Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

Welcome back to Term Three, albeit a remote start to the Term! Despite the fact most students are not at school, there is still plenty of wonderful learning going on!

With the push of the Health authorities and government for families to keep their children at home, we know that the remote learning time has the potential to be stressful. For parents – and for our staff and children – please remember that self-care is absolutely vital if you are to make your way through this positively. As the pressures mount up you may feel caught between your work obligations, your children’s needs and the remote learning context, self-care can be the first thing that goes out the window. You are the person best equipped to look after your needs, and we encourage you to do so. Whilst we can’t change the lockdown and remote learning setting, we can change our choices, our habits and our perspective on it. We know that this too will pass.

As a College we want to encourage you to take the pressure off in terms of your expectation of yourself and your children. You are not a teacher and you are not home-schooling, you are supporting your child as their teachers teach them remotely. As parents, sometimes we jump in too quickly to help our children. Remember that in a face-to-face classroom, your child is one of many children. A teacher can’t necessarily answer a question or meet a need immediately. Just as important, there are many times when it’s actually good for your child to struggle for a little while and to look for solutions – that’s at the heart of learning that sticks! If, however your child is really struggling and you can’t help them with it, let their teacher know!

There are lots of great resources that can support you, including Beyond Blue’s page on working from home as a parent or carer. Another that looks at lockdown more generally is Raising families’ page on managing isolation during the pandemic. It can be a really difficult time, but there is help available here at the College and in the community. Caring for yourself and your family is the first priority!

Finally, a big thank you to our community for your fantastic support of Pyjama day on Friday!! For us it had a dual purpose –

  1. Help our students have a bit of fun and connect in the midst of a difficult time.
  2. The research highlights it’s good for our mental health and wellbeing to give to others. We need to remember that this lockdown situation is temporary. There are people who are in need, and it will continue long after we are all vaccinated and are regaling our grandkids with stories about the grand ol’ days of lockdown. Pyjama day supports foster children – and their awesome, big-hearted carers – by providing funding to support education and promote positive relationships to break the cycle of damage.

As in our last experience of lockdown and remote learning, we know that when we work together as a community, we are stronger. When we care for those around us and seek to serve those who are most vulnerable, it is a mark of character and culture. Let’s be a courageous culture of compassion and mercy.

Mrs Megan Hastie