Senior School News

Senior School News

Senior School Swimming Carnival

The Senior School carnival continued to increase with high participation and increased number of heats.

Congratulations to the following students!

Age Champions:

12 yrs              Andrea Cavallarin                   Lilli Mawbey

13 yrs              Benjamin Fredericks               Zoe Bayo                   

14 yrs              Jared Wood                            Rhiannan Harris

15 yrs              Kai Windram                          Scarlet Healey

16 yrs              Kieran Harris                          Lexie Brown

17 yrs              Charlie Britten                        Kaylah Brennan

18 yrs              Nikita Romankin                     Bronte Butcher                      

House Champions:

1st        Booth

2nd       Chiswell                     

3rd        Allen  

4th        Chapman                    


Boys 12yrs 100m Freestyle               Andrea Cavallarin                  1:18.79

Boys 12yrs 50m Backstroke             Andrea Cavallarin                  42.50

Boys 12yrs 50m Butterfly                  Andrea Cavallarin                  41.01

Boys 16yrs 100m Freestyle              Keiran Harris                          58.18

Girls 17yrs 100m Backstroke            Kaylah Brennan                     1:04.20

Girls 17yrs 50m Freestyle                 Kaylah Brennan                     29.89

Girls 17yrs 50m Backstroke              Kaylah Brennan                     36.45

Girls 17yrs 50m Butterfly                  Kaylah Brennan                     32.98

Mr Shawn Duffy – PDHPE teacher

Creative and Performing Arts
A reminder that all Junior School and Senior School Music Co-curricular Ensembles and Senior School Art Club have resumed for 2021. Students may still join these groups and should obtain commitment notes from the relevant Teachers In Charge and then return these as directed. Please remember to bring your musical instruments to school on your rehearsal days! 
School Ensemble/Group Time/Location
SS Pop Band – Mrs Garrett Monday Lunchtime  K3
SS Stage Band – Mr Coulthart Monday 3:30PM – 4:30PM  K3
JS & SS String Ensemble – Mrs McNeill Tuesday Lunchtime  E2
JS Concert Band – Mr Contencin Tuesday Lunch 2 and Period 6  E1
JS 3-6 Choir – Mrs Coulthart Thursday Lunchtime  E1
JS Stringles – Mrs McNeill Friday Lunchtime  E1
SS Art Club – Mrs O’Brien Thursday Lunchtime  J6
SS Senior Vocal Ensemble – Mrs Coulthart Friday Lunchtime  K4
SS Audio Squad – Mr Coulthart Friday (Week A)  K3

** Covid-19 requirements impact upon some ensemble activities and will be managed accordingly by the teacher’s in charge.

Mr Phillip Coulthart – Coordinator of CAPA

The Year 9 Industrial Engineering class was challenged to design the lightest and strongest package to transport a Twistie, Dorito and Crisp chip safely through Australia Post. Here is the classes packages. Stay tuned for the results.

Mr Phil Young – Coordinator of TAS