Junior School News

Junior School News

Virtual Hugs in Kindergarten!

Kindergarten (KS) read an online story about how they can give ‘virtual hugs’ to family members who do not live with them. Students created these colourful ‘hugs’ and shared them via Seesaw to each other. 

Mrs Rebecca Scarratt – Kindergarten Teacher 

Stage Three Master Drawing Techniques

Stage Three Art has been looking at different drawing techniques inspired by artists like Australian artist Vida Lahey. While Vida uses watercolours to produce beautiful still life paintings, Stage Three students focused on drawing techniques. The students worked very hard to develop their skills through art tutorials, feedback and necessary drafting and refinement to produce quality work.

Mr Matthew Low – Stage Three Teacher 

Stage Two Pop Art!

Stage Two Students used the colourful work of American Pop artist Andy Warhol to create their own colourful sneaker designs.

Mr Barry Luke – Stage 3-6 Coordinator

Stage One STEM Activity 

Stage One library students enjoyed listening to the traditional tale ‘The Three little Pigs’. Mrs Luke introduced the students at school and at home to Bernard her pet puppet pig and challenged the students to design and build a wolf proof house. There were some very exciting builds both from the at home and at school learners. A big thank you to Mr Brown who helped with some very creative ideas and house building support. Some students even tested with the huff and puff test!

Mrs Helen Luke – Teacher Librarian