Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School

What could a holiday in Lockdown look like?

I’ve been attempting to answer this question for the past week. Normally as the final days of the term tick away, thoughts of holidays inspire all sorts of ideas and dreams of how we’ll spend them. There is a wonderful feeling of anticipation that we are going to be refreshed by taking some time off, free from the business of school. The lead into these holidays feels very different for obvious reasons. How can we have a refreshing holiday when we are in lockdown, with COVID restrictions dictating what we can do and where we can go?

Here are some thoughts which may be helpful in the way we approach these holidays.

  1. We live in a holiday destination. It’s easy to take this for granted. It is a fantastic area. The beach isn’t far away. We can easily get outside and enjoy our natural surroundings. We are very fortunate, unlike our city cousins. Let’s start with this mindset and look at the holidays through this lens.
  2. Opportunity beckons. Whilst we are prevented from doing lots of things we normally do and would like to do, what can we do which we’ve thought would be nice given the opportunity? Well here’s our chance. Take up an interest, a hobby or a project. It might be photography, painting or getting back into playing that instrument which you’d even up. Maybe it’s focusing on your fitness or working on a sports skill which is going to make you a better player taking up a sport like golf in your LGA.
  3. Giving back. What could you do to improve something for your family? Could you cook something, mow the lawn, could you walk the dog, could you complete an activity together, could you do some spring cleaning, is there a special DIY project you could complete?

Perhaps you have a different way of looking at these holidays which is meaningful and purposeful for you. If this is the case, that is great. One thing is for sure though, if we approach the holidays with the  mindset that we are going to make the most of it, we will feel more refreshed and be better placed to cope with whatever Term 4 brings.  

Farewell our Class of 2021

Our Year 12 students complete their HSC courses this week and we have held a variety of online farewells from Tutor groups and Houses this week as well as a Year 12 Celebration on Friday organised by the College Student Leaders for the year group.  Whilst it is disappointing that we weren’t able to have our normal celebrations, I’d like to acknowledge the Year 12 students’ willingness to make the best of a difficult situation this term and in particular this week. Based upon feedback from Year 12 students and parents we are planning a modified Graduation Assembly prior to the Final HSC Examinations next term and COVID permitting, a Farewell Dinner late in the term.

I’d like to thank Year 12 for their many contributions and service to the College. They’ve been excellent role models for the students who will follow them. Thank you to the Prefects and House Captains for their dedication to upholding their pledge of office in being servants of the College. 

We’ve had a tough term with lots of challenges and our community has done very well in coping with what has been thrown at us. We’ve helped each other out, as well as doing what we needed to do ourselves to get through. The students have done a marvellous job under trying circumstances and we are very proud of you. Parents have been incredible too; juggling remote learning, the repercussions of the lockdown on their family and working from home. I’d like to thank the staff who have worked so hard for the students and have continued to be flexible and adapt to the government announcements as well as the needs of our community. Finally, I wish to acknowledge and thank the Pastoral Care Leadership Team, Faculty Coordinators and my leadership team comprising Ms Liddard, Mr Irvine and Mr Godden for their willingness to put the needs of students and families and the well being of their teams first during a time of high intensity decision making and planning.

We all have earned the coming holiday.

Mr Peter Gibson