Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal

Last night I watched David Attenborough’s A life on this planet. It is his “witness statement” to the world and his vision for the future. He marvelled at the life he has lived, bringing wild places into our homes. I remember watching the groundbreaking Life on Earth on Sundays nights as a child, and the extraordinary richness and mesmerising beauty of our world. He used his own 93 years on the planet to chart the dramatic changes in our world in terms of biodiversity, carbon in the atmosphere and population. It was horrifying and dismaying to see how we have taken what we want with no thought to the consequences, and he warned of the approaching devastation if we don’t change our ways.

Fortunately, the story did not end there.

The documentary was both hopeful and inspiring. He outlined how we can help the natural world recover, if we make some fairly basic changes to the way we the way we produce food, what we consume and through renewable energy. We can “rewild” the plant – and he used the example of Chernobyl, a city destroyed by a terrible nuclear accident caused by human negligence. 30 years after being deserted by humans, the natural world has reclaimed it; species not seen through neighbouring areas have returned and it is beautiful!

It is not too late.

His concluding observation was that intelligence is not enough – we need wisdom. We need to stop seeing ourselves as apart from nature, but rather as a part of nature. As a Christian school we go further – it takes humility to recognise that we are finite, created by a God who gave us the responsibility to care and nurture the natural world because we need it – and it needs us.

As we commissioned our incoming student leaders for 2021, we challenged them to see that leadership is not a badge or a title but an activity, an attitude that seeks a better world; to make choices and take actions that enrich our community and beyond. David Attenborough has left a legacy by showing us our magnificent world and how to address our current problems, but Jesus’ example of service saw him willingly provide the perfect solution to our broken relationship with God, to heal our rift with our natural world and restore – or rewild – us to God. We pray for wisdom, humility and servant hearts as they lead us!

Mrs Megan Hastie