Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School

Glass Half-full

Dr Martin Seligman, widely regarded as the father of Positive Psychology, has been researching happiness and optimism for more than four decades. His research found that optimism is correlated with excellent mental and physical health as well as healthy relationships and success in business and at school. When an optimist experiences a setback or a challenge, they believe it is temporary and will pass. They can also identify aspects of the situation which they can learn from and they feel they can exercise some measure of control. The good news is that we can learn to develop a more positive outlook, no matter how difficult a challenge may be. 

I continue to be impressed by the resilience everyone is demonstrating on a daily basis, in what has been a challenging year, both individually and collectively. We have faced and continue to face some really tough times. And whilst we continue to have restrictions placed on us, our students are engaged and are achieving some excellent outcomes. 

We have had much to celebrate and be thankful for at school. By the end of this week, 113 Bronze and Silver Awards will have been presented to students at Assembly which is an outstanding achievement. Participation in our Tuesday afternoon Sport and Service Learning Program has been particularly impressive, students have been engaging with energy and effort. We have had 41 Year 11 students indicate their willingness to serve the College or their House in an official leadership capacity in 2021 and this week we’ve had a group of students making face masks to raise money for mental health. Our Mock Trial team is also doing very well and have been victorious in their last two competitions and our Year 12 Val Dinner committee are showing good agility and creativity in organising the Val Dinner in trying circumstances. I’d like to encourage and applaud the collective efforts of students for these and many other accomplishments, undertakings and efforts over the past few weeks.

Mr Peter Gibson