Senior School News

Senior School News
This term, Year 8 Science students have been engaged in learning about Geological changes in our world. In particular, students have investigated the topics of weathering and erosion and seen how Scientists use this information to benefit society. 8S Science took the opportunity to add to their knowledge when they embarked on a geological walk in the local Shellharbour area. The walk was skillfully led by Mr Sven Barter who is Head of Science at the College and has particular interest and expertise in Earth and Environmental Science. Students were shown examples of different types of weathering and were specifically encouraged to utilise the observable evidence to distinguish between them. An exciting part of the walk was where students could observe signs of a river that is thought to be 260 million years old. The evidence was visible because it was exposed by works during the construction of the new highway. Other observed sites included evidence of a previous earthquake in the region and signs of an ice age.

Mrs Kimberly McClean – Science Teacher 

Year 11 Seminar – Unleashing Personal Potential

On Monday 16 November our Year 11 students participated in a leadership seminar that focused on how they can all be leaders by their example, service and actions. The students participated in a wide range of challenging activities and were presented with some valuable messages. Thanks to Madeline and Fred our guest presenters and all the staff who contributed to the success of this event.

Ms Jodie Liddiard – Coordinator of Pastoral Care 


Year 12 Farewell Dinner

We are thrilled that Year 12 students were able to enjoy their Farewell Dinner. Congratulations Year 12 2020!