Tasked with presenting a business pitch to a panel of ‘sharks’ each willing to invest a hypothetical $100,000 there was a diverse range of entrepreneurial innovation on display. Big thanks to Ms Ten Kate, Mr Bailey and Mr Lear and congratulations to the winners – whose entries will be sent off for external judging as part of the Plan Your Own Enterprise competition. 

Mr Nathan Alterator – HSIE Faculty

On Wednesday 31 August Senior School staff and Year 12 students met for the annual Cake Competition. The Senior School Student Leaders decide on the categories, the staff bake the cakes and the Year 12 students judge the staff. Congratulations to the winners, Miss Hick, Mr Langley, Mrs McClean and Mrs Young.

Mrs Jodie Liddiard – Coordinator of Pastoral Care


Library News

Library News

Senior School Book Week photobooth shots!


A close to Junior School Book Week 

To close our book week celebrations in the Junior School we had Kate and Jol Temple present an author talk to all students from Prep to Stage 3. Kate and Jol shared their stories including their graphic novel The Underdogs and picture books including Bin Chicken, Room on our Rock and Are you my Bottom.  Stage 2 and 3 even got a sneak peek of Kate’s new book The Dangerous Business of Being Trilby Moffat which comes out in September.  They had all our students engaged with their story telling and writing tips. A highlight was when we met their pet ibis who loves to eat chips and calamari. All of Kate and Jol’s books are available in our library collection and we are excited by how many students are loving borrowing these titles. 

I loved Kate and Jol Temple’s talk. It was very funny and I loved hearing about their incredible books. My favourite part was when they got out their pet ibis and threw it at us.

Ivy 3/4D

We loved hearing from Kate and Jol Temple talk about their books. We loved meeting their pet ibis. Our favourite part was reading the book called Are you my Bottom.

Charli and Elsie 1/2B

We liked that Kate and Jol Temple read books to us. We thought they were very funny. We loved hearing about Kate’s new book. We can’t wait to buy it.

Alonna and Hannah 3/4S

Helen Luke, Sam Eagleton and Laura Middleton – Junior School Library Team
Community Business Directory

Community Business Directory

We want to support the businesses of our College Community. If you would like to be included in our Business Directory, please fill out this form.

7 Eleven Shellharbour – Petrol Station

Anna Interpreting – Interpreting and translating services, 0416137143

Betschwar & Co – A contemporary real estate agency focused on relationships and influenced by a love of community and a passion to connect.

Buena Vista Farm – Goat dairy farm and cheesemakers, offering cooking classes and farm tours.

Clogbusters Plumbing Services – Plumbing, 0401651457

Dance Sensations – Dance, Cheer and Acro Classes in Shellharbour Village.

Dog Gone Mad – The Canine Behavioural Specialists, dealing with all types of doggy dilemmas!

Illawarra Industrial Supplies P/L – Sale of Coatings, Construction, Landscaping and Waterproofing Products

Independent beauty guide at LimeLife by Alcone – A makeup artist and skincare Consultant. Sell professional make up and skincare and offer various services related to the beauty industry.

Rowcliff Consulting – BookKeepeing and BAS agent services for small to medium companies who need help with keeping up to date with their accounts. 0417230478

Shellharbour Accounting and Business Advisers – Chartered Accountants who specialise in helping businesses to become more profitable in a very competitive marketplace. We off full suite of services to businesses from startup, growth of the business, compliance activities (preparation of financial statements and all ATO/ASIC lodgements), business advise and guidance during the business’ lifecycle, exit strategies and pre insolvency advice – when things don’t go so well. 

South Coast Academy – SCA is a private Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering training in the Business, Beauty and Hair industries. We offer Statement of attainment, Cert II,III,IV & Diploma courses as well SBATS.

Stirling Accounting & Financial Solutions – Accounting & Financial Services providers specialising in Retirement Planning, Accounting & Taxation, SME’s, Self Managed Superannuation, Financial Strategies, Entity Construction, Wealth Creation and Building. 0432901083

Wards Metal Recyclers – Metal recycling. For example, copper brass electric cable all no ferrous metals. 0419494644