Junior School News

Junior School News

Kindergarten Virtual Excursion

Kindergarten went on a ‘Virtual Excursion’ to the zoo. Several zoos, in fact. Kindergarten students spent time exploring San Diego Zoo and three Melbourne zoos, watching live stream videos, listening to Zoo Keeper talks, reading facts about animals and discovering fun craft activities. They were encouraged to find out about some animals they had not heard of before and as a result, they shared a wealth of fascinating and little known facts in their Seesaw journals. Obviously, a real excursion would have been wonderful but the virtual zoo excursion was a highlight of our remote learning experience.

If you are interested in exploring these virtual zoo experiences, here are the links:



Mrs Sonia Rose – Prep to Stage One Coordinator

Kindergarten have really enjoyed learning about illustrators in art this term. Students read a favourite book by Mo Willems called The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog! They then created their own colourful and creative pigeon artworks based on Mo Willems famous main character. Kindergarten have really developed and grown in their illustration skills this term.

This term Kindergarten have been learning about places and why they are special in Geography. As part of this unit we finished the term with some combined maths and geography map making lessons. Students made a treasure map, a map of our school and a water park map. The final activity was to create their own town map design. Kinder students had to think about all the places they would need for a town and create a labelled map. There were some very creative and innovative town maps.

Mrs Helen Luke – Kindergarten Teacher

Library in Term Three

This has not been the term we expected but it has been awesome to see the commitment of students and the wonderful work they have produced.

In Prep we have read so many books about different types birds and all kinds of pets, from the cute to the crazy. Kindergarten have been discovering what objects are made from and creating playgrounds for penguins and for the College. We might need to show the architects some of their brilliant ideas!

My playground would have…

Trampoline, slide and flying fox – Willow B

Treehouse, bumper seats and a house with baby cribs – Mia J

Flying fox jump, creepy bridge and a very, very, very high slide – Flynn

Slide, flying fox and a pool – Lily

Stage 2 have worked hard researching information about Significant people in Australia’s early colonies and were thrilled when their learning culminated in a Kahoot. Stage 3 have also been looking into Australia’s history and stories of the past, reading and researching prominent Australians. I can’t wait to see what we can achieve next term.

Mrs Sarah Thorpe – Junior School Teacher Librarian