Senior School News

Senior School News

Congratulations to two of our Senior School students Lachlan (Year 12) and Jett (Year 7) for completing the 21st Annual Christian Surfers Paddle Against Poverty. The boys were scheduled to paddle from North Wollongong to Thirroul, but due to the large swells they instead paddled the length of Lake Illawarra, from south to north. Between them they raised over $500 for Mercy Huts in Rote Island, Indonesia, providing education, employment and financial aid to the local community hit hard by COVID-19.  

Mr Nathan Alterator – Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator

An essential aspect of the role of the secondary teacher librarian at Shellharbour Anglican College is to cultivate the capacity of the school library to develop innovative programs to support deeper learning. One approach is by collaborating and coteaching with the secondary subject teachers from years 7-12 in the planning, implementation and assessment of their units that are inquiry based using the Big6 research model to scaffold student learning. The Big6 is an information literacy process, a research process, and an inquiry process because it describes the way we complete assignments and solve problems in any situation. The Big6 is a six-stage model to help anyone solve problems or make decisions by using information. Using the Big6, we guide students  through the research process, taking on the role of facilitators & co-learners; we help them to identify goals, unpack the task requirements, develop research/inquiry focus, seek, evaluate, use and synthesise relevant, credible information, then reflect—is the final product effective and was my process efficient? Consequently, as the students in all year levels are undertaking assessment tasks in their various subject areas, the library has been a hub of activity as we all work together to support students in their learning. 

Mrs Virginia Hand – Senior School Librarian

The Year 9 Industrial Engineering class was challenged to design the lightest and strongest package to transport a Twistie, Dorito and Crisp chip safely through Australia Post. Here are the top three teams with Samantha Arnold and Lachlan Dalkeith being the outright winners. 

Mr Phil Young – Acting Coordinator of TAS

Prior to their Half Yearly Examinations, the HSC Ancient History class had a fun revision lesson. They have been studying the ancient society of Sparta and played the ‘Spartan game of life.’ This had them roleplaying and acquiring important experiences of Spartiates using jelly babies to represent their children and the iron bar currency made from  liquorice! While some students ended up more successful warriors and landowners than others, it was a great learning experience that the students now want to repeat or recreate for their other units of history.

Miss Erin Hick – Ancient History teacher