Junior School News

Junior School News

Stage One create Octopuses!

Mr Brown’s Literacy Group listened to “Miss Kraken” by Nicki Greenberg on Storybox library. We then created our own octopuses so that we could retell the story at home. Great learning and lots of fun.

Mr Mark Brown – Stage One Teacher



Kindergarten meet Curious Creature at Taronga!

KS loved meeting some curious creatures on our online Taronga Zoo visit. Students met some yellow topped tamarinds, a sticky frog and a shingle-backed lizard whose tail looked like it head! KS wrote their own information report and everyone had a go of drawing a white-lipped tree frog.

“I liked the lizard who ate the fat crickets. I also liked the frogs sticky feet.” Isaac

“I saw a python. It was brown and black and had a long brown tongue.” Lawson 

“I liked the lizard with the bumpy scales and brown back.” Amaya

“I liked the into monkeys. The hair on their head was puffy and white!” Lani 

Mrs Rebecca Scarratt – Kindergarten Teacher
Stage 3 Writing Workshop

Stage 3 students all took part in a writing workshop with Sue Whiting in Book Week. As part of the session Sue shared with students how she works on characters, place and problem before she starts constructing the story. Sue got the Stage 3 students to work on developing a descriptive place for their story. We all imagined that we were in a jungle and used our senses to explore descriptive language. Students wrote what they could see, hear, feel and smell as they stood in the jungle. Students spent time sharing the descriptive ideas they had written. Sue then read a story starter involving each of the students parachuting into the jungle. Once Sue stopped telling the story the students continued by writing what happened next. Stage 3 were engaged and hardworking, they created detailed and descriptive stories. It was wonderful to see students so eager to share their work with each other. All the students and staff enjoyed learning new writing tips from Sue Whiting.

Junior School Book Week Chapel

Our Chapel in Week 3 was all about our Book Week Theme ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds.’ The students met Sir Richie, an expert in animals, who helped Mrs Luke and the Junior School Students discover the most curious creature made by God. Along the way students met Bruce the crocodile, Ellie the African elephant, Pinky the flamingo, Tigger the tiger, Baby shark and a very sleepy sloth. Students saw the amazing animals that God has created and found out some very curious facts about them. Finally, Mrs Luke found a box containing what Sir Richie said was the most curious and wonderful creature God has made. With some help from Zoey from Kindergarten we all discovered that the creatures were us! The most curious and wonderful creatures were all of us loved by and most precious to God. After our chapel talk Mrs Hazell and Miss Donnelly presented a game show called ‘The Animals are Right’ with our House Captains as the contestants testing their curious creature knowledge. It was a wonderful way to celebrate Book Week together.

Mrs Helen Luke – Teacher Librarian

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