Senior School News

Senior School News

Students make creative modifications to their Duke of Edinburgh activities during COVID-19 pandemic

Students undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia have taken the initiative to creatively modify their activities for community service, physical recreation and skill development due to the social restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

Tijana – Silver Award, Year 10 “As I am unable to assist in the junior school library, when I go for a walk around my neighbourhood (places like parks and grass areas) , I collect any rubbish I find with gloves and a plastic bag, disposing of the waste in the bin.”

Ava-Elise – Bronze Award, Year 9 “As I am unable to wash ambulances due to COVID-19, I will be making baked goods and sending them to the local ambulance stations for the frontline health workers.”

Lily – Bronze Award, Year 9. “Instead of netball coaching I’ve been going around helping my great grandparents and my other grandparents with things they need.”

Ashley – Bronze Award, Year 9 “For my physical recreation, instead of basketball training with my team at the basketball stadium in Shoalhaven, I have been doing shooting practice with the ring in my backyard and doing off-season fitness and strength training.”

Mitchell – Bronze Award, Year 9 “I have been able to continue guitar practice as I’m able to do it over Skype instead of going to my teachers house. For swimming, I have turned to going for a swim in the backyard and going for walks. For my library service, I have been using time I would usually be in the library to read books and send reviews to Mrs Brown once I’ve finished them.”

Dylan – Bronze Award, Year 9 “As I can not train with my soccer team, I have been doing training at home including ball drills, beep tests and 5km runs in and around Killalea State Park. With no games to referee, I have been studying the laws of the game online with tests from approved websites.”

Kieran – Bronze Award, Year 9 “I usually help out in the library by putting away books, tidying up the shelves and sorting out the board games. As this is not currently possible, I am reading different books and writing reports on them. The most recent book was called ‘Stung’ by Bethany Wiggins.”   

Thomas – Bronze Year 9 “As I am unable to help out at the library due to Covid-19 I have decided to bake sweet treats for my Mum’s work. She works at Greenacres which provides services for people with disabilities. She will be able to supply them with some yummy snacks and cakes.”

Mr Nathan Alterator – Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator

Year 12 VET Hospitality back in the Kitchen!

It was wonderful to have Year 12 VET Hospitality students returning to the kitchen for practical lessons! This week we practiced the cookery method of stir frying while making crispy beef with bok choy and noodles. Welcome back Year 12, we have missed you!

Mrs Sarah Young – VET Hospitality Teacher

Year 12 Chemistry back in the lab!

Year 12 practical work, investigating the solubility of alcohols with increasing carbon chain length.

Mr Sven Barter – Coordinator of Science

Congratulations to the 2019 Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award recipients
These students have completed various activities that involved a physical recreation, a skill, a service to the community and two outdoor expeditions. 
Mr Andrew Brown – Silver Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator 

Well done Jacob!

Year Eight Technology have been investigating different types of materials and using the laser cutter to prototype their jewellery box design out of recycled cardboard boxes. They were given the opportunity to continue their investigations at home through the design and manufacture of a seat using recycled cardboard boxes. Congratulations to Jacob Turnbull on his fantastic creation!

Mrs Meegan Knight – TAS Teacher