Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

Well that’s a wrap!

It was fantastic to be able to celebrate with our students the wonderful successes for the year, although we did miss our families! The depth and range of talent across the College, from our smallest to our biggest was awesome to see, and after the year we’ve had, it’s been great to celebrate the year’s exciting learning journey and the successes along the way!

As I noted previously, we are growing as a College, and that is exciting, but does require some changes as well. The College is in the Master planning process, and our focus is on how the spaces we have, will create and foster dynamic learning and a strong community. In the meantime, it’s getting very squeezy in the College!

Firstly, our fourth Stage 3 classroom will go into C block, and our Junior School Music room will move down to E block (behind the Junior School Library). Our Preloved Uniform Shop will also move in here.

Consequently, over the break we are bringing in four demountable classrooms. Three classrooms (plus a staffroom) will be placed on South grass near the Canteen. They will be Senior School classes plus the Maths faculty staffroom. The fourth class will be a new specialist TAS Design workshop placed between J block and the MPH.

We are excited knowing that very shortly we will begin a transformation that will enhance our learning and community at the College! We will build spaces that will foster our students’ capacity to develop the courage to be creative, curious and bold!

Finally, to our families and students – thank you for a wonderful first year! I would not have wanted to “do COVID-19” with anyone else – it’s been a joy and privilege to be part of the team that offers such an authentic education where learning is an adventure! I look forward to working with you as we continue to form a dynamic vision for the College’s future together!

Thank you to all our staff for all your energy, passion and care this year – you can now enjoy a well earned rest! We wish God’s blessing on those staff who are leaving us, knowing He will bless the communities to which you go!

May the blessings of Jesus’ love shine through this Christmas!

Mrs Megan Hastie