Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

Who are we, and where are we going?

As teachers, we regularly provide students with feedback – identifying where they have succeeded, areas that require more attention, and issues to address. You may remember that at the beginning of the year you completed a survey that asked about your experiences at the College, what you appreciate and what you think needs further work. The purpose of the survey was as part of a review of the College run every five years or so by The Anglican Schools Corporation.

Like almost everything else this year, the review was postponed because of COVID-19. Now, we are going ahead with the second part of the process – the site visit – COVID-safe, of course! We will have eight senior members of other schools, each an expert in at least one area of schooling, who will come in from Wednesday 9th – Friday 11th September to conduct further investigations, guided by the results of the survey. They will conduct a range of focus groups and interviews across our staff, students and families, observe classes and attend events as they seek to understand what makes us distinctive, and to highlight any areas that need further development. They will then write a report that summarises their key findings and make some recommendations.

I am so excited to finally be having the opportunity for some “constructive criticism” to help us strengthen our educational offerings, our community, facilities and communications. These findings will then be explored and form an important part in the development of the College’s next Strategic Plan.

If we want to grow and improve, then the feedback process is vital, and taking on advice that may be hard to hear is essential. It’s a little like pruning a favourite rose – we have to cut it back hard, fertilise and water it in order for it to produce beautiful blooms. Bring on the shears!

Mrs Megan Hastie