Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

In my recent letter home I mentioned some of the exciting adventures ahead over the next year or so. Strategic planning and Master planning will help us develop coherent and dynamic strategies to take us forward into the next phases of the College. But they are valuable only in that they support our mission – to build a learning community, dedicated to excellence and equipping to serve, through the power of Christ. In 2021 we are reviewing our teaching and learning framework (sometimes called QILT) so that it focuses on the whole child – academic, social-emotional and spiritual.

From an academic perspective, we’re working with Dylan Wiliam’s Embedded Formative Assessment strategies, supported by over 30 years of international research, to help teachers target learning in the classroom more effectively, but also activate students as resources for their own learning and for their peers.

We’ll be exploring what we mean by “Christian education”. We are an inclusive school, and we respect and value students of all faith backgrounds – or those with no particular faith affiliation at all. And yet faith is one of our values, so we seek to provide opportunities for all students to understand and appreciate the Biblical Christianity that is our foundation.  We believe that the teachings of Jesus provide hope, meaning, purpose and joy to a world that desperately needs it. We desire to grow young people who understand the meaning of grace, love, community and the enriching power of serving others. Ensuring we do that respectfully and openly needs careful consideration.

We are also very excited to be chosen as one of 12 schools in NSW working with the Association of Independent Schools NSW (AISNSW) to develop our whole College wellbeing framework. We already have a great pastoral care system at the College – it’s not just tokenistic! However, this process will provide us with the support and time to explore the latest research into wellbeing and mental health and develop how we integrate it into all aspects of school life.

As we grow as a College, it’s absolutely vital that we continue to review and evaluate our structures, programs and tools to ensure we maintain the exceptional quality of academic, wellbeing and spiritual care that we provide. It’s an exciting and challenging journey ahead!

Mrs Megan Hastie