Term Four, Week Two - 23 October 2020
Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

Last night I watched David Attenborough’s A life on this planet. It is his “witness statement” to the world and his vision for the future. He marvelled at the life he has lived, bringing wild places into our homes. I remember watching the groundbreaking Life on Earth on Sundays nights as a child, and the extraordinary richness and mesmerising beauty of our world. He used his own 93 years on the planet to chart the dramatic changes in our world in terms of biodiversity, carbon in the atmosphere and population. It was horrifying and dismaying to see how we have taken what we want with no thought to the consequences, and he warned of the approaching devastation if we don’t change our ways.

Fortunately, the story did not end there.

The documentary was both hopeful and inspiring. He outlined how we can help the natural world recover, if we make some fairly basic changes to the way we the way we produce food, what we consume and through renewable energy. We can “rewild” the plant – and he used the example of Chernobyl, a city destroyed by a terrible nuclear accident caused by human negligence. 30 years after being deserted by humans, the natural world has reclaimed it; species not seen through neighbouring areas have returned and it is beautiful!

It is not too late.

His concluding observation was that intelligence is not enough – we need wisdom. We need to stop seeing ourselves as apart from nature, but rather as a part of nature. As a Christian school we go further – it takes humility to recognise that we are finite, created by a God who gave us the responsibility to care and nurture the natural world because we need it – and it needs us.

As we commissioned our incoming student leaders for 2021, we challenged them to see that leadership is not a badge or a title but an activity, an attitude that seeks a better world; to make choices and take actions that enrich our community and beyond. David Attenborough has left a legacy by showing us our magnificent world and how to address our current problems, but Jesus’ example of service saw him willingly provide the perfect solution to our broken relationship with God, to heal our rift with our natural world and restore – or rewild – us to God. We pray for wisdom, humility and servant hearts as they lead us!

Mrs Megan Hastie
Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School

As I interview new students and their families one of the questions I ask is about the child’s teacher and what are the best things he or she enjoys about the year so far. The answers usually have something to do with kindness, expertise and a willingness to engage with kids. This is something I hold in high regard for our school and often spend time in these interviews exploring what expectations parents and carers are looking for in a teacher and school.
One opportunity that is given in Term 4 each year is the invitation for parents to share input for the class decisions we make as staff for the new academic year. There will be a more comprehensive letter emailed home next week with this information and an update on a number of events planned for the end of the year. Speaking of events, we are hoping to confirm Stage 1 Swim Gym for Weeks 4 and 5, Monday 2 and Monday 9 November. Students will need school swimmers for these two dates. A special letter will be sent home closer to the event.
More good news! our Stage 3 camp in Week 7 is on! All the details for the Youthworks Waterslea Outdoor Ed three day camp will be sent home very soon.
Our hope and plan is to finish this year with a real celebration!
Mr Andrew McPhail
Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School

A term different to others

Typically Term 4 has three parts. The first involves a focus on examinations including preparation and then the sitting of examinations. The HSC is underway as are the Year 10 Examinations and we wish both year groups well. In Week 4 Year 7, 8 and 9 will have their turn. They have received their examination notifications and will therefore know what their examinations will comprise of in each subject and how to prepare. Additionally, working hard and focused effort at home is an important aspect of preparation. These are attributes of a growth mindset which we encourage our students to adopt. My advice is to spend 30% of time creating and revising study notes and 70% applying knowledge through self testing or completing practise questions. For students in Years 7-9 who would like extra help, I encourage them to utilise the services in the Library after school from 3.30-4.30pm.

The second part of the term can be the hardest as it involves students taking on the feedback from their performance and reflecting and understanding how to improve in the future. This can be difficult, particularly at this time of the year. However, feedback is an important aspect of having a growth mindset as we can continue to improve based on the knowledge of how we have performed. 

Then finally the third part is getting ready for camp and finishing the year strongly. We are relieved that the NSW Government is now permitting overnight camps so our yearly camps program can continue in their normal format. However, there will still be COVID-19 protocols to follow. Students will receive camp information and permission notes soon. The camp destinations are as follows. 

Year 7 – Port Hacking with Anglican Youthworks

Year 8 – Galston Gorge with Crusaders

Year 9 – Kangaroo Valley area with Boomerang Adventures 

Year 10 – Green Patch area with Boomerang Adventures

Year 11 – Have a retreat at Kiah Ridge. The Year 11 Retreat is designed to help prepare students for the rigors of Year 12. It is run by our staff.

Mr Peter Gibson


During the last holidays I was at a Kayak shop down the coast with Mr. Young. We’d been fishing that morning – don’t ask me about the monster flathead I lost… In a last ditch effort to try to convince us to buy one of the kayaks, the salesman said “you know what they say: he who dies with the most toys wins!”. Mr Young responded straight away, “yeah, that’s what they say”. He was right. That is exactly what our culture says. It’s what advertisers say. It’s what our own hearts say, as we ponder the next big, or small ‘investment’ that we hope will finally bring us the joy that so often eludes us. 

But after a short pause, Mr. Young continued. “But you know what? He who dies with the most toys, still dies.” The salesman looked at us awkwardly as we headed out the door. Probably not the most uplifting thought he had heard that day. And yet you can’t argue with it!

This term in Chapel we’re looking at the book of Philippians from the New Testament, which deals with the theme of joy – and how we find true joy when we find Jesus. At one point in the book, the writer (Paul) says “I press on to reach the heavenly prize for which God, through Jesus Christ, is calling us” (3:14). According to the Bible, there is a greater prize on offer than a collection of trophies, bank account and kayaks. There is the offer of heaven itself. 

Despite the numerous blessings I enjoy in life –  health, safety, family, friends, meaningful work – I can often feel like I’ve just had the entree and I’m still waiting for the main meal. Like those things were a great appetizer, but I need more. Perhaps that is because I was created for more – and that those things were never supposed to satisfy me. Perhaps – as the Bible says – we’ll only find true satisfaction when we know God and rest in the hope of eternal life with him. 

Mr Dan Odell
Prep News

Prep News

Prep Explore Dragons

This week in prep we have been exploring dragons. We read Dragon Stew and A Dragon in my Wagon. We talked about what dragons look like and what they can do. Prep listened very carefully to some very tricky instructions explaining how to draw their own dragon. They then used oil pastels and paints to create some amazing artworks. Mrs Luke, Mrs Eagleton and Mrs Middleton were very proud of their excellent artworks.

Mrs Helen Luke – Teacher Librarian


Junior School News

Junior School News

Kindergarten paint Uluru

KS enjoyed looking at Australian picture books to celebrate our upcoming Book Week celebrations. Children painted a beautiful Uluru sunset by mixing shades of watercolours to produce a soothing sky.

Mrs Rebecca Scarratt – Kindergarten Teacher 


Senior School News

Senior School News

First XI Cricket win

The First XI Cricket team were victorious in a 5-run thriller against Nowra Anglican College. We posted 5-200 and restricted Nowra to 8-195. Congratulations to Liam who scored 101 retired and Isaac 50*. Jack claimed three wickets and Toby and Blake two wickets each.

Mr Nathan Alterator 



Gold Duke of Edinburgh Hike

Gold Duke of Edinburgh students explored Morton National Park and hiked McPhails Trail and the Basswood Track as part of their Practice Adventure! Students also undertook five significant abseils through waterfalls plunging into deep water in the Macquarie Pass National Park.

Mr Greg Thornton 


Library News

Library News

News from the Junior School Library

In Term 4, Week 3 we are looking forward to celebrating Book Week in the Junior Library. We will be celebrating Book Week with a two day visit from local author Sue Whiting and a virtual incursion with Taronga Zoo.

A full list of nominated books are available on The Children’s Book Council of Australia website: https://cbca.org.au/shortlist-2020

This year we are celebrating the theme ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds’ and students from Prep to Stage 3 are invited to take part in our Book Week Competition celebrating this theme. 

Students are encouraged to enter our book week photo competition by creating a photograph that embraces the theme ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds.’

Book prizes and certificates will be awarded for outstanding efforts in each Stage. Students should send their entries in to the Junior Library by Friday 30 October.

Entries can be sent to info@shellharbourac.nsw.edu.au with the subject Junior Book Week Competition. Please include your class, name and title of your photo in the body of the email and attach photographs as a JPEG file (minimum 300 DPI)

Stage Two Curious Creatures

This term in library lessons Stage 2 are exploring the CBCA nominated information books. To start our unit this week we looked at all the books that have been nominated this year and the winners. We found out that a book students had read in class last term won the information category. The book was Bruce Pascoe’s Young Dark Emu. Students then spent the rest of the lesson designing and making their own curious creatures and naming them. There were some very creative and interesting creatures to see.


Sue Whiting Author Visit

Sue Whiting as a storyteller and schools performer, has informed, inspired and entertained thousands of kids across the country. She is a former primary school teacher, a freelance editor and writing coach, and, of course, an author who has written numerous books for children and young adults, including the bestselling Missing and the CBCA 2019 Notable Book, Beware the Deep Dark Forest. We are very blessed at Shellharbour Anglican College to have her visiting in Week 3 as part of our book week celebrations.

Students are able to order signed copies of Sue’s books on the following link for delivery before or after book week. The Children’s Bookshop in Sydney will deliver the books to our school (free delivery) for your child. https://www.thechildrensbookshopspeakersagency.com.au/person/whiting-sue-speaker/

If you decide to purchase books, Mrs Luke’s recommendation for Stage 3 only are ‘Missing’ and ‘The Book of Chance’. These are both great reads and have been very popular with our Stage 3 students. Her picture books ‘Good Questions: A Tale Told Backwards’ and ‘Beware the Deep Dark Forest’ will engage and entertain younger readers.

Mrs Helen Luke – Teacher Librarian 
P & F News

P & F News




Pre-Loved Uniform Shop
The Pre-Loved uniform shop will be open every week on Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings from 8:30am to 9:30am. Please book your appointment via https://10to8.com/book/ywfpeojvgkammztvak/ Due to social distancing and convenience appointments are necessary. Appointments are available every 15 minutes or you can book a 30 minute appointment. Please note that all sales are CASH only.
Accepting Pre-Loved uniforms! 
If you have good quality uniform items that you no longer need you may choose to donate them to the P&F for sale. Alternatively you may choose to consign your clothes. When sold, you receive 80% of the proceeds with the remaining 20% going to the P&F. All monies raised by the Preloved Uniform Shop are donated to the school for the benefit of the students. We would appreciate uniforms to be brought to the shop directly. 8.30am – 9.30am Monday, Tuesday and Friday. If this isn’t possible then please bring them to the office.
If you choose to donate, pop in a message to let us know or please fill in a Consignment Note:
Helpful hints: 
  • Clean
  • Ironed
  • Buttons on Blazers, and
  • Small tears are repaired

 We can not sell items with the following. They just don’t sell: 

  • Sweat stains
  • Pen or paint marks on front, collar and sleeves
  • Large tears:  Inside blazers, sport jacket armpits, sport shorts split, any really
  • Broken zippers on Bomber Jackets and sport jackets
  • Midford pale grey shorts and trousers
Next Meeting – Monday 23 November in the Administration building.

Everyone is welcome to join us in the meetings. We chat about raising funds and friends within the College Community.

The College executive also share about upcoming events and how the P&F can support the College vision. 

Community Business Directory

Community Business Directory

We want to support the businesses of our College Community. If you would like to be included in our Business Directory, please fill out this form.

7 Eleven Shellharbour – Petrol Station

Anna Interpreting – Interpreting and translating services, 0416137143

Betschwar & Co – A contemporary real estate agency focused on relationships and influenced by a love of community and a passion to connect.

Buena Vista Farm – Goat dairy farm and cheesemakers, offering cooking classes and farm tours.

Clogbusters Plumbing Services – Plumbing, 0401651457

Dance Sensations – Dance, Cheer and Acro Classes in Shellharbour Village.

Dog Gone Mad – The Canine Behavioural Specialists, dealing with all types of doggy dilemmas!

Illawarra Industrial Supplies P/L – Sale of Coatings, Construction, Landscaping and Waterproofing Products

Independent beauty guide at LimeLife by Alcone – A makeup artist and skincare Consultant. Sell professional make up and skincare and offer various services related to the beauty industry.

Rowcliff Consulting – BookKeepeing and BAS agent services for small to medium companies who need help with keeping up to date with their accounts. 0417230478

Shellharbour Accounting and Business Advisers – Chartered Accountants who specialise in helping businesses to become more profitable in a very competitive marketplace. We off full suite of services to businesses from startup, growth of the business, compliance activities (preparation of financial statements and all ATO/ASIC lodgements), business advise and guidance during the business’ lifecycle, exit strategies and pre insolvency advice – when things don’t go so well. 

South Coast Academy – SCA is a private Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering training in the Business, Beauty and Hair industries. We offer Statement of attainment, Cert II,III,IV & Diploma courses as well SBATS.

Stirling Accounting & Financial Solutions – Accounting & Financial Services providers specialising in Retirement Planning, Accounting & Taxation, SME’s, Self Managed Superannuation, Financial Strategies, Entity Construction, Wealth Creation and Building. 0432901083

Wards Metal Recyclers – Metal recycling. For example, copper brass electric cable all no ferrous metals. 0419494644