Library News

Library News

Kindergarten in the Library

This week Mrs Luke was telling kindergarten all about our junior fiction section in the library.  She let the kindergarten students know that next year this will be a great section for them to borrow from. We had a read of one of Mrs Luke’s favourite books called ‘Billie and Jack, The Book Buddies.’ Many of the kindergarten students took on the challenge and this week they borrowed from the junior fiction area.

Stage 1 Geographers

This term in library we have been looking at maps and learning about geography. This week we read ‘Pirates Love Underpants.’ It was a hilarious book and we found both the story and the illustrations were super fun. We then talked about coordinates and students designed their own pirate treasure map. Mrs Luke loved seeing everyone take up the challenge of creating their own pirate symbols. The quicksand was Mrs Luke’s favourite.

Stage 2 Library NAIDOC

In library to celebrate NAIDOC week we explored the information book called ‘Wilam A Birrarung Story’ by Aunty Joy Murphy and Andrew Kelly. We investigated the Indigenous language map and found our local Indigenous language group. We then read ‘Wilam A Birrarung Story’ a beautifully illustrated Indigenous story of a river and the animals that live around it. Stage 2 students worked as linguists to interpret the book and discover the meaning of the Indigenous words with the story. It was a great way to celebrate Indigenous languages and culture for NAIDOC week.

Stage 3 have been exploring world changing events and people. Students worked individually or in a pair to choose a topic, develop research questions and research key information. They then have drafted and published their work. The presentation format was up to them and they have created been some very creative movies, slideshows, dioramas and posters.

Mrs Helen Luke – Teacher Librarian