Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School

Why Outdoor Education?

In primary school I was a member of the 1st Moruya Scout Troop participating in both cubs and scouts. In my senior school years I got involved in Army Cadets. I have many great memories of camping with my mates as there were many good times. Mind you in cadets there were some aspects I didn’t like. The endless marches with full packs and getting soaked by torrential rain out in the bush weren’t the most enjoyable experiences. However, there were many lessons learned which I’ve profited from.  

Outdoor education provides opportunities for students to develop positive relationships with the environment, their peers and their teachers through interaction with the natural world. These relationships are an essential part of a student’s growth and development. The various activities that students engage in allow for practical and active learning experiences beyond a school classroom in a less formal setting. Through participation in fun and often challenging activities students develop the skills and understandings which will be valuable for them as they grow into well-rounded young men and women. Students learn the skills of persistence, resilience, self reliance, interdependence, leadership as well as learning to manage personal risks. Students can also develop an adventurous spirit, an understanding of nature through direct experience and develop deeper relationships with others.

At the College we consider outdoor education as an important aspect of our holistic approach to learning. Students grow in character and develop quality connections and relationships. They also take away many memorable experiences which they have for the rest of their lives.

Most students have a really enjoyable time on camp, however others find it more challenging and gain a real sense of achievement through their participation and completion of their respective camps. Also let me assure you that the food is pretty good too! Having dropped in on camps and eaten meals with the students and staff, no one goes hungry. This is a big contrast to my experience of camps when I was at school. 

Preparations are now finalised for this year’s camps and we are looking forward to all students having a fulfilling experience and finishing the year in an enjoyable way.

Mr Peter Gibson