Junior School News

Junior School News

Stage Three Federal Election! 

Stage Three held an election as part of our learning about Federal Government. On the day they had to form parties, choose a candidate to run as well as make election speeches, campaign ads as well as posters and how to vote flyers. The students formed ten different parties with party names including, Elmo Squad, The Sporticus Gang, Equal Rights and Awesome 8. Through the process of voting, students learnt about the value of handwriting as in the end invalid ballots altered the results. It was a tightly contested election with the preferences deciding the eventual winner as Zoe Bayo from the pillow party. The future of Australia is bright with the quality of candidates coming from Stage Three.

Matthew Low, Janet Hazell and Claire Donnelly – Stage Three Teachers
Kindergarten enjoy buddy time!

Kindergarten enjoy spending time with their Year Six buddy once a week throughout Term Three. The excitement builds each morning until it is Buddy Time! This week, Year Six shared their favourite picture book with the younger students. Kinder chatted about their favourite characters and their favourite page in each book. Some children also learnt how to control a Sphero with their buddy’s help.

Rebecca Scarratt – Kindergarten Teacher