Senior School News

Senior School News

Music Captain 2021

Congratulations Holly Hudson on being named the Music Captain for 2021. During her time in the Senior School, Holly has been a committed member of the Senior Vocal Ensemble, Stage Band and String Ensemble and has served the College on Assemblies, Chapel and in conducting the Junior School Choir.

Mr Peter Gibson – Head of Senior School
History Prize Winners 2020
The 2020 Year 10 History Prize was judged by Mr Doug Philpott from the HARS Museum in Albion Park Rail. Mr Philpott viewed a range of outstanding dioramas, websites, posters and iMovies and had the tough choice of choosing the winners. 
The finalists were: Holly Jenner (U2 Spy Plane Incident), Sam McLennan (Cuban Missile Crisis), Amelie Clare (Korean War), Rachael Ristevski (Petrov Affair), Rory Grififiths (Suez Crisis), Chloe Hefron (Cuban Missile Crisis) and Bowie Betschwar (Space Race).
Highly commended: Skyler Ye (U2 Spy Plane Incident) and Philippa Winter (Space Race)
Winner: Bea McDonald (Korean War)
Mr Nathan Alterator – HSIE Teacher
Year 11 VET Hospitality get cooking!

Year 11 VET Hospitality used fresh lettuce and herbs from the community garden to create Taco Salad and Corn Fritters for their “Appetisers and Salads” unit. Thank you to Ms Ten Kate and all the garden volunteers for our weekly bountiful produce!

Mrs Sarah Young – VET Hospitality Teacher