Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

Feeling uncertain about change is OK! I’m reading (or listening to) a book called One Second Ahead by Cater, Coutts and Hougaard, a book that helps you use mindfulness to improve your work practices. It’s a very practical approach to mindfulness in that it takes all the strategies skills and the research behind mindfulness and applies it to the workplace, moving mindfulness from being a bit of a vague catch-cry, to something you can really see the importance and efficacy of. As the authors note, the great thing is that it then flows back into your life, so by having a focused and practical application, i then ripples out in your life.

Just this week I read about how we cope with change. We have all heard the catchcry that “change is the only constant in life”, but knowing the truth doesn’t necessarily make the experience any easier. What was interesting was the observation that humans are creatures of habit – scientists say that approximately 95% of what we do each day is habit driven; only 5% of our thoughts and behaviours are a conscious choice! We’re neurologically programmed to prefer that things stay the same, and hardwired to value certainty. It is no wonder then that we find change hard to deal with!

The response of a mindful person to that uncertainty or anger they might feel when faced with change is, according to the authors, is not to “fight” the negative feelings we might experience, but rather to acknowledge them. We need to embrace resistance. To resist resistance is futile (to borrow from Dr Who in the 1970’s, not Star Trek as these authors claim!!) and causes stress. By thinking through why we are resisting certain changes helps us understand ourselves better, may help influence the process to make it more positive, and then move forward constructively.

Schools are in the business of change – every year we welcome in new families and farewell the old; curriculum, programs, regulations and research change constantly causing us to adapt. And as a College, we are growing, bringing its own element of change.

If you have been at the College for a number of years, and are finding some of our changes unsettling – don’t resist this! Dig down and observe those feelings. Try and understand what is it that is concerning you. What are you worried about?

As we grow we have the great privilege of welcoming many new families into our wonderful community! But we want to make sure that the love, care and great learning that is central to who we are, remains a constant, even if it looks different! If you are concerned, come and talk it through! Ask questions! We are on this journey together, and welcome your feedback!

Mrs Megan Hastie