Term Four, Week Six - 20 November 2020
Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

Are we there yet?

The famous cry of every child in the backseat of a car pre-screens days, and the current cry of every child at the end of term (and some of the teachers!)!

Over the last week I have been attending my own professional learning – part of a year long training program run for new principals though AISNSW. The course has focused on being an effective leader, in particular how we focus and manage distractions, and the importance of creating mental space throughout each day to help us be more effective. It was not just helpful fireside advice but based in research. Key findings about the power of mindfulness at work through a range of studies are as follows –  

Better task performance

Better decision-making

More creativity and innovation

Better problem solving

Increased satisfaction

Fewer sick days

Improved focus

What struck me is that building into our days moments of rest and stillness is just as relevant in our own family and personal lives as in our work. Simple exercises like taking three deep slow breaths can help physiologically and psychologically refresh us – it doesn’t take much. It also reflects some of the great truths we see in the bible – I think of Psalm 46 where in the midst of the storm and chaos the psalmist says “Be still and know that I am God” – this has been a telling lesson for us all in 2020!

Just as important is being deliberate in the way we use our screens and building in quality time doing the things that energise us. And always, our children are watching us! We are modelling patterns of behaviour, responses to the world and they take those on! If we can’t put our screens down, then what hope have they?

As we head towards the end of the year and everyone is asking “are we there yet?”, it’s these deliberate moments of rest that can help sustain us and help us finish the year well. It can help our children finish the year well. Whilst some folk are into new year resolutions, even more powerful are the almost-at-the-end-of-year resolutions that we forge when we need them! Don’t wait until the new year to build in the moments of stillness that will help make life more sustainable and satisfying!

Mrs Megan Hastie
Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School

This week the Life Education program has been a part of each class’s PDH program. Topics such as ‘My body matters’, ‘Growing good friends’, ‘Be Cyberwise’ and ‘Relate, connect, respect’ have allowed students and staff to engage in some important topics around child growth and development.

I often share good online content in this space for parents to access. There are some excellent, up to date resources that are worth looking at.

The Fathering Project has a web page called The Fathering Channel. https://thefatheringproject.org/fathering-channel/ Maggie Dent talks about Raising Boys to Men, there’s advice for stepdads and blended families, and even a pulled pork recipe!

Steve Biddulph is one of Australia’s most respected writers and speakers on raising children. His book ’10 things girls need to know’ is a practical and up to date help for any adult who is an influence in the life of a girl. Check out his website on https://www.stevebiddulph.com/Site_1/Home.html

Orientation Morning last Friday was an excellent time for the 40 plus K-6 new girls and boys who joined us for our morning program. I was so proud of our buddies and helpers, and our class programs were a great taste of the year to come.

There is updated information on our end of year events in a letter from the Principal, being emailed to all current families. Needless to say, COVID-19 restrictions have caused us to adapt and change where needed. I will be sending a letter home in the next week with some Junior School details.

Mr Andrew McPhail
Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School

Why Outdoor Education?

In primary school I was a member of the 1st Moruya Scout Troop participating in both cubs and scouts. In my senior school years I got involved in Army Cadets. I have many great memories of camping with my mates as there were many good times. Mind you in cadets there were some aspects I didn’t like. The endless marches with full packs and getting soaked by torrential rain out in the bush weren’t the most enjoyable experiences. However, there were many lessons learned which I’ve profited from.  

Outdoor education provides opportunities for students to develop positive relationships with the environment, their peers and their teachers through interaction with the natural world. These relationships are an essential part of a student’s growth and development. The various activities that students engage in allow for practical and active learning experiences beyond a school classroom in a less formal setting. Through participation in fun and often challenging activities students develop the skills and understandings which will be valuable for them as they grow into well-rounded young men and women. Students learn the skills of persistence, resilience, self reliance, interdependence, leadership as well as learning to manage personal risks. Students can also develop an adventurous spirit, an understanding of nature through direct experience and develop deeper relationships with others.

At the College we consider outdoor education as an important aspect of our holistic approach to learning. Students grow in character and develop quality connections and relationships. They also take away many memorable experiences which they have for the rest of their lives.

Most students have a really enjoyable time on camp, however others find it more challenging and gain a real sense of achievement through their participation and completion of their respective camps. Also let me assure you that the food is pretty good too! Having dropped in on camps and eaten meals with the students and staff, no one goes hungry. This is a big contrast to my experience of camps when I was at school. 

Preparations are now finalised for this year’s camps and we are looking forward to all students having a fulfilling experience and finishing the year in an enjoyable way.

Mr Peter Gibson


Have you become a connoisseur of hand sanitizer this year, or is it just me? Recently I was in Shellharbour shopping centre and within the space of about half an hour I had sanitized my hands half a dozen times, at different shops. I’m finding I have preferences. The Target sanitizer, for what it’s worth, has a pleasant botanic aroma. 

The point of the sanitizer isn’t to please my nostrils of course. It’s to protect the shop. It’s to (try to) ensure that nothing unclean enters the space. Target, to use religious language, is ‘holy ground’. Nothing unclean shall pass through their doors! That’s wishful thinking, of course. Just because my hands are clean doesn’t mean that my whole body is. Or even that my hands will stay clean, for that matter. 

It’s a good metaphor for what the Bible teaches about ‘holiness’. The Bible teaches that God is ‘holy’ – meaning that He is special, perfect, pure, and completely without flaw. The opposite to me, in other words! And so from the moment Adam and Eve are expelled from the garden of Eden, the story of the Bible is about how unholy people can still be in the presence of a holy God. So what is the ‘sanitizer’ that can clean me up to enter God’s presence, for eternity?

The sanitizer is Jesus. In 1 Corinthians 1:30 we read that “Christ made us right with God; he made us pure and holy, and he freed us from sin”. No amount of ‘rule-keeping’ will remove our sin. Keeping religious traditions won’t clean up our hearts. And yet God, in his mercy and kindness, has given us what we need – in Jesus – to be cleaned up once and for all. Jesus is the sanitizer we need. Faith is (to push the metaphor) to pump the bottle and apply it to our lives!

Mr Dan Odell
Prep News

Prep News

Prep Blue enjoyed their last borrowing lesson in the library. We loved reading Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle. We then created our own sparkly seahorses. Prep have become awesome library users and were disappointed to find out all their lovely books needed to be returned in week six. 

Mrs Helen Luke – Teacher Librarian
Junior School News

Junior School News

Junior School students enjoyed the opportunity to watch student and tutor demonstrations of Concert Band instruments as we launch into the application process for the 2021 Concert Band program. The ensemble is open to students in Years 4, 5 and 6 in 2021 and will be directed by Mr Jack Contencin, our current brass tutor. 
Application forms will be available at the Administration office or please contact Mr Coulthart for more information. 
Mr Phill Coulthart – Coordinator of CAPA


KS have loved the flexibility of their outdoor learning area. This week we enjoyed participating in the National Outdoor Classroom. Children dug in the dirt to investigate its properties and wondered if they would ever be taller than our giant sunflowers.

Mrs Rebecca Scarratt – Kindergarten Teacher


Senior School News

Senior School News

This term, Year 8 Science students have been engaged in learning about Geological changes in our world. In particular, students have investigated the topics of weathering and erosion and seen how Scientists use this information to benefit society. 8S Science took the opportunity to add to their knowledge when they embarked on a geological walk in the local Shellharbour area. The walk was skillfully led by Mr Sven Barter who is Head of Science at the College and has particular interest and expertise in Earth and Environmental Science. Students were shown examples of different types of weathering and were specifically encouraged to utilise the observable evidence to distinguish between them. An exciting part of the walk was where students could observe signs of a river that is thought to be 260 million years old. The evidence was visible because it was exposed by works during the construction of the new highway. Other observed sites included evidence of a previous earthquake in the region and signs of an ice age.

Mrs Kimberly McClean – Science Teacher 

Year 11 Seminar – Unleashing Personal Potential

On Monday 16 November our Year 11 students participated in a leadership seminar that focused on how they can all be leaders by their example, service and actions. The students participated in a wide range of challenging activities and were presented with some valuable messages. Thanks to Madeline and Fred our guest presenters and all the staff who contributed to the success of this event.

Ms Jodie Liddiard – Coordinator of Pastoral Care 


Year 12 Farewell Dinner

We are thrilled that Year 12 students were able to enjoy their Farewell Dinner. Congratulations Year 12 2020!

Library News

Library News

Kindergarten in the Library

This week Mrs Luke was telling kindergarten all about our junior fiction section in the library.  She let the kindergarten students know that next year this will be a great section for them to borrow from. We had a read of one of Mrs Luke’s favourite books called ‘Billie and Jack, The Book Buddies.’ Many of the kindergarten students took on the challenge and this week they borrowed from the junior fiction area.

Stage 1 Geographers

This term in library we have been looking at maps and learning about geography. This week we read ‘Pirates Love Underpants.’ It was a hilarious book and we found both the story and the illustrations were super fun. We then talked about coordinates and students designed their own pirate treasure map. Mrs Luke loved seeing everyone take up the challenge of creating their own pirate symbols. The quicksand was Mrs Luke’s favourite.

Stage 2 Library NAIDOC

In library to celebrate NAIDOC week we explored the information book called ‘Wilam A Birrarung Story’ by Aunty Joy Murphy and Andrew Kelly. We investigated the Indigenous language map and found our local Indigenous language group. We then read ‘Wilam A Birrarung Story’ a beautifully illustrated Indigenous story of a river and the animals that live around it. Stage 2 students worked as linguists to interpret the book and discover the meaning of the Indigenous words with the story. It was a great way to celebrate Indigenous languages and culture for NAIDOC week.

Stage 3 have been exploring world changing events and people. Students worked individually or in a pair to choose a topic, develop research questions and research key information. They then have drafted and published their work. The presentation format was up to them and they have created been some very creative movies, slideshows, dioramas and posters.

Mrs Helen Luke – Teacher Librarian
P & F News

P & F News




Pre-Loved Uniform Shop
The Pre-Loved uniform shop will be open every week on Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings from 8:30am to 9:30am. Please book your appointment via https://10to8.com/book/ywfpeojvgkammztvak/ Due to social distancing and convenience appointments are necessary. Appointments are available every 15 minutes or you can book a 30 minute appointment. Please note that all sales are CASH only.
Accepting Pre-Loved uniforms! 
If you have good quality uniform items that you no longer need you may choose to donate them to the P&F for sale. Alternatively you may choose to consign your clothes. When sold, you receive 80% of the proceeds with the remaining 20% going to the P&F. All monies raised by the Preloved Uniform Shop are donated to the school for the benefit of the students. We would appreciate uniforms to be brought to the shop directly. 8.30am – 9.30am Monday, Tuesday and Friday. If this isn’t possible then please bring them to the office.
If you choose to donate, pop in a message to let us know or please fill in a Consignment Note:
Helpful hints: 
  • Clean
  • Ironed
  • Buttons on Blazers, and
  • Small tears are repaired

 We can not sell items with the following. They just don’t sell: 

  • Sweat stains
  • Pen or paint marks on front, collar and sleeves
  • Large tears:  Inside blazers, sport jacket armpits, sport shorts split, any really
  • Broken zippers on Bomber Jackets and sport jackets
  • Midford pale grey shorts and trousers
Next Meeting – Monday 23 November via Zoom

Everyone is welcome to join us in the meetings. We chat about raising funds and friends within the College Community.

The College executive also share about upcoming events and how the P&F can support the College vision. 

Community Business Directory

Community Business Directory

We want to support the businesses of our College Community. If you would like to be included in our Business Directory, please fill out this form.

7 Eleven Shellharbour – Petrol Station

Anna Interpreting – Interpreting and translating services, 0416137143

Betschwar & Co – A contemporary real estate agency focused on relationships and influenced by a love of community and a passion to connect.

Buena Vista Farm – Goat dairy farm and cheesemakers, offering cooking classes and farm tours.

Clogbusters Plumbing Services – Plumbing, 0401651457

Dance Sensations – Dance, Cheer and Acro Classes in Shellharbour Village.

Dog Gone Mad – The Canine Behavioural Specialists, dealing with all types of doggy dilemmas!

Illawarra Industrial Supplies P/L – Sale of Coatings, Construction, Landscaping and Waterproofing Products

Independent beauty guide at LimeLife by Alcone – A makeup artist and skincare Consultant. Sell professional make up and skincare and offer various services related to the beauty industry.

Rowcliff Consulting – BookKeepeing and BAS agent services for small to medium companies who need help with keeping up to date with their accounts. 0417230478

Shellharbour Accounting and Business Advisers – Chartered Accountants who specialise in helping businesses to become more profitable in a very competitive marketplace. We off full suite of services to businesses from startup, growth of the business, compliance activities (preparation of financial statements and all ATO/ASIC lodgements), business advise and guidance during the business’ lifecycle, exit strategies and pre insolvency advice – when things don’t go so well. 

South Coast Academy – SCA is a private Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering training in the Business, Beauty and Hair industries. We offer Statement of attainment, Cert II,III,IV & Diploma courses as well SBATS.

Stirling Accounting & Financial Solutions – Accounting & Financial Services providers specialising in Retirement Planning, Accounting & Taxation, SME’s, Self Managed Superannuation, Financial Strategies, Entity Construction, Wealth Creation and Building. 0432901083

Wards Metal Recyclers – Metal recycling. For example, copper brass electric cable all no ferrous metals. 0419494644