Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

You can walk, you can run, you can crawl, but you can’t stand still!

This has been one of my mantras when it comes to working with staff and students as we think about who we are personally, in our learning and professionally. We know that growth is a part of life and that with growth comes change. Many of the terms we use to describe “living well” or wellbeing draw on growth metaphors such as flourishing or thriving. They are active verbs that emphasise that growth is central to what it means to be alive. However, with growth comes change and often with growth and change comes pain – growing pains is also a well-worn phrase! We want to ensure that as we grow we experience plenty of the first – the flourishing – and less of the growing pains, although we know we can’t avoid them!

As we grow and change as a College one of the things we are incredibly conscious of is the importance of managing change well. We have grown in terms of enrolments, we have grown on our site with the new E block building, the Ring Road construction, and our building plans for the not-too-distant future. As we move from a smaller sized school to a mid-sized school, we need to adapt our structures and processes to help manage that well. We want to put in place systems and protocols that support our community, that maintain the exceptional educational outcomes, the range of opportunities available to students and families and that that prioritise relationships.

Earlier in the year our family and staff surveys both asked questions around how we can do this better – and we want to thank you for both encouraging us in the areas that we are doing well, and also helping us identify where we can do better. We value your feedback! We value your honesty and desire to see the College continue to grow, and we want to ensure all our students, families and staff experience not only a great learning environment but an inclusive community with plenty of opportunities to grow and stretch.

Later this term we’re going to provide some opportunities to tell you what we learned from you, and also create some time for you to engage in how things might look in the future. This will then become part our College strategic plan that we will finalise by the end of the year.

I encourage you to get involved, be a part of the solution and look out for that invite to help us pursue tomorrow together as a community!

We can walk, we can run, we can crawl, but we can’t stand still!

Mrs Megan Hastie