Staff Spotlight!

Staff Spotlight!

Get to know our experienced team of staff at the College! This week, meet Mrs Leigh Drummond, Community Engagement Officer.

Mrs Drummond is a familiar, warm and friendly face, who is the first point of contact for many families that are welcomed to the school community. She invests in each family and their different needs. Ask any question and Mrs Drummond will have an answer, her calming abilities will put you at ease!

“I really enjoy meeting new families and conducting tours around our beautiful College. I love chatting to all the prospective students and finding out who they are and what they are interested in, whether it be academics, sport, music, art or their love of serving the community”.

Being a ‘people person’, Mrs Drummond is passionate about building strong relationships with the community and wants everyone to feel included, proud and connected to the College. Mrs Drummond is excited to work together on projects that strengthen community connection, especially as the College grows.

“The kindness I have experienced here at the College is an absolute stand out. Staff, parents and students all enjoy seeing others happy and enjoying their educational journey. Friendships are very strong. Every day I come to work I feel a sense of pride, and wonder what the day will bring”.

Mrs Drummond is excited about the opportunity that comes with the growth of the College. “I know as we grow, more diversity, excitement and vibrancy will fill the College. New facilities, more amazing staff and of course more wonderful students! I am excited for the adventure. Give me a call if you want a tour, I would love to show you around”.