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Senior School Book Week photobooth shots!


A close to Junior School Book Week 

To close our book week celebrations in the Junior School we had Kate and Jol Temple present an author talk to all students from Prep to Stage 3. Kate and Jol shared their stories including their graphic novel The Underdogs and picture books including Bin Chicken, Room on our Rock and Are you my Bottom.  Stage 2 and 3 even got a sneak peek of Kate’s new book The Dangerous Business of Being Trilby Moffat which comes out in September.  They had all our students engaged with their story telling and writing tips. A highlight was when we met their pet ibis who loves to eat chips and calamari. All of Kate and Jol’s books are available in our library collection and we are excited by how many students are loving borrowing these titles. 

I loved Kate and Jol Temple’s talk. It was very funny and I loved hearing about their incredible books. My favourite part was when they got out their pet ibis and threw it at us.

Ivy 3/4D

We loved hearing from Kate and Jol Temple talk about their books. We loved meeting their pet ibis. Our favourite part was reading the book called Are you my Bottom.

Charli and Elsie 1/2B

We liked that Kate and Jol Temple read books to us. We thought they were very funny. We loved hearing about Kate’s new book. We can’t wait to buy it.

Alonna and Hannah 3/4S

Helen Luke, Sam Eagleton and Laura Middleton – Junior School Library Team