Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School

Thank you for the year

I have recently read through the Year 7 and 9 reports. This process always causes me to stop and take notice of the large amount of effort so many students have put into their education, in a year which has thrown so many curve balls at them. The commitment so many students display to our community through service, representation and general citizenship is simply impressive to say the least. Likewise, the guidance, care and direction the students have received from teachers and parents is considerable as we have journeyed the year together. 

I’d like to thank the students for their effort and engagement in their learning, houses and the College community. There have been many challenges to face this year and perseverance, resilience as well as ownership and creativity has been required by everyone. I’d like to thank the students for their willingness to help others around them as it is often easier to simply focus on oneself. Thank you for your contribution to making our Senior School a good place to be. I encourage the students to thank their teachers and parents accordingly.

Thank you to the staff. Lesson preparation for both remote and face to face teaching, pastoral care, coaching sport and co curricular activities, planning and coordinating camps keeps our teachers very busy. Our teachers give so much so our students can grow into young men and women who will make a positive contribution to the communities in which they are a part now and in the future.

Thank you to parents for your support this year. Educating a child takes teamwork and we appreciate your part in this. The COVID-19 restrictions have meant that parents have been isolated from our community this year and I’m sure this hasn’t been easy for many. Personally, I have missed all my usual interactions with parents. I look forward to the day when we can welcome parents back on site again.

Finally, I hope and pray that the holiday period is a safe, restful and enjoyable one. Best wishes for Christmas and Happy New Year.

Mr Peter Gibson