Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

We’ve gone solar!

As of Saturday afternoon the College was running on solar power!

This is an exciting step forward as we look at how we can be an environmentally responsible organisation, and model a sustainable approach to our daily practices. As a part of our Master Planning process looking at sustainability has been a central aspect of our planning. We need to manage both the passive aspects such as orientation and placement on the site, use of natural light, air movement, passive heating and cooling. However, we also need to be more active in our pursuit of renewable and sustainable solutions – harvesting solar energy through panels, rainwater harvest, and looking for ways to be more efficient in our management of waste.

Whilst we are looking at our new designs, we also need to “retrofit” our current buildings and practices. Hence the importance of our new solar power we have just installed. Many of our older buildings were not built with sustainability in mind, are difficult to heat and cool and lighting can be quite harsh. Nevertheless, whilst they may not utilise good environmental practices, we are working hard to ensure we are using energy efficient approaches

For me, this is an important part of being God’s stewards for the resources we have – to respect the world and the environment He gave us, to care for the communities and the wildlife within it and to work for a positive impact on our planet. I want our College to contribute in a positive way to our community, to sustainably source goods, products and services and to do everything we can to be a positive contributor in restoring or rewilding our world. There are a number of research studies that support the importance of including green and natural spaces within a school for learning and the psychological wellbeing of our whole community.

I am keen to help our students get more involved too. I know our students care about the state of the planet and the impact of climate change. We have students who are passionate about sustainability and living a life that gives back to the planet and to others. We have garden clubs in on both the Junior school and senior school, and students interested in recycling, but I’m keen to find forums and harness that passion to make our College a more environmentally responsible community a place where our students and our local wildlife can flourish.

This is the first step – bring on the sunshine!

Mrs Megan Hastie