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Library News

Stage One invent, design and make!

In Library, Stage One have been inventing, designing and making. We read ‘The Cow Tripped Over the Moon’ by Tony Wilson. In the book the cow perseveres and time and time again tries to jump over the moon. She doesn’t give up and Stage One discussed the importance of always trying even when learning something new or tricky can be tough. Stage One then designed their own cow propulsion inventions to help cow leap the moon. There were many amusing and creative designs.


Stage Three look at Changing the World!

To end the Stage Three Science Unit on sustainability and energy, students made mini movies on one small change people can make to help our world. The mini movie themes included taking shorter showers, picking up litter, turning off lights, recycling, gardening and composting. There were many amusing and effective movies made starring our students and even some puppets. Some students created raps while others made advertisements or ‘how to’ videos. Mrs Luke and the Stage Three students were very impressed by the creativity and ideas students brought to this task.

Stage Two Celebrate!

Stage Two wrapped up their Celebration Library Inquiry. We have explored family, Australian and world celebrations throughout this unit. Our final task was to collaboratively research a world celebration in pairs. Together students took notes and answered key questions. Finally they used their information to create some detailed and colourful mind maps to teach other people about what they have learnt. Some of the celebrations that were researched included Cinco de Mayo, Thanksgiving, Moon Festival, Chinese New Year, Canada Day and many more.

Stage One Curious Creatures

This term Stage One will be exploring the CBCA nominated books. This week they enjoyed exploring the theme for Book Week which ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds.’ We talked about curious creatures and characters that we have met in books and then we created our own curious creature. Mrs Luke has put these on display in the library and they are looking great. Stage One are excited about celebrating Book Week this year in Week 3 Term 4.

Mrs Helen Luke – Teacher Librarian