Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

I was thinking that this article might be a COVID-19-free space! But it’s very hard to do! Our whole lives have been put on hold, from the way we work, learn, socialise, shop and where we can go. Now as we begin to see a return to “normality”, as a College, we’re asking what we’ve learned, how we can integrate it into the new or ‘next’ normal of College life.

We are at a crossroads – we can run back to “business as usual” or forge a new path forward. This post and next I’m going to explore some of the big learnings and the questions we’re now asking as a College.

  • Learning can happen anywhere, anytime
  • Successful online learning needs a teacher to design it carefully
  • Learning independently is a vital skill for all students; some students have thrived but it has been a real struggle for others.
  • Students have loved that they’ve been getting more sleep!

  • Questions – What would happen if we allowed older students to work from home one day a week or extended our school day to allow greater flexibility?
  • Could we shift some of our learning into the online environment to give our students more freedom and autonomy?
  • If students can find out anything they need to online, how can we “power-up” the skills students need to learn independently?

  • Students have had time to focus on other “life skills”
    • How do we build lifelong dispositions, attitudes and skills?
    • How can we build more real experiences into our learning?
    • How can we break down the four walls of the classroom?
    • How can we draw in external experts and take our students out into the real world?
This experience has reaffirmed how important schools and teachers are in our community and in the lives of our students, but there are things about the structures we could change to make learning more powerful. Whilst digital technology has been around for a long time, this emergency has pushed us to rapidly evolve digital learning. As the ancient Chinese proverb says: the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second-best time is now. It’s not too late.
Mrs Megan Hastie – Principal