Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

We are growing!

As a College over the last year we have had increasing numbers of families wanting to join us – either immediately or in the near future. This is an exciting time for us as we change and develop to reach our enrolment capacity. We have such a great thing happening here in the College, who wouldn’t want to share it with others?

However, I am aware some people may be worried that we will lose our “community” feeling that is so central to who we are. I want to encourage people to see the great things that will happen as we expand to fill our planned for numbers. A pivotal point is that if our classes are appropriately full, then we can resource learning much more effectively, provide more resources and more support staffing for all our students. Secondly, it means, especially in our Senior School years, that we can offer a wider range of elective choices and more opportunities for co-curricular activities. It also means greater social diversity, and this is a great thing for all our students to help them experience a culture that is more like the world outside the College.

One thing to be reassured of, is that even though we are growing, we are still relatively “small”. Year groups are comparatively smaller than in most state schools, and the overall school size is still well within the “small” range. More importantly, it is not size that makes a community warm and welcoming, rather the behaviours, attitudes and practices of the people within it. We are working hard to make sure that we adapt appropriately with the growth – a community should never remain static, we want to change and grow! However, the things that we hold dear to – each student is known and cared for, the focus on deep learning, and giving every student the opportunity to discover the joys of learning, we are working hard to maintain them!

In particular we are continuing to expand our pastoral and wellbeing teams across the College to ensure that we maintain that focus on the wellbeing of our students – at our College pastoral care is not just a buzz word or the latest fad, it’s what we do.

We look forward to sharing these adventures ahead with you!

Mrs Megan Hastie