Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School

Last Friday was our first sport event since the lockdowns of late Term One and what a welcome time it proved to be. Students from Year 2 right through to Year 6 gave their best effort to running, throwing and jumping at our 2020 Athletics Carnival, held at Myimbarr ports fields, Shellharbour. There were several records broken and the relay events at the end of the carnival were very exciting.

Congratulations to Chiswell for winning the House competition and to the age champions:

Junior – Lucinda Hartenstein and Harrison Hallam
Under 11s – Alex De Mesa and Aidan Williams
Under 12/13s – Zoe Bayo and Seth Gutterson

In 2021 we are expanding our Stage 3 classes to include a fourth class. Currently we have three classes and there is significant interest in the College. Stage 3 prepares students for a smooth transition to Year 7, caters for differentiated learning and academic growth, and offers a great community where students can belong.

This week Stage 3 engaged in class activities based around the R U OK Day? focus for our community. Age appropriate strategies for friendship, support and conversations were presented as part of our ongoing wellbeing and PDH curriculum.

Mr Andrew McPhail