Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School

A term different to others

Typically Term 4 has three parts. The first involves a focus on examinations including preparation and then the sitting of examinations. The HSC is underway as are the Year 10 Examinations and we wish both year groups well. In Week 4 Year 7, 8 and 9 will have their turn. They have received their examination notifications and will therefore know what their examinations will comprise of in each subject and how to prepare. Additionally, working hard and focused effort at home is an important aspect of preparation. These are attributes of a growth mindset which we encourage our students to adopt. My advice is to spend 30% of time creating and revising study notes and 70% applying knowledge through self testing or completing practise questions. For students in Years 7-9 who would like extra help, I encourage them to utilise the services in the Library after school from 3.30-4.30pm.

The second part of the term can be the hardest as it involves students taking on the feedback from their performance and reflecting and understanding how to improve in the future. This can be difficult, particularly at this time of the year. However, feedback is an important aspect of having a growth mindset as we can continue to improve based on the knowledge of how we have performed. 

Then finally the third part is getting ready for camp and finishing the year strongly. We are relieved that the NSW Government is now permitting overnight camps so our yearly camps program can continue in their normal format. However, there will still be COVID-19 protocols to follow. Students will receive camp information and permission notes soon. The camp destinations are as follows. 

Year 7 – Port Hacking with Anglican Youthworks

Year 8 – Galston Gorge with Crusaders

Year 9 – Kangaroo Valley area with Boomerang Adventures 

Year 10 – Green Patch area with Boomerang Adventures

Year 11 – Have a retreat at Kiah Ridge. The Year 11 Retreat is designed to help prepare students for the rigors of Year 12. It is run by our staff.

Mr Peter Gibson