Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School


When everyone returned to school after the remote learning period earlier in the year there was a buzz around the school! It was wonderful to watch you enjoying being together again. Many of you reported that the worst thing about that time was that you missed seeing your friends. I think one of the good things to come out of the remote learning period was the reminder of just how important our relationships with others are. Nothing beats face to face time. Time with family and time with friends. Staying connected with friends, family and school is important.

We all experience life’s ups and downs: grief, relationship difficulties, failure, the list can go on and on. These moments can really challenge us. Sadly, there are many people who feel they don’t have anyone to confide in. We can make a difference to the people around us who are struggling with life. We can do this by investing more in the time with people around us. When we see those signs or notice a change, we must be courageous and reach out to them. The earlier, the better. It can sometimes feel uncomfortable especially when a person says ‘no’ I’m not OK,  and that’s fine. There are conversation steps to take and this week our students learnt about these in their tutor groups.

Making time to look after those around you helps people feel connected. It helps them feel appreciated, helps them feel they are valued and important. An increased sense of belonging when you are connected can make a massive difference to someone.

I’d like to thank Mackenzie Weare and Cameron Hayne for being proactive in making RUOK? day at the College a reality. Also a big thank you to Ms Liddiard for what she has contributed to the organisation of our activities.

Every day is an opportunity to make a difference to someone. You aren’t expected to know all the answers, listening can be good in itself, as can being genuinely interested. Listening shows you care. Let’s not just have one RUOK? day at Shellharbour Anglican College, let’s make everyday an RUOK? Day.

Mr Peter Gibson