Junior School News

Junior School News

3/4S listened to the inspiring story “Our Home, Our Heartbeat” by indigenous hip hop artist and children’s author Adam Briggs. Students created animal art pieces to decorate the classroom.

Mrs Rebecca Scarratt – Junior School teacher

Kindergarten Learn about Picasso

In Art this week kindergarten continued to explore painting faces. We learnt about the artist Pablo Picasso who liked to paint faces in an abstract way. We particularly looked at his artwork Weepy Woman and talked about the shapes and colours. We also explored the feelings involved in the painting. We then experimented with lines and colour to create our own Picasso faces.

Kindergarten Celebrate Chinese New Year

This week KL was taught all about Chinese New Year from our class mate Elizabeth. We learnt about the year of the ox, getting money in a red envelope and special decorations. We enjoyed playing with a special play tea set that Elizabeth shared with us which allowed us to serve green tea and dumplings to Mrs Luke. We also made beautiful lion dancing crafts. We loved letting them dance to the special music.

Mrs Helen Luke – Kindergarten Teacher

First K-2 CRU for 2021
The first CRU for 2021 kicked off with a fun time of learning and creating. Around 25 students from Kindergarten and Stage One spent lunch time learning all about our Amazing Creator God and the story of creation. Students (and teachers) then spent some time creating their own animals and plants from playdoh. We can’t wait for CRU next week.

Mr Mark Brown, Mrs Helen Luke and Mrs Sarah Thorpe – K-2 CRU

The Junior School Library is always bustling, and would you believe, quite noisy; especially at lunch times. There are different lunch activities available for students across the week. On Mondays it’s Free Choice, you will find students reading, playing games, creating and drawing. On Tuesdays it’s games. One of the loveliest things is not only seeing friends playing together but often older students with younger students, helping and teaching them games. And of course, Thursdays it’s craft. During Assembly a craft is advertised for that day and the library is filled with industrious creative activity.

Mrs Sarah Thorpe – Junior School Librarian
Creative and Performing Arts
A reminder that all Junior School and Senior School Music Co-curricular Ensembles and Senior School Art Club have resumed for 2021. Students may still join these groups and should obtain commitment notes from the relevant Teachers In Charge and then return these as directed. Please remember to bring your musical instruments to school on your rehearsal days! 
School Ensemble/Group Time/Location
SS Pop Band – Mrs Garrett Monday Lunchtime  K3
SS Stage Band – Mr Coulthart Monday 3:30PM – 4:30PM  K3
JS & SS String Ensemble – Mrs McNeill Tuesday Lunchtime  E2
JS Concert Band – Mr Contencin Tuesday Lunch 2 and Period 6  E1
JS 3-6 Choir – Mrs Coulthart Thursday Lunchtime  E1
JS Stringles – Mrs McNeill Friday Lunchtime  E1
SS Art Club – Mrs O’Brien Thursday Lunchtime  J6
SS Senior Vocal Ensemble – Mrs Coulthart Friday Lunchtime  K4
SS Audio Squad – Mr Coulthart Friday (Week A)  K3

** Covid-19 requirements impact upon some ensemble activities and will be managed accordingly by the teacher’s in charge.

Mr Phillip Coulthart – Coordinator of CAPA
Junior School Swimming Carnival

The Junior School Swimming Carnival managed to deliver a day of beautiful weather matched by eager participants ready to dive in and give it their best.

Congratulations to the following:

Age Champions

Jnr       Chase Corbeski           Essie Norden & Macy Tabone

11yrs   Xavier O’Connor        Ellie Linsley

12/13yrs Riley O’Connor       Celeste Janse Van Rensburg & Kayli Janse Van Rensberg  

House Champions

1st        Allen              

2nd       Chiswell

3rd        Booth             

4th        Chapman        


Girls 11yrs 50m Backstroke               Ellie Linsley                            40.85

Boys 11yrs 50m Backstroke               Rafael Murray                         43.34

Boys 11-13yrs 100m Freestyle           Riley O’Conor                        1:14.08

Mrs Shannon Peters – P-6 PE Teacher
April Learning Labs at Wollongong University 

More details here

Dates: Little Learning Labs (Years 1 and 2): 17th-18th April 2021

Early Learning Labs (Years 3 to 6): 10th-11th April 2021

Venue: University of Wollongong (Wollongong campus only)

Applications close: Wednesday 3rd March 2021