Prep News

Prep News


Prep Create their own Van Gogh!

The sunflowers in Prep have grown so tall over the holidays and are beginning to flower! Mrs Hardie and Mrs Lundberg have been taking photos and videos to document their growth. Students did some further investigation of the parts of the flower. At home, students listened to a story about Van Gogh’s sunflower painting and then drew their own sunflowers in their learning journals. 

Mrs Belinda Hardie and Mrs Sara Lundberg – Prep Teachers 



Prep Blue Celebrates Mother’s Day

Prep Blue celebrated Mother’s Day in their Week Two Library lesson and in their digital lessons. They enjoyed reading ‘My Mum has X-ray Vision’ written by Angela McAllister and illustrated by Alex T. Smith. Students made their own superhero pictures of their Mums. Thanks Mums for all you do and we hope you have a great Mother’s Day!

Mrs Luke and Prep Blue