Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School

Feedback…..it’s the breakfast of Champions

At assembly this week I spoke to the students about feedback and how important it is for us to learn. I likened it to having a good breakfast in the morning. What we do know is that breakfast is a very important meal that our body and brain need everyday.

Feedback is the same. We need it so we can continue to improve and develop. It is something that we require on an ongoing basis, particularly after assessments and exams. The next two weeks will be loaded with feedback. Teachers will be giving students feedback how they performed in exams. This will include what went well and where to improve.  Likewise teachers will be responding to the feedback which students have supplied them with by completing exams. This includes student learning progression, effectiveness of teaching and where teacher focus needs to be to help develop students into better learners in the future. 

I suggested that students use this Feedback Formula.

Be happy with successes 

There will be parts of each exam where students have done well. I encourage them to be happy about this and let this affirm them. It is upon these successes that progress can be built.

Understand why

Students must be sure to understand why they have achieved the marks they have in each exam paper and for each question within the paper. 

What to do

Students must then ensure that they know what was needed for these questions. It might be improving answer structure or the order of operations in Mathematics for example.

Work out how

Knowing how to do this is about planning for improvement. It could be completing practise papers, utilising a different study technique, being more prepared for exams, greater focus in lessons or being more consistent in completing homework throughout the year.

I encouraged the students to take ownership and responsibility for their learning. It is very important for students to collect the feedback they require from their teachers so they can improve. I know teachers will be happy to meet with students after class or before or after school in addition to normal lessons if students need it.

Mr Peter Gibson