Staff Spotlight!

Staff Spotlight!

Meet Mr Mark Brown, Junior School Chaplain and Stage One teacher. We would all agree that Mr Brown is most famously known as the Junior School Chapel and CRU Champion! In his twelfth year of teaching at the College, we are thrilled that Mr Brown has accepted an additional role as Junior School Chaplain.

Mr Brown says, “Being Junior School Chaplain opens up so many other opportunities to engage with the College community, to support students in their exploration of the Christian faith through CRU, Christian Studies and to train them in Christian leadership and also to explore ways that we as a Junior School can support and care for our local and wider community through service learning and advocacy”.

“As the College grows, we will be welcoming students from so many different backgrounds in terms of culture and faith. The College has been built on the motto of ‘In Christ Alone’ from its very beginning – so the opportunity to hold that idea as our firm foundation is vital to the very core of our College. The role of Junior School Chaplain will support in maintaining that culture and will be a key vessel in communicating that to our new students and families. The more students we have, the greater the opportunity for us as a College to share the hope of Jesus with our community. The role of Chaplain will also assist in supporting and caring for our students – a chance to display God’s love in practical ways”.

Mr Brown says, “I have been responsible for the coordination of Chapel for many years already, however now I have focused time to commit to improving and refining what we do. We have an amazing team of staff who love to be involved and contribute to Junior School Chapel and having the time and energy to support them further, to rethink how we run Chapel is so exciting”.

“The future is very bright at the College and as we continue to grow the chance to engage, support, educate and inspire so many new students, and influence new families is essentially why we do what we do”.