Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

Return to school

Welcome back to Term Two and to our new look newsletter! We hope you find it easy to read and a helpful addition to our communications with you! We will also be releasing our updated website shortly; this newsletter will seamlessly integrate with it. We’re excited by what’s ahead!

We are looking forward to our students beginning to rejoin us on Monday 11 May! Please make sure you are keeping up-to-date with our communications, as the timing keeps shifting, based on the latest government advice!

The remote learning scenario has been an exhilarating and exhausting time for everyone! Teachers have been learning constantly, adjusting and transforming learning for the different environment. Our teachers have been superheroes!

Some students and families have loved the online learning environment, for others it has been a struggle and a complex juggling act! We take our hats off to all our families and students for working with us and persisting through this time. You have been courageous and brave!

Equally, we know that coming back to school is a highly anticipated adventure for some students, and for others it’s a time of trepidation. As we said when we first moved to remote learning, please be kind and patient as this will take some time to readjust. The phase-in with partial attendance will be particularly difficult for students who like routines, be prepared!

So, once again

  1. There is enough stress out there, don’t add returning to school to the list!

If there is one thing I could get across, it’s to dial down your expectations about what this will look like! Whilst we have all returned to school after a holiday, this is not the same, it’s new territory for everyone!

  1. Re-establish routines

They are really important to help you all survive. However, don’t expect it to look like a ‘normal’ school day or week.

  1. Don’t worry about your child ‘falling behind’!

Every student in Australia is going through this! We will be spending this term checking where each student is, seeing if there are any significant gaps. The Department of Education has assured us not to worry.

  1. Look after their well-being

This will continue to be a challenging time for many students, and the ongoing media attention will continue to be unsettling for some. If you are concerned for your child’s mental health, seek help, and let us know so we can support your child.

  1. Keep getting them outside

Bike sales are up! Puppies have been purchased! It’s been wonderful to see all the families out walking over the last few months – keep it up!

In a world of restrictions, of limits and where the rules are constantly changing, some things remain the same – “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” Galatians 5:22-23

Mrs Megan Hastie