Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School

Student Leadership

We highly value student agency and willingness to make a difference to our College environment and beyond. This term is the time of the year when we work through the process of appointing our student leaders for the following year. It is a detailed process involving student and staff elections, interviews and meetings. 35 Year 11 students have nominated themselves to be considered for school office and we welcome each of their applications as well as their willingness to serve in an official capacity. Prefects and House Captain’s will be appointed at the Gold Assembly at the end of this term.

Recently, our Year 10 students participated in a leadership seminar called ‘Unleashing Personal Potential’. I asked Rachel Ristevski, a current student in Year 10 to make a comment on the seminar. 

“The seminar began with an introduction into leadership and the qualities that are required to create a confident leader. We established some key factors being confidence, teamwork, empathy, respect and integrity and how these factors contribute to making an excellent leader. A clear point which was echoed throughout the seminar by presenters was that a leader doesn’t need to wear a badge. This really spoke to our year group as next year we will be deciding on running for Prefect or House Captain. 

Through participation in a variety of engaging activities, we also learnt that communication, teamwork and positivity are key to the effectiveness of leaders. A major lesson I learned was to slow down and speak one at a time because if everyone confers at once the team collapses and goes nowhere. I believe this is applicable to a team in the workplace. If they are going to succeed they must hear everyone’s points of view, organise themselves and then plan a way forward.

Lots of our year group came to understand that a leader can be anyone. You don’t have to be popular and you don’t have to be the most sporty or educated. Leadership qualities are demonstrated through who you are as an individual and your confidence to serve others.”

Mr Peter Gibson