Senior School News

Senior School News

So Long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, Adieu  

The 2020 Senior School Production of The Sound of Music has sadly been cancelled. Last week we acknowledged the disappointment these students faced, honoured the hard work they had completed and celebrated all they had learned in the process. I am proud of the exceptional character these young men and women have displayed.

I would like to thank our Production Staff; Gemma Bartlett, David Rienits, Rebecca Turnbull, Jon Seccombe, Phillip Coulthart and Jodie Liddiard for the time they invested into these students and this production.

I would also like to thank each of the students who auditioned, as well as those who have been rehearsing in the ensemble.

I would particularly like to honour the following students’ whose hard work and talent will not be demonstrated publicly at this time, but who have been part of something special at SAC. I pray God’s blessing over what they have learned, and over the resilience they have gained from this disappointing, but character building opportunity.

Captain von Trapp and Maria Rainer – Mitchell Smee and Holly Hudson

The von Trapp children – Liliane Johannesen, Sarah Stacey, Chantelle Young, Reuben Whitford, Jemma Belsito, Cooper Veitch, Isabella Sciacchitano

The Mother Abbess and the lead Sisters of Nonnberg – Amelia Eid, Kaitlyn Langridge, Grace Wakeford, Caitlin Sharp, Mia Clifford

Elsa Schrader, Max Detweiler and Rolf Gruber – Eve Thomas, Noah Hardie, Mark Laird

Mrs Lyndall Coulthart – Director The Sound of Music 2020
In this Together! 

Year 7 Textiles have been investigating Indigenous Artists and Traditional methods of fabric decoration. “In This Together” is this year’s theme for reconciliation week. Students used reconciliation week and animals native to Australia as inspiration for their Batik designs which they will make into a Boomerang Bag which is also part of their investigations into Sustainable use of materials to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Mrs Meegan Knight – TAS Teacher


Mrs Hastie Portrait

Students have been enjoying the weekly House challenges this term. These challenges, posed by a specified house, have encouraged students to work together and share their talents. One of these challenges required students to choose a staff member and construct a portrait of them using whatever materials they could find. Chapman 4 tutor group chose to work together to construct a portrait of Mrs Hastie. They used materials found in the art room supply cupboard and chose colours that they felt were representative of her joyful and vibrant presence in the SAC. Mrs Hastie visited Chapman 4, where she was presented with the portrait to welcome her and thank her for her hard word during the Remote Learning period.

Mrs Kimberley McClean – Science Teacher
Locked out but not pinned down!

The Coronavirus lockdown has been difficult for all affected. There have been a range of restrictions imposed on all sport activities. These restrictions however have provided opportunities for new initiatives. 

Virtual Cross Country Carnival

The Cross Country Carnival was scheduled for Week 10, Term 1. As an alternative to this event many Senior School students participated in an online, virtual, Cross Country. Those involved joined a College Strava account (we now have approximately 60 members!) and were challenged to log their times online. From this event virtual age champions were awarded and even a champion house.

In-School Sport

A number of our regular providers are still unable to open their doors. This in conjunction with government regulations has limited our sport options. As a result we’ve needed to come up with creative options so students are still engaged and can enjoy their sport time. Service learning in the Junior School, beach walking, Park Run at Killalea and fishing are just a few of the new sports on offer. Our hope is that these initiatives engage students and provide them with a new experience.

Senior School PDHPE and Sport Department (Ms Close, Mr Duffy, Mr Irvine and Mr Williams)