Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

One thing I’ve learned this year – don’t build a road on a hill!

Second thing I’ve learned this year – don’t build a road in the rain!

No matter how prepared we think we are for a big project like this, our readiness for the disruptions and the delays, there are always surprises that come our way! We set out in December 2021 with a great team of workers and a really solid design that incorporated infrastructure to take us through into the future and that allowed for the complications of building on a rocky hillside. Little did we know what was really ahead!

And really, isn’t life like that! Whether it’s having your first (or second child), buying a house or changing jobs, you can imagine the impact of changes as you move forward, but reality is never quite the same! You are surprised by some wonderful unexpected things and some not-so -pleasant!

But when we need to change and grow, then we have to be prepared to take those risks. If we want to move forward, rather than stagnate, then we need to keep adapting, changing and flexing, in ways that we plan for, and also in the ways we weren’t expecting!

As we plan for the future of our school and prepare our vision and strategic plan, a central aspect is preparing for change and managing it so that our community stays strong, keeps growing and provides a great learning environment and an inclusive community. We want to stay faithful to our faith and the hope we have in Jesus!

To help us in this I invite you to the A Vision for the Future 2022 that explore the big ideas of our directions ahead and ask you to give your input on what you imagine the school to be growing towards over the next few years. We’ve tried to provide a range of times for the sessions so that as many people as possible can make it – those who are working every day, those home with children, or those working shift-work can also make it along.

Our vision for the future is that we will be a warm inclusive and challenging community that provides wonderful opportunities for our young people to grow and to prepare them for life. We want our young people to be courageous, curious, creative and compassionate, to be willing to face life’s joys and challenges with a sense of hope and purpose and a heart to serve others, walking in the footsteps of Jesus. Let’s work together to make this vision a reality!

Mrs Megan Hastie