Junior School News

Junior School News

Kindergarten Sport

Every Friday Kindergarten are excited to take part in sport with Mrs Duffy and Mrs Luke. This term students have enjoyed animal relays, south grass games, ball skills and parachute fun. At the last sport lesson, students enthusiastically enjoyed the sunshine working together to play and learn. The highlight was parachute games; Kindergarten love playing the games mushroom and parachute popcorn.

Mrs Helen Luke – Kindergarten Teacher

Seventeen Junior School students represented the College at the SASSA netball selection trials in Nowra. The students represented the school with excellent game play and sportsmanship earning four players selection into the SASSA representative team to compete in Sydney in May. On the way home the bus broke down, but the students took it in their stride and did not complain once about the delayed return to school on a Friday afternoon.

Mr Matthew Low – Junior School Netball Coach
NAPLAN 2021 Year 3 and 5

Students in years 3,5,7 & 9 will be participating in NAPLAN testing on Tuesday 11, Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 May, 2021. As part of the Federal Government national testing regime students will complete assessments in Language Conventions (Tues), Writing (Tues), Reading (Wed) and Numeracy (Thurs). Our College is part of the final cohort of schools completing the tests using the traditional paper booklets this year.

NAPLAN tests are not an assessment of content knowledge but an assessment of literacy and numeracy skills developed over time through the school curriculum. In the lead up to these assessments, students will be given opportunities to experience the format of NAPLAN tests, how questions are constructed, the wording used and how to tackle multiple choice questions and working within set time limits.

The best preparation at home is to reassure students that these tests are just part of the regular assessments undertaken in the school year – have a go, do the best you can. A good night sleep and a healthy breakfast are important.

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Mr Barry Luke – 3-6 Coordinator

Over the term Stage One have been creating Wonder Bubbles, and they are so nearly finished! Each student started by thinking of a ‘wonder’ question. For example, Ella wants to know why octopuses change colour and Patrick wants to know why volcanoes erupt. Mrs Thorpe then collected relevant books from our Junior School Library Non-fiction section and everyone had a go at gathering information to answer their question. We have drafted our bubbles and just finished creating our final background picture. We still have some work to do but the students are almost ready to share their wonders with everyone.  

Mrs Sarah Thorpe – Junior School Teacher Librarian