Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

Suddenly we’re here at the end – where did the time go?

By the time you receive this the last of our Year 12 students should have finished their exams (well, after Tuesday), we will have had a couple of our special COVID-safe outdoor adventures in the Senior school, and the Junior School’s end of year celebrations will be in full swing!

Yet again, the year has thrown much at us, but we have banded together, we have supported each other, adapted and flexed our way through the year. We have had grit forced under our shells but we have grown a few pearls!

We also move into our final part of the year where we celebrate the learning journeys across the College. Some students will be acknowledged in the Presentation events, but we know that every single student has been stretched and grown in so many ways, that will prepare them for life.

I’d like to acknowledge the incredible contribution of some of our staff who are leaving us:

  • Mr Peter Gibson, as Head of Senior School is moving to Barker College as Dean of Operations. It will be an exciting and challenging role he can sink his teeth into!
  • Mr Jon Seccombe, our Head of HSIE, is heading to St Peter’s Anglican in Campbelltown, taking on the joys of helping establish the new Middle and Senior School. His wealth of experience across the humanities, and his fabulous musical skills will be sorely missed, but he will offer so much to this young school as they establish a learning culture of excellence.
  • Mr Greg Thornton has been on leave for much of this year and will not be retiring but seeking other opportunities to serve God in his community. I’m sure we’ll see him back for visits!
  • Mr Ryan Maguire, from TAS who has been replacing Mr Greg Thornton has been a warm and passionate teacher who has shown a deep care for the students in his short time at the College.
  • Mr Peter Bond, from Maths and PDHPE, has shown great agility in his capacity to stretch across those areas and insure the students.

We welcome the following staff who are already with us but are stepping up into leadership. It’s a joy to be able to give them the opportunity to stretch their skills – we are all learners at the College!

  • Mr Stephen Irvine will be Interim Head of Senior School for Terms 1-3. We know that Mr Irvine will bring his passion and energy to helping build a positive and dynamic learning community in the Senior School.
  • Ms Jade ten Kate will be Acting Coordinator of HSIE, and brings her creative flair to a role that can help our students connect so much of their learning to real life.

Over the holidays, while many of the staff are resting, rejuvenating and planning for the new year, our Infrastructure and Maintenance team will be charging ahead supporting the building of the new College internal Ring Road and services being constructed during the holidays, and into Term 1; as well as the placement of the new 8 classroom double storey demountable “E block” that will house Stage 3, Junior school Music and Peripatetics, toilets and a couple of Senior School classes for 2022. Our shifted classrooms down the end of the College, including the new TAS workshop will also be made operational, once the power has gone through as part of the improvement of the infrastructure. There will be lots of changes, and we’re hoping for sunny days and no delays to the construction processes! When Term resumes, they; be ready for a break!

We are excited knowing that we are at the start of a journey of transformation of spaces and services that will enhance our learning and community at the College!

Finally, to our families and students – thank you for a fabulous year! It’s been a joy and an adventure to walk through this year with you! It has been a privilege to watch our students grow and be empowered to live with purpose and make a difference in the world near and far. We are so proud of the growth of all our students. Thank you to all our staff for all your energy, passion and care this year – you can now enjoy a well-earned rest!

We pray God’s blessing on all those who are leaving us – Year 12, other families and staff, knowing He will bless the communities to which you go!

May the hope of Jesus’ love shine through this Christmas!

Mrs Megan Hastie